Steak & Seafood At 1910 Restaurant, Spanish City

The iconic Spanish City landmark in Whitley Bay hosts a range of food places including the award winning Trenchers, Valerie’s tearoom and the Champagne Bar to name a few, but for the first time last night I visited the fine dining, steak and seafood 1910 Restaurant on the top floor.

Whitley Bay Spanish City

Disclaimer: We were invited by Spanish City to 1910 and received a complimentary meal and bottle of wine.

I still find arriving at the Spanish City impressive since it’s full renovation that turned it from a run down eye sore into a pristine modern landmark on the Whitley Bay coast. Through the day it stands out against what is often the grey waves of the North Sea, and by night the white and glass front is floodlit up so you can’t help but be impressed.

Inside Trencher’s was busy, but for once we made our way upstairs to 1910 instead, somewhere I’ve only visited during the day for afternoon tea or a quick drink in the bar. It’s a one way system at the moment and clearly signed, with sanitiser stations dotted about.

We were greeted by one of the staff as we arrived into the Champagne Bar, and directed through to the restaurant. It was smaller and therefore more intimate than I expected, but that’s the point and nearly all the tables were filled, one row by the wall and another along the fabulous floor to ceiling glass windows. We were shown to our table in the far corner by the window, which has to be one of the best seats in the place.

The Champagne Bar has the view straight over to St Mary’s Island and lighthouse, but 1910 and particularly that corner gives you views in both directions, over to St Mary’s and back along Whitley Bay behind you. Despite being a grey day with some very choppy seas, the view was still incredible and it felt very relaxing from as soon as you sit down. It isn’t pretentious or uncomfortable for such a lovely place and style of restaurant.

We were given our menus which at 6pm included the early menu option which is available from 5:30pm – 7pm, and it covers two courses for £21 or three for £25. The main menu is also available and seeing some of the options on there we had to go for that. Steak and seafood are my two absolute favourite meals, and there is a good range of options covering seafood, fish, meat and vegetarian choices.

1910 Restaurant Whitley Bay

I went for the Crispy Panko fried oysters with tartare sauce, and Kieran opted for the Queenie scallops with garlic butter, greyer cheese and herb crumb. While we waited for them to arrive we were served warm bread rolls with butter and a dip, and a cauliflower and hazelnut amuse-bouche – a nice extra touch.

1910 Restaurant Whitley Bay

I loved my Lindisfarne oyster starter, I know they’re not everyone’s taste but if you’re going to try them then I would say go for this fried option. The tartare sauce was lovely with them, and I really enjoyed the salted garnish they came on too. There are three other ways of serving them available on the menu if you prefer something different.

Oysters at 1910 Restaurant Whitley Bay

Kieran’s six scallop starter was huge, served on shells the little scallops were covered in the cheese and crumb topping, honestly it’s such a generous portion. I had to try one and they were really tasty, if anything though just a bit too much of the rich cheese thanks to the big portion size.

Scallop starter at 1910 Restaurant Whitley Bay

The main event came next, fillet steaks and I’d ordered the garlic king prawns to go with mine too. I was really looking forward to this and it was served beautifully as a big fillet wedge with mushroom and tomato. I opted for the french fries and Kieran had the thick cut chips, and we both went for the bone marrow sauce to go with it. The meat was delicious, such good quality and although the sauce had a bit of a different taste to it, it was also very good and great for dipping the chips in too.

1910 Restaurant Whitley Bay

If I’m being really picky, I asked for medium rare and I think it was more on the medium side, but it didn’t effect my enjoyment of it and it was just as juicy and flavoursome as you’d want it to be. The garlic king prawns were huge, and again they were a generous portion that they served both of us rather than just me. Sharing prawns isn’t a decision I take lightly but there were more than enough.

Paired with a nice red wine, crispy french fries and a beautiful view the whole experience was really lovely. It was a very relaxing meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

1910 Restaurant Whitley Bay

I need to mention the service because it was absolutely faultless. I wish I’d got the waiters name because he was perfect, exactly what you’d want from a restaurant like that. It was busy with every table filled, but it didn’t feel loud or intrusive, we weren’t rushed through at all and for the first time I didn’t feel like I needed to be aware how much time we had left on our time slot. We were frequently checked on but not too much, and he was on the ball with keeping our wine topped up.

There were a range of people in including couples and families, and all seemed to be enjoying the food, the wine, each other’s company and of course the view.

I could have ordered about three of the deserts at the start of the evening but we were so full from our mains and that incredible fillet that I just didn’t have room for one – annoyingly as they looked stunning. The grey skies cleared a bit as we finished our meal, and the sunset light was beautiful as we sat and enjoyed the rest of our wine before moving through to the bar.

Spanish City dome

The Champagne bar was full, but we were shown to one of the lounge chairs in the gallery under the dome instead, where it’s still table service from the bar. I’m actually glad as we had the pleasure of listening to the piano player from below in Trenchers, who was absolutely incredible. Having said we would just have one we ended up ordering another bottle of wine as it was so lovely sitting there listening to him play.

1910 Restaurant Whitley Bay

I said to Kieran at the time I don’t know why we don’t come in the evening more often, rather than just always through the day. It was a lovely Friday night date night venue, five minutes from home and it’s come a very long way from when I was a kid and it had a rusty rollercoaster coming out the roof. I love what they’ve done with the whole place.

For a fine dining option 1910 Restaurant is a good alternative for people at the coast or visiting the area, rather than needing to go up to town to get that level of meal. It is on the expensive side, especially if you go for the wine and fillet steak so keep that in mind, but if you’re after that kind of experience I think it’s expected and accepted that you would be paying more. The early menu until 7pm would also bring the cost down slightly too.

1910 Restaurant Whitley Bay

Sitting in both 1910 and under the dome afterwards, it felt like a far cry from the old Whitley Bay reputation the Spanish City used to have, which for a local is great to see.

I would go back to 1910 restaurant for an occasion or another date night, but next time I think I’d explore more of the seafood side of the menu. My dad really enjoyed the lobster when he visited, and my second choice would have been the lobster risotto which sounded lovely. If you go definitely request a table by the window, because looking out at that view really adds to the whole meal and there’s plenty going on down on the sea front to keep you entertained while you enjoy it.

To book a table at 1910 restaurant, or to find out more about it visit the Spanish City website here.

Disclaimer: We were invited by Spanish City to 1910 and received a complimentary meal and bottle of wine.

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