14 Famous Streets I Love to Instagram

When I was in London this week and on the hunt for food near my hotel, I came across some gorgeous little streets, all with bright coloured and pastel houses, with pretty pathways and decorated doorways. Obviously I took hundreds of photos, as I always do. Like doorways, streets and famous streets are some of my favourite things to take photos of! Here’s some of my favourites in the world!

The Shambles, York.

Obviously one of the most famous streets in the UK, attracting millions of tourists to it’s narrow winding way through York. It’s also one of the oldest and best kept medieval streets, dating back to the 1300’s.


Rue Cambon, Paris.

My favourite street in Paris and home to Coco Chanel’s personal apartment and first boutique Chanel store in Paris.


George Street, Edinburgh.

Lined with shops and bars, a much more enjoyable experience for me than Princes Street. And there’s an Anthropolgie.


Grey Street, Newcastle.

Featured on plenty pretty street lists, and a personal favourite for being in Newcastle. I prefer the top end, with the Theatre Royal and Grey’s Monument at the top.


Rodeo Drive, LA.

My absolute favourite in LA, and the day we spend walking up it and looking in all the designer shops was my favourite of the trip. It was so hot, but clean and lined with palm trees it almost felt like another world.


Reestraat, Amsterdam 

Because it’s where you can find two of my favourite cafes, Pluk Amsterdam and Ree7. The whole area is beautiful, with canals, lit up bridges and iconic buildings.


Single and the Singel Canal, Amsterdam

Home to the Bloemenmarkt, the floating flower market, but also some of the prettiest canal houses.


5th Avenue, NYC

Because obviously.


Wall Street, NYC

Again, one of the most famous streets in the world, but it actually isn’t that impressive as far as streets go. You have to see it though, and the street sign.


Portobello Road, London

The amount of photos I saw of this road before I actually saw it for myself this week. I love a good colourful street especially in Notting Hill, but this is the best by far! A full post to follow but for now..


Downing Street

A street you can’t actually access, but definitely worth visiting when in London sightseeing.


Oxford Street at Christmas

A street I both love and hate, love because of all the shops, but hate because of all the people. It’s absolute carnage, but it is amazing at Christmas for all the festive feels!


Regent Street, London

I much prefer this street in London. Its calmer and prettier than Oxford Street, and I much prefer the shops.


Piggy Lane, Darlington.

Because I wish my address was 3 Piggy Lane.


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