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Bottomless Brunch At Jam Jar, Jesmond

After writing my 6 places for bottomless brunch post a few weeks ago, and finding a couple of places that I didn’t realise did it, I booked up for the Jam Jar one. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen on stories, but honestly we had the best time.

Bottomless Brunch at jam jar

We went with Jam Jar for two reasons, firstly it had a really good menu and instead of just getting Prosecco, you get two mixers to make your own brunch cocktails, orange juice and peach purée for make your own Belinis. Secondly, it’s dog friendly and as this weekend was the first time that Arthur could go out we wanted to take him wherever we went to join in the fun.

You can book for bottomless brunch at Jam Jar to be hung between 1 and 3, so we went for a 1:30pm time slot for when Kieran finished work. I got myself and Arthur ready (this isn’t easy with a wild 13 week old puppy can I just say), and we got the metro up to West Jesmond. 

Bottomless Brunch at jam jar

I really miss Jesmond, from my days of living in Gosforth when we were there nearly every week for either drinks, sport or breakfast. Acorn Road just has a vibe to it and it was the first sunny Saturday we’ve had in a while it really just felt like everyone was out to have fun. It wasn’t too studenty either. 

Walking in you could tell the brunching was in full swing. If you’ve not been Jam Jar is pretty rustic, with a bar area and dining area, which was already getting pretty loud as the Prosecco was flowing. We sat down at our table and the waitress ran through the rules.

Jam jar Jesmond

You get two hours of unlimited Prosecco and mixers, from the moment your first bottle gets opened. When your bottle is finished turn it upside down in the cooler, but everyone’s glass needs to be empty before they’ll give you the next one. Everyone on the table needs to be joining in the brunch, and it’s £28 per person. For that as well as your unlimited Prosecco you get a main meal from the food menu.

Jam jar bottomless brunch menu

The menu is pretty good as I mentioned before, with one of the biggest choices of all the ones I researched. There were multiple choices of eggs, including Benedict, Royale and Boujee, as well as a ‘full Jesmond’, salmon avocado and poached eggs on an English muffin, and french toast served either savoury or sweet. 

I went for the eggs Royale, and Kieran ordered the full Jesmond, and our first bottle of Prosecco was popped. The staff were great, they also brought some water over for Arthur, who was unbelievable and went to sleep for the full two hours. 

Bottomless Brunch at jam jar

Our first couple of glasses went down very well, the peach mix was my favourite and if you don’t really like Prosecco on it’s own don’t fret because both mixers make it VERY easy to drink. 

Looking around, it was a decent crowd in. There were the odd couples like us, as well as a few groups. There were four guys on a table near us who we ended up chatting to, they were on a weekend away as a sort of reunion five years after they graduated, and were pretty keen to see how many bottles we got through compared to them.

Bottomless Brunch at jam jar

The biggest group right at the back were definitely the loudest. You can tell how far into the two hours people are, by how loud they are. Now I’m not one to promote irresponsible drinking, but it was bloody brilliant and got quite lively as the afternoon went on. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think the whole room ended up in conversation at one point. 

The food itself was lush, it didn’t come too quickly but we weren’t kept waiting long. I quite like it when you know you’re there for two hours it takes all the pressure off. Might as well get yourself comfortable. My eggs Royale were amazing, but I had major food envy of Kierans full English, and persuaded him to let me have some (a lot) of it too. He was too far gone on the seccy anyway so didn’t care and let me tuck in. 

Eggs Royale jam jar

This might give the wrong impression of jam jar but there’s also two TVs in there showing sport. It’s not a sports bar at all though, more like they were just on in the background and didn’t take away from the atmosphere at all. By 3pm the bar area was quite busy, and all the tables were taken, but it wasn’t overcrowded. I was pretty far gone by this point, and I remember laughing a lot. 

We got our fourth and last bottle of Prosecco at quarter past 3, just five minutes before our time limit was up, so they really do keep it coming even if you don’t have long left. The staff were great actually very much on top of it when your glass became empty. 

Bottomless Brunch at jam jar

So we got our last bottle which then kept us there another hour, and we weren’t asked for our table back which I’m guessing is a benefit of going a bit later in the afternoon. Arthur woke up and joined in the fun too, which might be the reason so many people came and spoke to us – rather than our clearly interesting and hysterical chat. 

By 4pm we were stumbling out the door and onto Osborne Road feeling very fuzzy headed. We didn’t last long out afterwards, so maybe that last bottle wasn’t the best idea but we had so much fun all afternoon. While we were there I think I messaged about four different friends or groups saying I need to do it with them. As well as a great day date, it would be fun as a group of girls, lads or mixed couples day out. 

Bottomless Brunch at jam jar

All in all would highly strongly very much recommend, especially if you’re sociable and like to mix in with others around you. Only constructive criticism I would give is that I’d like to see Bloody Mary’s on the menu, as I’m a big fan. I’m already planning to go back, I think it would be brilliant in the summer too. 

Drink responsibly, or you’ll be in bed by 6pm like we were. 

Call 0191 908 7158 or visit Jam Jar website to book. For clarity this wasn’t a collaboration, we paid for the full brunch ourselves.

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