Everywhere You Can Fly Direct From Newcastle Airport In 2020

Over the last few years Newcastle airport has really grown in terms of where you can now fly to directly, with a number of new destinations popping up quite frequently, or even seasonally. I pay attention to this more so than ever, after so many of my travels include flight connections, delays and running through airports to make it, direct flights feel like a luxury. To make your 2020 travel plans easier I’ve put together this guide of all destinations you can fly to direct from Newcastle airport.

jet 2 plane newcastle airport

While it may not have the scope of the London airports, Manchester or Edinburgh, the list is still strong and worthy for those who love anything from a short weekend city break, to long haul dream summer holidays, and seasonal escapes.

This list should cover all of the above, who you can fly with, and when, as well as some tips on how to get the best deal. I hope it helps with your 2020 travel inspiration and planning!

Highlights from Rome, Italy

*All photos are mine unless otherwise stated, thanks to all north east bloggers, travel bloggers and some of my friends for providing some of them!

Year Round City BReaks Direct From Newcastle

The following cities have flights at least weekly for the full year round. As you would expect many are major capital cities, good transfer airports, or a starting point for driving or onward holidays.

Amsterdam and Paris

At times this year I felt like I saw the inside of these two airports more than my own home, but outside of the airport both are fabulous cities that I never get tired of visiting, whatever the time of year. Both are great options for families, couples and solo travellers, and have a whole array of attractions and reasons to visit – entertainment, gastronomy, culture, history and sights to name a small few.

Whatever the season both Amsterdam and Paris have something to offer, and I’ve explored both at great length over the years. Take a look at my Amsterdam posts here, and my Paris posts here for much more detailed information, itineraries and recommendations.

Museum Quarter, Amsterdam

KLM and Air France operate multiple daily flights to and from both places, and booking far enough in advance means you can get them cheaply, and conveniently. Of course, they are both great airports to then get connections on if you can brave the red eye 6am flight – the world is your oyster from both airports for long haul, international worldwide flights or a broader range of European destinations.

The Louvre


Belgium is a country I’ve never been to properly, but one I would love to go to especially in the winter. I’d love to see the gothic architecture in Bruges, the Grand Place in Brussels, and the slower paced Ghent too. All of them are easily reachable from Brussels airport, and there are daily flights except Saturdays year round from Newcastle with Logan Air.

Belgian fries, Belgian chocolate, Belgian waffles, Belgian beer, pretty sure the theme of any visit there should be around food and drink.


One of those cities that it seems everyone has been to, and yet I still haven’t. I always feel like I’ll get round to it one day, it’s easily accessible and with year round Jet 2 flights from Newcastle twice a week, I keep putting it off in favour of other places.

That said, ‘Melis Living’ recently went for the Christmas markets and it looked fabulous. She does a great job of showing so many different aspects of a city on her instagram stories, so maybe take a look on her instagram here if you want more Prague inspiration.

Prague, Photo kindly provided by Melis Living


The arrival of the daily Emirates flight in and out of Newcastle years ago brought with it much excitement, direct to Dubai it’s a very popular choice. Dubai does attract me, out of curiosity more than anything to see if I really have been missing out.

The brunches and shopping look pretty incredible, and I’d love to see the Burj Khalifa and Dubai fountain, but everyone I know who’s been for a holiday has only been once, and they don’t come back saying they’d love to go again.

Of course it’s another good connecting airport opening up opportunities for a whole host of countries on the other side of the world – Australia, New Zealand, Maldives etc. When looking at flight prices it’s actually a lot cheaper than I expected, with £150 each way being the cheapest I can find, and many options being around the £200 each way mark.

There’s places further up my bucket list, but if you’re more intrigued than I am then have a look Dannielle of While I’m Young who lived and worked in Dubai for a real taste of what it was like.

Photo taken by Kieran


A short flight with Eurowings will take you to Dusseldorf, Germany’s fashion city, 6 days a week from Newcastle. Also good for it’s bars and pubs, as well as the old town on the river Rhine, it’s a good city break option year round. There are rail connections to other nearby German cities including Cologne, Bonn, Essen and Dortmund.

The most colourful spots in Cologne and Bonn, Germany
Cologne – because I don’t have a pic of Dusseldorf 🙂

Munich – new for 2020

From February this year the recently announced Lufthansa flight to Munich from Newcastle will operate daily except Saturdays. Great news for those who have Oktoberfest on their bucket list. Munich is of course renowned for it, with it’s giant beer halls and Hofbrauhaus. (I’ve been to the Hamburg Hofbrauhaus – read more here).

There’s much more than just beer halls and Oktoberfest to be enjoyed though, the old town with it’s gothic town hall, plenty of museums and culture, and Nymphenburg Palace can all be enjoyed. Just outside the city are the beautiful Bavarian natural landscapes.

This is one German city I think I need to set my sights on in the not too distant future.

Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay


There are one or two flights daily operating from Newcastle with either Air Lingus or Ryanair, so pretty flexible for however long you want to stay, and whichever season you want to visit.

Popular attractions include the world famous Temple Bar, Trinity College and the Long Room in the old library, the Irish Whiskey Museum, the Guinness Factory and Dublin Castle.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Salzburg, Austria

You can fly year round to Salzburg in Austria from Newcastle, but only once a week with Crystal Ski Holidays in the winter, and Tui in the summer. Probably a more winter destination, being so close to the Alps for excellent skiing, but that said I’d love to retrace the footsteps of the Von Trapp family children around the city in summer.

Other places to visit include Mirabell Palace and gardens, and the birthplace of Mozart.

Stavanger, Norway

I’m learning to like Norway the more I visit, however I’ve only ever been to Oslo. You can get to Stavanger on the daily flight from Newcastle with the exception of Saturdays, and a natural world of lakes, fjords and mountains awaits.

The city is also famous for it’s colourful houses and Norway’s biggest food festival, Gladmat, which means ‘happy food’. I’d be very tempted if I didn’t know how expensive Norway really is.

Photo by my lovely Beth Mortimer

Krakow & Wroclaw, Poland

The medieval UNESCO World Heritage site of old town Krakow, Poland’s capital has been on my radar for a while, and one I hope I can tick off in the not too distant future. With a reputation of being reasonably priced, the cobbled stones and history can be reached twice a week with Jet 2 flights.

Of course a visit to Auschwitz is a must, and it’s a well known Christmas market destination too.

Photo kindly provided by Manouk Oord of Groetjes uit Verweggistan

While Wroclaw isn’t as popular for tourists as Krakow, it did receive the European City of Culture award a couple of years ago, and can also be reached with twice weekly flights from Newcastle with Ryanair.

One of Poland’s oldest cities, the market square and town hall look beautiful.

UK – Aberdeen, Belfast, Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff, Heathrow

Not forgetting the cities closer to home, within the UK that all have flights year round from Newcastle. While many may be used as connecting airports, city breaks or new areas of the UK can be explored from any of these places.

Tower Bridge, London

seasonal Breaks Direct From Newcastle

Many of the destinations reachable from Newcastle cover specific events, or seasonal travel trends. Here are the typical ones:

Winter Holidays


For skiing, winter sports, or luxury alpine spa retreats in the snow there are plenty of options throughout the winter months. I already mentioned that there are year round flights to Salzburg, Austria, and additionally until March you can also fly to Innsbruck, Austria.

Your choice of ski holiday locations don’t end there, with the following destinations all available direct from Newcastle in winter – Grenoble, France (Jet2), Sofia in Bulgaria (Balkan), Turin, Italy (Crystal Ski) and Geneva, Switzerland until March or April depending on which airline you go for (Crystal Ski or Easyjet).

Photo by Simon Matzinger


Iceland has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, for it’s beautiful fire and ice landscape. Glaciers, Blue Lagoon, whale watching, volcanos, the Golden Circle and of course, if you’re luck catching a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis.

Unique trips are available from Newcastle with Jet 2 from February to April. For a day excursion in the hope of seeing the Northern Lights there is one opportunity on 23rd March with Omega.

northern lights newcastle airport
Photo from FreePhotos Pixabay

New York for Thanksgiving or Christmas Shopping

If you’ve been following or reading along for a while then you’ll know I’ve taken advantage of the direct Jet 2 flights from Newcastle to New York on quite a few occasions. I love these trips, and they’re available across multiple dates in October, November and December.

Experience Thanksgiving in the US with the end of November dates, I did this once in Philadelphia which is just a 2 hour train ride from New York, and definitely doable.

3 Days In Philadelphia

That said, you simply can’t beat New York, especially on the run up to Christmas. The Rockefeller Tree, ice skating in central park, Saks 5th Avenue windows, and 6th Avenue decorations the place is incredible.

Take a look at all my New York blog posts here, for itineraries, neighbourhoods and food recommendations.

Itinerary for 5 days in New York City

Christmas Markets

Some of the cities I’ve already mentioned under year round options should also be considered specifically for the Christmas markets. Paris, Amsterdam, Krakow and Dusseldorf to name a few.

In addition to that operators like Jet 2 also put on additional flights and package trips for Christmas markets in other cities. If we take 2019 as an example, then cities like Copenhagen, Berlin, Cologne, Nuremberg and Vienna are all likely to be on the list for 2020 too.Note that these aren’t yet confirmed, I’m just going off past years.

Tivoli Copenhagen at Christmas time

Summer Breaks

Unique for summer, there are additional destinations such as Gdansk, Poland, Newquay for the famous UK Cornish coast – an absolute pain to get to by any other means of travel, Jersey and Guernsey.

General Piss Ups

Excuse the name, as obviously the tradition and history behind these events is much more significant than the term ‘general piss up’ suggests, but let’s face it if you’re targeting these events and you’re from Newcastle that’s probably why you’re going.

Oktoberfest at Hofbräu Wirtshaus on Speersort, Hamburg

So, for general piss ups then Oktoberfest in Munich is probably going to be top choice now, in late September just to confuse you, and of course St Paddy’s day in Dublin in March.

Ibiza – I think that speaks for itself, and so do the likes of Aiya Napa and Magaluf if you’re into that type of holiday – all reachable with a direct flight.

Ibiza sunset by my lovely cousin Lucy Giles

Summer Holidays Direct From Newcastle

If you aren’t by now thinking of your 2020 summer holiday you should be! Lots of airlines and operators have deals on, and it pays to be organised. Putting a deposit down now and paying off a bit each month is the organised way to do things, but it also helps if you are more of a last minute type of person to know where to look and what to keep an eye on.

I’ve combined all summer destinations, both city breaks and sun beach holidays into one here, as many places offer a combination of both.

Sunday sunsets - Cyprus


You can actually fly year round to Cyprus, but this country is at its best in the summer months. Guaranteed gorgeous weather, incredible hospitality, delicious Greek food and some of the most luxurious hotels I’ve ever stayed in, I love the place.

Depending on which side of the island you want to visit, you can fly to either Larnaca or Paphos with Jet 2 or TUI. Larnaca and surrounding areas include Limassol, Protaras and many ancient ruins, while Paphos has some incredible sunsets, luxury hotels and the Tombs of the Kings.

Suzanne of The Travel Bunny did a Jet 2 trip last summer and it looked incredible – read more here.

I’ve also stayed at the Elysium Cyprus which I will share more on soon.

The Elysium Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus

Greek Islands

Corfu, Skiathos, Heraklion, Zakynthos, Kos, Rhodes – all brilliant choices for family, couples, self catering or luxury Greek holidays, and there are multiple flights and operators throughout the summer including EasyJet, Jet2 and TUI.

Growing up Greek holidays were my family’s favourite, and with good reason. As with Cyprus the food, weather and hospitality is excellent, and makes for some brilliant holidays.


I really want to venture back into the Greek islands, but some of the lesser known ones that would need flights from either other airports, transfers or a ferry from one of the main islands.

For 2020 TUI are also bringing back direct flights to Santorini from Newcastle, another hugely popular couples destination. I’ve been to Santorini, and while it was gorgeous there are some things you should know before you book your dream trip. It isn’t all white washed buildings and blue rooftops – take a look at my Santorini what you need to know guide here.

Oia Santorini

Canary Islands

Fueteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Las Palmas make up the Canary Islands that sit off the coast of Africa, and they offer year round sun making them a popular destination for those seeking winter sun.

Each one offers something different, but in general they’re all good for family holidays. Enjoy hiking in Gran Canaria, the nightlife in Tenerife and the beaches of Fueteventura.

Laura of Elle Blonde is a big fan of Tenerife, read more here.

Photo by Elle Blonde


I have yet to experience the beauty of Croatia but it’s right up there on my list. The Mediterranean waters, sun soaked cities and friends and family who only have good things to say about it have convinced me. You can fly to both Dubrovnik and Split from Newcastle twice a week in the summer.

Spain and Balerics

The most popular destinations from Newcastle, as we all seem to love the Spanish lifestyle when it comes to our summer holidays. What’s not to love too, a short flight, so much choice for accommodation, city breaks and beach holidays, good food and warm nights.

The full list includes – Alicante, Malaga, Barcelona, Menorca, Girona, Majorca (Palma), Reus, Ibiza and Almeria. across multiple airlines and tour operators.

Barcelona is somewhere I’m dying to go to, and I’ve heard great things about Malaga as a city break too. My favourite though has to be Palma, a beautiful city and I’ve enjoyed so many holidays there.

Read my posts on Palma here.

20 things to do in Palma Mallorca


The South of France can be reached through the summer with Easyjet’s flights to Nice, a good option for a short break in Nice or an extended holiday along the south coast and all the delights that has to offer.

The glamorous beach clubs of St Tropez, yacht spotting in Monaco, sipping wine in Provence or boutique shopping in Cannes…the South of France is almost top of my list.

Image by Prosag-Media from Pixabay


Fast becoming my favourite country, the more I visit. There are plenty of flights each week with Jet 2 to Pisa and Rome, Pisa being the nearest airport to Florence. I loved that city, it was small enough to walk around easily, had so much culture and the Duomo was so impressive. I had the best pasta I’ve ever had here, and heart shaped pizza. Read more on Florence here.

Itinerary for 3 days in Florence, Italy

I went to Rome last Spring, and also loved it. The Colosseum was incredible to see, as was the Roman Forum. I’m hopefully going back this year too, and if you’ve never been I would highly recommend. See the usual sights of the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Spanish Steps, but explore the artistic squares of Piazza Navona and the upcoming Trastevere neighbourhood too.

Visiting the Colosseum, Rome

You can fly to Verona once a week during the summer, and the home of Shakespeare’s most famous lovers attracts far fewer crowds than somewhere like Venice or Rome. Sights include Juliet’s balcony, and the Roman Arena popular for the opera.

Finally, Tui fly to Naples in the summer months, and I can honestly say my holiday to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast via this flight last summer was the best holiday I’ve ever been on. It was incredible. Sorrento was a great base, less than 2 hours transfer from Naples and much more reasonably priced for hotels than the Amalfi Coast itself. From there we still spent time in Amalfi, Positano and Capri.

I have so much more to share from this holiday, but it’s worth noting the flights aren’t exactly the cheapest, and neither is the destination itself. We booked early to spread the cost which really helped.

Postcards from Positano, Italy


Historical temples, beautiful coastal coves and a capital city that’s a UNESCO world heritage site, you can fly to Malta year round with EasyJet, or once a week in summer with Jet 2 from Newcastle. Either explore the history, or relax on the beach in the sunshine.

Valletta, the capital looks amazing, but have a read of local blogger Live Laugh Go for all the reasons they loved Malta.

Photo provided by Live Laugh Go

Cancun, Mexico

Between April – October there are three flights a week from Newcastle to Cancun with Tui, a popular for taco loving, margarita sipping, all inclusive fans. I’ve not actually been to Cancun, as when we flew there we then got a two hour taxi transfer down to Tulum. This was back in 2016, before it became as popular as it is today so I’m not 100% sure what it’s like now, but when we were there it was remote, and absolutely stunning.

The food, the people and the natural landscape were all incredible, and I’d highly recommend a visit to the Tulum ruins, the natural cenotes, and see if you can swim with the wild sea turtles.

Read my posts on Tulum here.

Xel ha, Tulum


Fly to Faro for a summer holiday in the Algarve, with sandy beaches, fishing towns, nightlife and a great spot for golfing holidays. There are daily options for flights with Easyjet, Ryanair or Jet 2.


Twice a week from May to October you have the option to fly to Orlando with Tui, whether it’s a relaxing villa holiday, or a family trip to Disney World, the long haul flight stateside is a lot easier when you can fly from home.

Take a look at local blogger A Sweet Geordie Life blog post sharing her experience of this.

Or local instagrammer Gary Slater with his Florida account.

Magic Kingdom by That Florida Guy

Other summer destinations include Tunisia, Egypt, and Turkey, good options if you enjoy all inclusive holidays.

Winter SUn

As well as the Canary Islands I previously mentioned, there are two long haul options available from Newcastle in the winter, if you’re looking for winter sun. Caribbean sun to be precise, with 2 week package holidays to Barbados and Jamaica available through Tui.

Photo of Barbados provided by my lovely friend Lucy

So as you can see there is plenty choice when choosing where to jet off to on your holidays through 2020, especially when it’s more convenient to travel direct from Newcastle.

Where is taking your fancy?!

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