February 2020 ROund Up

The last thing I mentioned in my January round up was Arthur, our new pug pup, who we picked up right at the end of the month, so he’s going to be the first thing I mention this month. An entire month with him and he’s so bloody amazing, and now finally able to go out – from today. He’s definitely been the priority this month, and I have a whole post dedicated to the first few weeks with him here. But aside from Arthur, here’s everything else I’ve got up to through February.

February 2020 round up

I spent a couple of days in Hamburg right at the start of the month, on a work trip. I found it pretty hard being away while Arthur was so tiny ( I know how ridiculous), but it was good to see a bit more of Hamburg as it’s one of the places I’ve not really explored as much as some of the others.

I managed to stick to my diet which was a pretty big achievement for me when travelling, as there’s so much temptation, but I did let myself have a pretzel and a pint on one of the days. Kieran’s booked up to go to Munich soon and I’m actually really jealous about it, I’d love to see some more German cities, ones that are outside of the very industrial Hamburg.

February 2020 round up

One of the biggest highlights of my month was a group trip to Ghetto Golf. We went to the Tyne Bank Brewery first, and then Ghetto Golf before heading in to town for a few hours at Stack. It was so much fun, and I’d been looking forward to it all the way through January. It was my first proper night out and drink after sticking so strictly to my diet, and I allowed myself a hungover Chinese on the Sunday – god I miss them!

Ghetto golf

If you haven’t yet been to Ghetto Golf I would highly recommend it, adult only fun and the food is really good, it made my list of things to do in Newcastle when it rains which is one of the blogs I shared this month. Have a read of my other rainy day suggestions here.

Things to do when it rains in Newcastle

For Valentine’s Day Kieran and I did the same as last year and got an M&S dine in for two meal, which I think are such good value. We had scotch eggs, steak and cheese cake, with a bottle of wine. At least this year they released them earlier than on the day, as I witnessed actual fights in M&S at 8am last year. A lot of people I know did this, preferring a chilled night in to an overpriced novelty night out.

February 2020 round up

I had been craving a Sunday dinner almost as much as I’d been craving a Chinese through January, and we got one when Kieran’s mam took us to the Pavilion, along with Arthur a couple of weeks ago. By this point we were climbing the walls with not being able to take him out so it was much appreciated.

February 2020 round up

I did a day training session in Newcastle for work one Monday, and got a taste of what commuting and working in the city centre would be like. I do miss working somewhere with more going on, but I think I’d be permanently skint if I worked in town. What I do love though is all the cafes open early. Literally nowhere at the coast opens early – except the Costa drive through which is so slow they’re basically going backwards, and it really frustrates me.

I’d love a coffee or a smoothie somewhere before starting work, and really wish somewhere would do an early shift. On that morning I went to Pink Lane coffee, and had a latte while doing a bit of work before the course started. I very much like how they have tiny tables for one, as basically everyone in there was alone.

February 2020 round up

I was invited by My.Logica, dermalogica skincare specialists based at the City Aesthetics Clinic in Newcastle to try out one of their treatments, so one Thursday I went along when I finished work. This was a gifted treatment and after wishing I’d got one when we went to Armathwaite I really enjoyed it. Forgetting where you are for an hour after work, and getting a deep tissue or hot stone massage is highly recommended!

February 2020 round up

Speaking of Armathwaite, I shared a blog post on our weekend break there, so if you’re interested in a beautiful old manor house with relaxing spa, and great food take a look at my full Armathwaite Hall review here.

Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa
Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa

We had a voucher for Miller and Carter leftover from Christmas to use, so Kieran and I went to the Newcastle branch last Friday for a date night – the first one since we got Arthur. We went to Leila Lily’s for a drink first and I had the most divine espresso martini with a shot of vanilla added to it.

It’s not the cheapest of places for a round of just two drinks, mainly due to the cocktail prices being slightly higher than some in town, but it was so delicious. I was obsessed with iced vanilla lattes in summer and it tasted like that with a kick. I honestly think they’re one of the main reasons I can’t wait for summer to return.

February 2020 round up

On this final leap year day in February, we are going for a bottomless brunch. After writing this post on places you can do it in Newcastle I booked up for one of the places I haven’t yet tried, so we are doing that today and taking Arthur. Very excited for this.

Poached egg on toast
6 Places to go for bottomless brunch in Newcastle

March for me is hectic, starting with a work trip to Copenhagen, but I also have a very exciting press trip to Glasgow next weekend, followed by a week on my own with Arthur when Kieran’s at Cheltenham. Then it’s my mum and sisters birthday, friends birthdays, and another work trip at the end of the month to Lithuania.

That is if this Coronavirus malarkey doesn’t become so serious that we can’t travel!

However you’re spending your March, I hope you have a great month. If you have any recommendations for Glasgow send them my way, I’ve never been and I’m really looking forward to it.

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