May Round Up 2018

May was a pretty eventful month from the off, and it seemed to go on forever. I’m not complaining, with two bank holidays and some seriously good weather mine’s been filled with lots of eating, both out and BBQ’s in the garden, days out and two trips, one to Amsterdam and another to Lithuania. Here’s everything I got up to in May.


May Round up 2018


It began with good old Nige turning 60. My dad is not the type of person to want a fuss, so on his actual birthday we just went to Ora in Tynemouth for some tapas, and then had an afternoon out in Newcastle at the Bridge Tavern the following day with some more friends and family. The weather was amazing and I absolutely love Newcastle when it’s like that. It felt like the whole world was out making the most of it.


May Round up 2018


Amsterdam and Keukenhof were my first work trip of the month, and the weather was just as good over there so it made working in the tulip gardens very enjoyable! I was so pleasantly surprised by Keukenhof, I expected it to be totally different to what it was, and I’ve put together some of my highlights here. We got the ferry over and spent one day in Keukenhof and the other in Amsterdam on the hunt for all the spring spots to enjoy.


Keukenhof Gardens 2018


I love Amsterdam and it was nice to be back in the sun, about 20 degrees warmer than the last time I was there. I had a lovely message today from an old colleague to say she’s there this weekend and was taking up my recommendation for MaMa Kelly’s. It’s always nice to hear when people go somewhere because I’ve suggested it.


May Round up 2018


One of my favourite weekends this month has to be the last weekend of the football season. Katie Jane Online had a spare ticket and knowing I was gutted not to have got them myself, she invited me along to go with her.


May Round up 2018


We had a great day obviously made better by a Newcastle win, but we also had some cocktails at both the Alchemist and the Botanist, followed by a pizza to round of the weekend. I’m always sad when the season finishes, and feel a bit lost at weekends after planning my life around the fixtures for so long. I can’t say I’m all that excited for the World Cup, it’s bound to end in disappointment as usual but here’s hoping…I won’t hold my breath.


May Round up 2018


I caught up with my lovely friend Lisa and baby Oscar earlier in the month one lunchtime, we went to the Salty Sea Dog on North Shields fish quay. I’d heard mixed reports about it, some saying it’s great for gin and others not so keen on the food. Our gin cocktails were lovely, and the food was good too with decent portions. They did get our order wrong, but they fixed it no problem and I’d probably go back for lunch, but I have to say I still don’t think you can beat Allards just down the road in Tynemouth.


May Round up 2018


With the weather being so good, we’ve spent a lot of time staying quite local over the past weeks. We ate at the Beehive one Friday night, and I would highly recommend their feta and lamb meatballs because they were delish. I’ve also found myself perched on a picnic table at the Red House Pub in Whitley Bay on many an afternoon or evening, with a cider or a G&T.


May Round up 2018


Because of this I discovered that this last week was Whitley Bay food and drink week, and I put together this bumper guide of all the offers that were available. It’s finished now but there are so many places along the Whitley Bay coast that I still need to try, and many that come highly recommended by others. Take a look for some inspiration, I really want to visit Elder & Wolf and Evan’s Bistro asap.


Whitley Bay food and drink week


Despite following so many fabulous fashion blogs I’m not one to blog all things fashion myself, but I was so excited to go to the In the Frow Fenwick’s event a couple of weeks ago. I was very pleasantly surprised by Victoria of In the Frow, she was showcasing her summer season dresses and made time to speak to everyone there at a meet and greet afterwards. Such a lovely girl, not to mention gorgeous.


May Round up 2018


My work trip to Klaipeda in Lithuania was another big surprise this month, for being such a tiny little place I was very pleasantly surprised by it. I know it gets so freezing in the winter but again we touched lucky with the weather and after days in the office sat outside at some cute little restaurants and bars.


May Round up 2018


I couldn’t get over how cheap this place was, and being a little harbour town it was also very picturesque. I’ll share more detail on it in the coming weeks.


May Round up 2018


I shared some of my first posts on Rome this month, including all my highlights, of which there were many, and a practical guide to visiting the Colosseum. I still have major holiday blues from that city, and so much more to share on it so you can expect to see all that soon, as well as more Rome instagram spam which I am absolutely not sorry for.


Visiting the Colosseum, Rome


I ticked a few ‘firsts’ off the list this month, with my first fish and chips from Amble, and my first visit to the Old Boathouse up there too. I’m happy to report the famous fish and chips were delicious, but I was gutted how long the queue was for Spurellis ice cream afterwards. That was the first bank holiday, and the final one in May was spent over in the Lake District.


May Round up 2018


We went to Buttermere for a walk around the lake and a bar meal at the Bridge Hotel. I’ve never seen such a small place so busy, it was absolutely boiling it felt like we were abroad. People were fully swimming in the lake, and cooking up sausages on the BBQ on makeshift camp fires. It was my favourite day of the whole month and I’m completely ready for summer.


May Round up 2018


Lastly just a few opinions I want to get off my chest…

Anyone else see people trending and immediately wonder if they’re dead or a sex offender? What has the world come to?

Jonjo Shelvey absolutely should be in the England squad.

Not a fan of Meghan, Royal Wedding was lovely but her dress did. not. fit.

Instagram need to hurry up with a mute button.

And finally, just because something isn’t all over social media doesn’t mean its not real, and vice versa.

On that note, happy Love Island day everyone! I’m not ready to leave behind last years islanders, but I am absolutely here for the memes for the next couple of months.


Have a great June!


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