The Importance Of A Walk In The Rain

The last week or so got on top of me. I’ve got a number of half written blog posts about various topics and I’m just unsure if I should post them, but I’ve realised I let myself get into a bit of a slump with no motivation for anything but drinking coffee and watching Netflix. I know I’m not alone, with a number of people seemingly hitting a lockdown wall over the last week. Whether it’s the awful news stories, the daily death toll, even the shitty weather it’s just been a dull start to June. 

Jesmond Dene

This month for me is usually packed full of fun, with festivals, birthdays, nights out and summer trips away, all of which are obviously no longer the case this year. Well except for birthdays, they’re still happening at the end of the month and I’m really looking forward to celebrations, especially for Kieran’s 30th. The week after next is technically annual leave for me and Kieran has the week off too so we have lots of plans.

Over the past week though the rain and dark grey skies outside have matched my mood perfectly, with fun plans feeling just out of reach, but a walk with some of the girls I work with even under the downpour was exactly what was needed today.

I didn’t realise just how much until I got home this afternoon, covered in mud, soaked to the skin, and rushing Arthur into the bathtub before he could trail it all onto the carpet. 

Jesmond Dene

We met three other people I work with for a rainy day stroll through Jesmond Dene, and it was the happiest I’ve felt in at least a week. I think we put far too much focus on the weather, we’re Brits of course we do, but it’s been very easy to open the blinds, see grey skies and think the day is a write off. I’ve definitely been guilty of this, especially when indoor activities outside of our houses aren’t an option.

I’ve been for two walks in the rain this week, one on the beach with my parents and then today with people I’ve not seen for months and it was quite literally a breath of fresh air. I barely even noticed the weather as we put the world to rights, shared lockdown stories and nattered like we usually would by the coffee machine. 

Jesmond Dene

It’s been very easy to get stuck in a rut, in our little bubbles stuck behind technology and screens. For a couple of hours this afternoon, and every other walk I’ve had with people since we’ve been able to life has felt almost normal, and it’s been refreshing to think of anything but what we can’t do at the moment.

I got home drenched and dirty thinking it really doesn’t matter. Clothes can be washed, bathing Arthur is hilarious, and I felt a million miles from the bored, fed up state I’ve found myself in at times recently. As much as I’ve tried to be as positive as possible about the situations I’ve found myself in, the last week has been draining, for various reasons.

Jesmond Dene

It would be easy to only blog about the good stuff, but I didn’t realise how crap I felt until I didn’t anymore. Worrying about family, health, work, friends etc is a lot especially when it becomes the norm, and I really believe the last few months have shown us all what and who really matters. 

Don’t let the rain stop you meeting people or going outside. It’s just rain. And it’s the people you get soaked with that will cheer your day up whatever the weather. 

Arthur pug
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