Fenty Beauty Comes to Newcastle – & The Products I’m Still Using 1 Month Later

Just over a month ago I was invited to the launch of Fenty Beauty in the UK. Rihanna’s own brand of make up promises to be for everyone, people of all colours, styles, cultures and creativity. With one of the most diverse ranges of colours and shades out there today she’s definitely hit the mark in that respect. And I’m getting this point in early because I know it’s a really big deal these days – the full range is 100% cruelty free. 

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

I have to admit as much as I love new make up, trying new products, and spending a fortune actually, it’s not something I’ve ever blogged about. I was a bit surprised when I got the invite, but I wasn’t going to turn it down when I was genuinely interested. 

The launch was really fun, despite me feeling totally out of my comfort zone surrounded by gorgeous girls who were fully done up at 7am. Having seen some of the collection previously in the Copenhagen Sephora store, I was pretty excited for it to be right on our doorstep in Boots, Eldon Square. And you can get or use your Boots points – always a winner.

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

The Fenty staff that work the stand are really helpful, for colour matching expertise and for their product knowledge. I’ve never seen a more diverse group of people in one place which shows the scope of the collection itself . 

I could have easily blogged about the event straight away, but that’s not really interesting for anyone. Instead I’ve waited until over a month later to share my thoughts on the products I’ve been using since the launch, the ones I’m loving and the ones I won’t buy again.  

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

Be warned this isn’t going to be the most technical. Like I said I’m no beauty blogger so if you want all that fancy beauty speak I’m not your gal, but it’s about as simply speaking, and honest as I can get. Some of these items were gifted and some I paid for myself, so I’ll label each one clearly.

Pro Kiss’r Luscious lip balm £15 – Gifted 

Probably the simplest product and one that may just blur into the background and go unnoticed when you’re faced with all the shimmer and glows on offer, but my absolute favourite. It’s just a clear lip balm but comes with a wand rather than a squeezey tube or stick your finger in sort of affair. 

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

I love the wand it makes it a lot easier and less messy to apply, and it’s perfect either on its own or over a lipstick. It’s not sticky, it’s long lasting, and it works for every occasion. I’ve used this multiple times daily since I got it and it’s still going strong.

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

I keep panicking that it’s going to run out so I’m going to rebuy before it does. Despite a price tag of £15 (which I think is expensive for a lip balm) I really love it and will be paying it. 

If you want a more detailed review of the Pro Kiss’R lip balm, with all the science on what’s in it and the benefits then this review is really good by Beauty Sauce. From someone who hasn’t got a clue about any of that (me), it’s great and I’ll be continuing to use it daily. 

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter £28 – bought myself 

A mid range highlighter was something I really needed when I attended the launch. I’ve got an expensive VB Estée Lauder one I ‘keep for best’, and I’d been using a really cheap stick one for work but hated it. I made a beeline for the Fenty options and those lads have some shimmer let me tell you. 

Theres a choice of 9 palettes, of duo colours in cute little white packaging. I went for the Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal duo and have used it through the week most days. I’m a big fan of the Lightning Dust side, but Fire Crystal is just too light for my skin.

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

Despite feeling the palest human on the planet at the time I purchased it,  I should have listened to my gut instinct and gone for the darker shades of Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby especially for the summer. I’d definitely buy the highlighter product again, it’s light and stays put all day, but I’ll go for a different shade. 

Portable Highlighter Brush £19 – bought myself

How cute is this please? It caught my eye at the event because it’s so compact and I really like the silver protector, and because when I travel a lot I never take my main highlighter brush. It was expensive and I worry it will get damaged, but this solves that problem.

I regretted not buying this at the time of the event and I thought about it every day afterwards so had to go back for it. It’s lived up to my expectations, and as I hoped is especially handy when I’m travelling. 

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

Sun Stalk’r Bronzer £23 – bought myself 

I wasn’t looking for a new bronzer but the whole Fenty Sun Stalkr range really is amazing, and it just made me think of my upcoming holidays. The names are a marketers dream, as am I, as I was loving all of them to the point where I convinced myself I needed one just because it was called ‘Island Ting’.

As a creature of habit that tends to find a product and stick to it, that’s a testament to how good they seemed, and I’m really happy with it. Again I’ve used it pretty much every day since, without reverting back to my old one. 

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

I may be a milk bottle through winter but I tan really quickly and easily in the summer so I’m thinking of being a bit outrageous and getting a darker shade for my holidays. 

Stunna Lip Paint in shade Unbutton £19 – bought myself 

God what a mistake this was. I have no idea why I bought it as I don’t wear lip paint or liquid lipstick ever, it was purely an impulse buy. I fell into the trap of seeing a lot of other people obsessing over them and didn’t want to miss out but lesson learned because I won’t do that again. 

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

For a lip paint, there’s nothing wrong with it or anything I can say to explain why, like I said people were fighting over these. The colours are cute, it goes on really easily and it’s an absolute bitch to get off which is what you want, but it’s just not for me. I used it once and never again, I much prefer lipsticks.

Poutsicle Lipstick £18 – Gifted

These are the bright unusual colours that are typical Rihanna, and although the lipsticks are really nice, the shades aren’t for me. I’ve not even tried the bright blue, does anyone want it?! Elsa or Night King fancy dress perhaps? Or festival fashion? I do like the pink but think it’s one of those I’d wear once a year rather than a go to.

I think I was a lot more focused on the face products at the time, so the lipsticks didn’t get a fair shot for me to be able to give a proper opinion. Next time I’m in Boots I’m going to have a good look at the Mattemoiselle range, those look much more my subtler cup of tea. 

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

So for products I’ve been using that’s it so far, but there were plenty others that were stand out or proving really popular with others. They’re labelled as best sellers on the Fenty site too if you want to see them all in one place.

Body Lava £46

People have been going wild for this gel based body luminizer that promotes a dewy, holiday glow. It comes in three shades with Trophy Wife being the most popular, as it’s the one featured on most of the promotional material starring Ri-Ri herself. At £46 I think it’s pretty expensive and not sure I’d purchase myself, but plenty people must be as it keeps selling out.

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

Pro Flit’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation £27

The star of the Fenty range that’s been getting the most hype, and awards for a number of reasons are the foundations. Firstly the diverse colour range, there’s a staggering fifty different shades available making it tick the box of inclusivity for everyone. 

It’s a medium to full coverage, oil free, and I was actually impressed by this bit – is made with climate adaptive technology so won’t budge in the heat if you get a sweat on. 

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

This was where the staff in Boots did a really great job, they were colour matching everyone up based on what their skin tone is, if they were tan or not, and matching up the touch up primers and concealers to go with them too. The stand in Boots has an interactive shade finder built in to help you if you prefer to do it yourself. 

Diamond Bomb Buki Duo £30

Basically an all over body shimmer highlighter and brush suitable for everyone of all skin tones, across face and body. I tried it and it does have a serious sparkle to it, possibly a bit much for me but I can completely see why it was getting so much attention.

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

I think that celebrity or influencer fronted beauty ranges can often get a lot of stick, or be dismissed as less professional, but the Fenty Beauty collection has a different feel to it, a lot more sophisticated and I did really like a lot of the products. 

Fenty Beauty at Boots, Newcastle

It’s really handy to finally have it stocked in the UK, and being able to get your Boots points as extra rewards is just a bonus. 

What do you think have you tried any of the range yet? 

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