30 Autumn Things To Do In September

Although Autumn doesn’t officially begin until 23rd, the 1st September signifies the start of the change in seasons for so many reasons. Schools go back, nights get darker, mornings get colder and start to frost, you can wake up freezing and pull on a jumper just to be lathered in sweat and removing it by lunchtime. It’s the perfect time to make some changes and tick off the things you’ve been putting off through summer. So here’s my list of 30 things to do in September.

September round up

Despite Starbucks releasing the pumpkin spice latte earlier than ever, we aren’t quite yet into full October Autumn territory, but I am massively ready for September and I’m making some changes. I feel like for a lot of this year we’ve all had to just trundle along with all sorts of crap thrown at us. I don’t think anyone has been left unscathed by the wrath of 2020 and although we have no control over some things, we can take matters into our own hands for others.

So while summer felt like a season we had to just make the best of at home, I think Autumn is time to take back some control.

“A fallen leaf is nothing more than summer’s wave goodbye”

– Unknown

Make your home cosy by getting out the candles and the blankets. Buy seasonal cushions even just from the supermarket – Asda do some great ones.

Unwind in the evenings as they get darker, without the pressure of feeling like you need to make the most of the light nights and sunny evenings of summer. Chill on the sofa with nowhere to be instead.

Sort out your wardrobe. Throw away any of last years jumpers, jeans or boots you won’t wear again, or if they’re good enough donate them to a charity or sell them. Make a list of new things you want or need and invest in them instead.

De clutter your life, in all aspects. Get rid of anyone or anything that doesn’t bring you happiness. Unflollow, block, throw out stuff, cut out the shit. Invest your time into people that matter and give something back to you in a positive way.

Things to do in september

Browse the seasonal menus coming out at most restaurants and pubs, and book your favourites. There are still a lot of places doing offers into September this year even now the Eat Out to Help Out has finished. I love warm soups, hearty meals and proper deserts with custard at this time of year.

Learn something new. Education starts everywhere in September so even if you aren’t back to school or starting university there’s loads of online opportunities. Even a 6 month course will see you complete in March next year just in time for Spring and making more fresh starts. There’s no better time to better yourself.

The same goes for the gym. What’s that hideous saying? Summer bodies are made in winter. Well you might as well start in September.

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop


Start a new TV series, Netflix show or box set. I’m not sure if new seasons are coming this Autumn due to a lot of filming being put on hold this year but usually a lot do. And even if there isn’t anything new then watch something you’ve never got round to watching before.

Buy some new fluffy slippers, pyjamas and a dressing gown. Tell me they don’t make anyone feel good.

Book a spa day or break. There’s something about sitting in a hot jacuzzi or outdoor hydro pool when it’s bubbly and steamy but cold outside. If you’re worried what it might be like with current restrictions have a read of my Twilight Spa experience at Seaham Hall – it felt no different.

Buy some new stationary and order next years planner so you’re fully prepared. Don’t wait until December when all the good ones are out of stock and you’ve already started making plans for next year. My diary is almost full for some months next year thanks to things being postponed this year, it pays to be organised early.

Go for a walk in the park in wellies and warm socks, hat and gloves.

Join a wine club and discover some new ones before the festive season.

Buttermere, Lake District

Toast marshmallows over a fire pit or camp fire.

Learn some new recipes for heart warming meals. There are tons of them on Pinterest at the moment I’ll share some of my favourite ones soon.

Visit a brewery or wine bar. Try some new craft beers or wines indoors, there’s nothing better when the windows steam up and it’s toasty inside but freezing outside. St Vincent’s is my favourite and although they aren’t open yet I’m keeping a close eye on their updates.

Wine bar

Plan indoor activities with your friends, like Ghetto Golf.

Transform your summer gardens and terraces into winter spaces with outdoor heaters, fairy lights and thick blankets.

Rudeneja (v.) the way nature and the weather begin to feel like autumn

Learn how to make home made mulled wine or cider, hot chocolates with a twist or your own pumpkin spice lattes.

The football season is restarting, so book some tables in sports bars to watch the scored, place your bets (play safe) and enjoy the excitement/misery of being a football fan.

Go conker picking. I saw the odd one falling already last week up in Northumberland, but by mid – end of September they’ll be everywhere. Put them around your house to keep the spiders at bay it really works.

Conkers, Ambleside

Swap long acrylics for short gel nails for winter. I do this every year and love the dark charcoal colours or deep reds. It gives your nails a break too.

Make an autumn door wreath. I saw some in The Range the other day and they’re beautiful with golden leaves and berries.

If you’re comfortable travelling abroad and follow all the correct guidance book a city break abroad, there’s some amazing breaks to be had in autumn and winter, but if not then book a UK break instead. Would really recommend Edinburgh or Glasgow for this time of year. If you’re happy to go abroad then Copenhagen and Amsterdam are gorgeous.

Enjoy early but beautiful sunsets.

Waterhead, Ambleside

Book an outdoor adventure, either camping or a lodge/cottage/caravan in the Lake District, North Yorkshire or the Cotswolds. Enjoy nature walks, outdoor sports and Great British pubs for a pint at the end of the day.

Make a book bucket list and read them all.

Host your own Oktoberfest. Many assume it happens in October, but it’s actually the end of September. Just because the real one has been cancelled doesn’t mean you can play music, drink steins of German beer and eat pretzels at home instead. If lockdown taught me anything its that you can bring anything home if you just get creative. Read my post on Oktoberfest in Hamburg for inspiration. Alternatively I think some pubs in Newcastle get themed up for the week too.

Oktoberfest at Hofbräu Wirtshaus on Speersort, Hamburg

I hate to mention the C word but it’s only 3 months until Christmas, so prepare early! It won’t be long before places open their Christmas diary’s for meals and I think table bookings will be harder to get than ever this year with reduced capacity. Get some dates off your friends early to plan your festivities.

Put yourself first. We’ve all done a lot of caring for others this year and I’m not saying that should stop ever, but practice some self care whatever that means for you. I’m totally doing this.

‘The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go’

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30 Autumn Things to do in September
30 Autumn Things to do in September
30 Autumn Things to do in September
30 Autumn Things to do in September
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