Happy New Year!

I spent New Year’s Eve in Tynemouth this year, a few drinks at Ora followed by tapas from the new menu at Allards. We were back on our sofa in pyjamas by ten thirty, and saw the new year in watching the London fireworks on tv – perfect.

walk in Percy wood

On New Year’s Day we went up to Kieran’s mams caravan in Northumberland with the dogs, and we’ve spent the first few days of January going on country walks in the fresh air, snoozing by the fire and generally relaxing. It’s been so nice and taking the two days off after New Year right now feels like the best decision I’ve ever made.

Percy wood Northumberland

I’m not sure I’ll still be saying that when I’m back to reality with a bang on Monday, straight into a five day week. The thought is giving me the shivers.

For now though I have two days left to enjoy, I’ll be taking the Christmas decorations down, and I’m really trying to organise my entire life using my beautiful new 2020 planner. I spent 6 weeks, no exaggeration researching which one to get. I was a woman on a mission, it had to be JUST right, but for now my stationary psycho tendencies are at bay, and I’m glad I didn’t impulse buy as I’m so happy with the one I got. 

2020 planner

So in 2020 you can at least expect more consistent blog posts from me. I’m getting my shit back together here, as it kind of slipped with the house move, travel and the run up to Christmas which was too busy even for me. I had visions of getting back on track over Christmas but that was optimistic, honestly I really needed the break from everything. 

Three days locked away in pyjamas watching every Harry Potter film, followed by three days away at the caravan has sorted me right out, even if I have been left with the cold I’ve been avoiding all Christmas. I don’t have time for colds.

Warkworth castle

There won’t be a December monthly round up this month, as I kind of did it just before Christmas with a round up or all my Christmas activities. I think once you get into January you need to look forwards not back, but just before the new year I also put together all my travel highlights from 2019, ahead of a brand new year of opportunities.

So a very happy New Year everyone, I hope 2020 is a great one for you. 

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