August 2020 Monthly Round Up

Instead of sharing my weekly things I’m loving post this week I’m just doing the monthly round up as it falls on basically the same day. I’ve been up and down this week being stuck inside, the rain has had me BORED, after such a lovely time at the caravan last weekend and that’s basically how I’ve felt for most of the month. I know people long to be a lady of leisure but god I don’t know if I could do it. Despite some long days midweek I’ve actually had quite a bit on in the evenings and weekends again which is how I like it.

August 2020 monthly round up

So, the caravan last weekend was lovely. On Sunday night we went over to the pub in Amble with some friends for tea, and on Monday we had a walk around the local area as it was a nice day. A change of scenery and not being in the same four walls was very much needed.

We also managed to get a cancellation for the Eat Out to Help Out scheme at Allards on Monday night, so it finished off the weekend nicely. I have really missed sitting in for tapas there as they’re just so good. It’s been a nightmare getting tables but we got lucky and enjoyed food and a couple of cocktails to finish off our long weekend.

We also made the most of the offer on Tuesday night as well with Kieran’s family at Taste of India in Forest Hall. So considering we were useless and had nothing pre booked we did well for getting some cancellations.

Pink Lane Coffee

I shared a blog post mid week on the cutest cafes in Newcastle after I got an email from a girl in Liverpool asking for recommendations. I loved writing this one, sometimes the impromptu ones are the best and it got me wanting to go back to all my favourite cafes in Newcastle again.

I also got started on some of my Glasgow blogs, that were put on hold after we spent a weekend up there just before lockdown. The first one on unique places to eat and drink in Glasgow went up on Friday, and again I loved writing about somewhere different again. I miss exploring new cities so much, I can’t wait for travel to return to normal my list of places just grows by the day.

Broken Clock Cafe, Glasgow

I’ve been putting so much time and effort into the blog the last month, and going forward I’m really going to try keep up the two – three posts a week. People are loving the local Newcastle posts, but I am going to mix in some more travel ones going forwards.

Some of the best collaborations I’ve worked on the past month have included the opening of Salt Market Social on North Shields fish quay, a really cool place that if you haven’t looked at yet you really should before they sell out their next open weekend later in September. And of course our evening at Seaham Spa was beautiful, I wasn’t sure what a spa experience would be like with all the current guidelines but it barely affected our enjoyment at all.

Salt Market Social, North Shields

Right at the start of the month I enjoyed a very indulgent afternoon tea from the 21 Hospitality group and 21 Newcastle. You can read about it here and they are still offering it now. I’m so pleased to see more of their restaurants are reopening soon, including the Broad Chare. Sign me up for Sunday dinner asap.

And on Friday night just gone we were invited to 1910 restaurant in the Spanish City. We had a lovely meal of steak and seafood followed by a bottle of wine listening to the piano player under the dome. Read my full review on our meal here.

1910 Restaurant Whitley Bay

A highlight of the month has to be the Sam Fender gig at the Virgin Unity arena. Again something I wasn’t sure on before we went with the restrictions but I had an absolute blast and I actually prefer the socially distanced platforms to being squashed among a crowd. If you’re considering going to one of the events have a read of my blog here, it has lots of information on how it all works.

Socially Distanced Gig In Newcastle

I think I’m over the summer now, and I no longer feel like I’m missing out on a summer holiday. I’m getting very ready for Autumn, with cosy nights, hot dinners and winter breaks. Also September is my birthday month and although I don’t believe in horoscopes I am feeling the Virgo season and like I need to be the very best Virgo version of myself at the moment. The upcoming change in season is just making me feel positive, and I have loads of plans so that’s exciting.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the posts that were shared on #internationaldogday this week. Dogs are just the absolute best aren’t they? Better than some people I know actually. He drives me mad sometimes but I dont know what I would have done without Arthur this year.

We paid off our week away in the Lake District this week too, and were sent all the details of where we are staying. Having stayed at so many different places in the Lakes for years, countless school holidays as a kid and weekend breaks as an adult, we are trying somewhere new this time. I can’t wait to see what it’s like and I’ve made my peace with the fact it is likely to rain all week.

I look back now when we used to go for one hour walk a day in the middle of lockdown and literally prayed that we would get this week away. It seemed a very long time away and with less than a week to go I am very ready for it. I dont care if it snows.

Hope you have a great September!

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