Merry Christmas – A Festive Round Up!

I thought I’d do my monthly round up a little early this year, as I always feel like from the end of December you should look forwards to the next year rather than backwards. It would seem a bit wrong to talk about all my festive goings on once Christmas is over too, so here’s my December…

December 2019 Round Up

To be honest I’ve never stopped, another whirlwind of a month so I’m just going to pick out a few Christmas highlights. 

December 2019 Round Up


This was actually a 30th birthday celebration for one of kierans best mates. 8 of us got the ferry over to Amsterdam, the first weekend in December. We had a really amazing meal on the ship, followed by a day out in Amsterdam. Ice skating up by the Rijksmuseum was my favourite part of the trip, it was so festive and fun and with a great bunch it made for a brilliant start to December. 

For transparency sake I do have allegiances to DFDS ferry but this trip was personal and fully paid for by us. 

December 2019 Round Up

Dine by the Tyne Christmas pod

I did this last year but I much preferred it this year on the Newcastle side of the river, despite it being so cold.

We went to the apres ski bar for some drinks first, then enjoyed a really nice three course meal in the pod. 

December 2019 Round Up

Copenhagen and Tivoli

My last work trip of the year was back to Copenhagen, but I didn’t mind too much as we got to visit Tivoli in all it’s Christmas glory. It was the most magical place I think I’ve ever been, so unbelievably festive and more fairy lights than I’ve ever seen. It was a great way to end my years travel with work, in one of my favourite destinations. 

December 2019 Round Up

York with my girls 

Two of my friends are away for Christmas this year so we did a Christmas Day out earlier than normal, and went to York for the day in the middle of the month.

We had cocktails, did a bit of shopping, had lunch and as always it’s so good to all be together. It’s so hard to find diary time that everyone has free, and a couple still couldn’t make it so we had lunch and some drinks in Newcastle just last weekend.

Celebrations all round for Steph who got engaged too, another wedding to look forward to. 

December 2019 Round Up

Broad Chare and Sunday session with the Fox family

Rather than presents with quite a few people this year we decided instead to go out for food and drinks, which is what we did with my sister last weekend.

Broad chare for Sunday dinner because nowhere has beat it this year. Saint Vincent’s next door also had some really nice Christmas cocktails so we went there after too, where viv and Nige joined us for the rest of the afternoon.

December 2019 Round Up

Edinburgh Christmas market 

With Kierans family we went to Edinburgh Christmas market, an annual tradition. We got the most delicious smelling fruit wreaths from one of the stalls, and had really good food at Copper Blossom. The Christmas dinner has chorizo stuffing and honestly it’s a game changer.

Markets, a bit of shopping and food was a lovely day out and very festive so close to Christmas.

December 2019 Round Up

Christmas at home

And finally, the biggest highlight for me is Kieran and I celebrating our first Christmas living together in our new flat. Our tree has some very sentimental baubles both old and new, from both sides of our families, and we are both sat in Christmas llama socks watching Home Alone after some drinks and food out in toon.

However you’re celebrating, wherever you are and whoever you’re with… I hope you have a wonderful time.

Merry Christmas!!! Xxx

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