A Twilight Spa Experience At Seaham Hall Serenity Spa

An evening spent in a 5 star spa, with an infinity pool to myself, and a delicious dinner in my robe and slippers seemed a far fetched distant dream not too long ago, but now that they can safely reopen again that’s exactly what I enjoyed last week. An evening tailored perfectly, the Twilight spa at Seaham Hall almost literally washed away some of the stress and anxiety I’ve experienced that last few months, as many of us have this year, and it couldn’t have been more appreciated.

Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa

Disclaimer: I was invited by Seaham Hall and Serenity Spa to a complimentary Twilight spa experience for two. As always all opinions are my own.

We arrived for our Twilight spa at Seaham Hall at 6pm, there is ample free parking and the spa wing is clearly signposted separately to the main house. From entering there are plenty of signs instructing you on the COVID regulations to adhere to, so we put our masks on, sanitised our hands and took note of the one way system in place. Prior to arriving the documentation you will receive for any spa experience also includes extra information on all of the measures they have in place, so you can familiarise yourself before your visit too.

Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa

We were greeted at the spa reception and like another couple arriving too, we were invited to sit down and fill in the standard spa forms with a cold glass of fresh juice. I love the little extras like this, it’s what sets places apart. Before we went through we were handed our own pre made up bags which include robes, towels and flip flops. Each guest receives these to ensure that everything has been fully washed and cleaned for use.

We were given a run down and small tour of all the facilities that are open, including two new relaxation areas that were added during the time the spa had to close. The giant day beds near the entrance of the spa now have privacy curtains between them, and there is a small but luxurious sleep lounge that makes a lovely addition to the Zen Lounge and relaxation areas that were already there.

Changing rooms have been adapted to include signage and extra sanitiser too. It isn’t compulsory but we were advised to wear our swimwear under our clothes to arrive, just to speed up the time spent in the changing rooms and to avoid groups of people. The changing rooms have plenty of room, with areas for privacy as well as the open spaces and lots of lockers, but I had it to myself.

When you’re getting changed remember to put your mask in your robe pocket, you are required to wear it in the public spaces at the front of the spa, including the corridors to the changing rooms, up to the restaurant and between the dry spa areas. Once through to the wet spa facilities you don’t have to wear them.

Coming through to the pool I was reminded again just how big Seaham Hall spa is. There is so much space, and even with about four or five other couples or mother/daughter pairings dotted about, there was plenty of room for everyone and we barely came close to anyone else.

As we had dinner reservations at 7pm, we spent the first 45 minutes of our evening in the Zen Lounge, on the big heated reclining loungers that overlook the grounds. I think it was the first time I properly relaxed in months, it was very peaceful.

Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa

When it was almost 7pm we put our masks on to flip flop our way to Ozone, the Pan Asian spa restaurant, and were seated amongst the other diners. There were some hotel guests dressed normally, but at least three other couples were in their robes like us. I was worried it would feel odd but it really didn’t, and I thoroughly enjoyed sipping my wine in my big fluffy robe. It’s one of the benefits of the spa at Seaham, that you don’t have to worry about walking through the hotel dressed inappropriately.

Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa

The Twilight spa experience includes a two course dinner, and there is a good selection of four or five options for each course, including vegetarian/vegan options. We went for the chicken satay and the fried squid to start, followed by the beef and chicken stir fry Szechuan which comes with rice or noodles, so we got one of each.

Drinks aren’t included, so you are required to pay additional for these at the end, however if you quote ‘StephFoxTravel’ when you book you will receive a complimentary glass of fizz for two with your meal.

The food arrived really quickly and it was excellent quality. I sometimes find spa restaurants can be a bit bland and bistro type, but that definitely isn’t the case here. It feels like a high end restaurant in keeping with the whole place and experience. The stir fry had a good kick to it, and there was so much more than it first looked we both couldn’t finish it. Great sized portions as opposed to not enough, and it was so good I forgot I’d be de-robing for the pool shortly and stuffed my face.

There’s a one way system in place in the restaurant too, and like the rest of the spa it’s a case of keep to the left as much as possible.

Being August it was still light outside when we finished eating which I was so excited about, as on my last visit in November I didnt get to see or experience all the fabulous outdoor facilities that Seaham offers. We made our way out to try them, noticing on the way that the pool area was slightly busier now, but still more than enough loungers and space for everyone.

The rules for the hydro pool, jacuzzis and infinity pool is that you can have ‘2 people maximum’, but people actually means households up to two people. Basically two couples could be in at one time but no more. There are two outdoor jacuzzis and one was occupied, but instead of getting in the other we went down to the infinity pool.

Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa
Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa

It’s absolutely gorgeous down there, with loungers and snugs around the edge of the big open space, and the infinity pool sunken in the middle. It was ‘twilight’, so the lights and lamps were coming on giving a very serene feel to the place, even on a grey skied night on the Durham coastline.

We put the jacuzzi feature on, tucked our robes and towels under one of the snugs and got in the hot water. It was honestly just so lovely to float about surrounded by bubbles in such a fabulous location, with nobody else sharing it with us. If you fancy going I’d really recommend a weekday night if you can as I would imagine weekends would be busier, and who wouldn’t benefit from such a relaxing experience to break the working week up. If you cant get midweek don‘t worry the Twilight spa is available on weekends too.

Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa

We must have been there a good forty five minutes before anyone else joined us, and as it was starting to spit on to rain we decided to try some of the other facilities. The only ones closed are the sauna and steam rooms, but the indoor hydro pool, plunge pool and main tropical pool are all open. I’m not brave enough for a plunge pool so we went for the hydro pool instead.

Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa

One of the biggest I’ve been in with built in seating and lying areas, the jets are so powerful it felt like I was getting a back massage when they were on full force. We spent some time in here before getting out to dry off, and found some spare loungers by the main pool. I could have easily gone to sleep but by the time we dried off it was time to go get changed and head home back to reality.

Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa

I know I’ve spent some time here explaining the measures to take for Covid, but they really didn’t take over or hinder our time in the spa at all. That’s probably the question I’ve been asked most since we went to Seaham and it didn’t feel restricted or as though we were missing out on anything at all. It felt amazing to be able to do that kind of thing again, and was a welcome escape from daily life for five hours that felt like a lifetime – in the best possible way.

Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa

I’d be fully confident to book any spa experience here in future, and while these summer evenings are still around I’d really recommend the Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall. If it’s something you’ve been longing for like I was then I’d encourage you to do it. The spa is so big distancing isn’t an issue at all, and neither is the limit on people allowed in the facilities. I think I actually prefer the limit anyway.

Steph Fox was hosted by Seaham Hall and its Serenity Spa on Durham’s Heritage Coast. The Twilight spa experience is available Mon – Sun, and includes access to the immersive spa facilities from 6pm – 10pm, with a two-course dinner in the Pan Asian restaurant, Ozone. Prices start from £79 pp. Option to upgrade the Twilight experience to an Evening Spa, which includes a 45 minute Temple Spa or ishga Treatment (costs from £99 pp). Enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbles for two with your meal when quoting “StephFoxTravel” at time of reservation.

T&Cs apply / subject to availability. To book, call Seaham Hall on 0191 516 1400 (www.seaham-hall.co.uk).

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Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa
Twilight Spa at Seaham Hall Serenity Spa
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