March 2020 Round Up

Well March has been a funny old month hasn’t it….God what started off as one of my busiest months this year took a definite nose dive, as did I’m sure all of yours. Here’s what was going on in my March before Corona kicked in…

March 2020 roundup

The 1st March was a Sunday, and was the day after our bottomless brunch at Jam Jar, which was excellent by the way. We were so hungover, but as it was also the first weekend that Arthur was allowed out we made the most of it and went along to the Quayside market for a walk and a drink. Looking back now, that seems so long ago.

March 2020 roundup

We walked through the market, bought our Mother’s Day cards, and some olives, and went to the Pitcher & Piano for coffee. They let dogs in which is great, and with the sun beaming through their huge glass windows it was lovely despite the cold.

We stayed out a bit longer with another slow walk along to the next watering hole, the Broad Chare obviously, where we had ciders, Bloody Mary’s and some bar snacks. The perfect hungover Sunday.

March 2020 roundup

That week was also what turned out to be my last trip with work for a while. I was on a training course on the ship, that sailed between Copenhagen and Oslo. It’s quite odd thinking about it now, those two cities have been some of my most visited the last couple of years and god knows when I’ll be back. I miss Copenhagen already, and you can’t beat Oslo fjords they’re beautiful..

March 2020 roundup

I got back from that trip, and the following weekend Kieran and I went on a press trip to Glasgow, with PeopleMakeGlasgow. We had the most amazing weekend, we stayed in the fabulous Cathedral House Hotel – read more here, had one of the best meals of the year so far, drank next to Billy Connolly, and had a walking tour of the city and it’s street art.

I have so much more to share on Glasgow, but everything with Coronavirus really escalated the week we got back, both for me at work and for everyone really. I’ve wrote about our hotel, but will 100% be sharing about the rest of our trip when it’s a bit more appropriate to promote travel. I’d never been to Glasgow though, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For more for now there’s plenty on my Glasgow Instagram highlight.

March 2020 roundup

Kieran went to Cheltenham pretty much straight from Glasgow, so I was alone in the flat with Arthur which was…interesting haha. But also pretty chaotic working long hours. The weekend he got back from Cheltenham turned out to be the last weekend of freedom in Newcastle.

We weren’t on lockdown yet, the bars were heaving, and I’m glad I got to meet my friends for a drink before all the restrictions came in place. I’ve said it on Instagram but Leila Lily’s will be one of the first places I head back to for an espresso martini! My list of places is becoming quite long if you haven’t already gathered.

friends in Leila Lilys

I left the girls and went to All Bar One to meet my family, as it was also my mum and sisters birthday. We had a few drinks there and then went along to Kaltur for tapas.

March 2020 roundup

I love it there, despite it being just the second time I’ve been. Another one I hope survives the closures. The potatas bravas is the closest I’ve ever had to tasting the same as in Spain.

March 2020 roundup

Lockdown hit the following week, and well, you know the rest. Kieran and I are both working from home and trying to really make the most of our one walk a day with Arthur. I shared some initial thoughts on the situation last week here.

As this looks set to continue, I think I’ve come through the initial transition period of not knowing really what the fuck to do with myself. We’re getting into a new routine and slowly realising what works and what doesn’t. I’ve never known a situation quite like it. I knew I was a big fan of food, but not sure I realised how much…


I have three blog posts planned soon, so you will see more from me now that I’ve come through the last couple of confusing weeks.

I hope everyone is safe and sound, I hope everyone is being sensible, and finally, another huge big thank you to the NHS. Nige hates it, but you have no idea how proud it makes me that he does what he does.


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