On my way to the USA – Happy Thanksgiving

If you’re reading this on the day I post it, which is Thursday 23rd November then Happy Thanksgiving to anyone in America! I’m currently on my way, somewhere over the Atlantic to join you for a thanksgiving feast. It’s the first time I’ve ever been in the US for this holiday, and I have very high expectations for the food I’ll be enjoying tonight.

Naturally, to get myself fully in the spirit I’ve put together this little list of things I’m thankful for. To anyone who knows me, I cringed too as I wrote that. (Have you read my horrifying things that annoy me post?). It doesn’t sound very ‘Steph’ of me but I’m embracing it so here goes…


The fact I can now pay for stuff out of the vending machine at work by card, contactless. Never again will I be scratching around the bottom of my bag for loose change to satisfy my 11am need for Kettle Chips.

Tom Hardy – I watched Bronson on Netflix the other week and the lad is just amazing. In anything, doing anything, for everything, wearing anything, all the time, IDST.

Winter TV – I’m a Celeb (vote Dennis Wise for every trial please), Blue Planet II, Peaky Blinders. Well done to all TV Gods you’ve really pulled it out the bag this Autumn.

Kate Spade’s Black Friday Sale – Bagged (ha) myself a bargain on Sunday thanks to my sister currently living in America. I got a £350 bag for £100. I’m done.

Costa’s Festive Frostino – I know this is beyond basic, and the only thing more basic would be if I mentioned Starbucks. But you need a Costa Black Forest Frostino with sprinkles in your life. Move over pumpkin spice.

Amanda Staveley – or as I call her ‘Hair Goals Chick’. Saving every NUFC fan alive and frankly if she pulls it off she should be given the key to the city and put on the Queens New Year honours list.

The AA – I know I keep harping on about this but I called them 3 times in 3 days. Their app is very good, and each time they got to the scene of the blown tyre, dead battery and stressed out me in under an hour.

Good old Nige (my dad) for flying the Fox fam out to NYC this weekend. We’re in Philadelphia and New York so send me any recommendations!


New York, Thanksgiving


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