The Time Hotel, New York

Choosing a hotel in New York is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. There’s just so much to consider in terms of location, board basis, appearance and of course cost, not to mention the sheer volume of options available. Personally, I’d always choose to stay in Midtown, right in the heart of Manhattan because for tourists and city visitors wanting to get as much as possible out of a trip, you can’t really beat it. After about three days searching, reading reviews, researching on social media and comparing options we decided on The Time.

The Time Hotel, New York

I think I knew I wanted to stay there the moment I set eyes on it, and with every new option I looked at I kept coming back to it, even with cheaper options available. Some of the older hotels in New York are pretty dated, and this really stuck out to me for being in such a good spot, but also appearing very modern and pretty cool too.

The Time, New York – Location

As the name might suggest, The Time is located not far at all from Times Square. Don’t immediately discount it at this bit of info though, as even though many would run for the hills at the thought of staying so close to the tourist hell trap that is Times Square, it actually turned out to be pretty perfect for everything we needed.

The Time Hotel, New York

The Time can be found in the heart of the Theatre District, between world famous Broadway, and 8th Avenue on West 49th Street. It’s not right on Times Square, so the noise and bright lights won’t reach you which is great. There aren’t swarms of people carrying you unwillingly in all directions, but the popular theatre district means it’s in a busy spot, safe, and within easy walking distance of some of the best sights of Midtown New York.

Within ten minutes you can find yourself at Columbus Square at the corner of Central Park, Times Square, Broadway, 6th Avenue including the Rockefeller Centre, Radio City and the fountains, 5th Avenue and Bryant Park. Subway stops are also within a few minutes walk away, giving you easy access to the rest of New York City.

The Time Hotel, New York

Personally, I prefer to walk as much as possible, especially for most of the day. There’s something seriously special about stepping out of the hotel and out onto Broadway, with bright lights and flashing adverts for anything and everything, everywhere you look.

Being close to the subway becomes a life saver at the end of the day when you’re in a neighbourhood much further away, downtown or even Brooklyn, and your feet can’t carry you any further.

From the moment you arrive you’re in the heart of New York, and for first time visitors or returning tourists which we basically were, The Time offers everything right at your fingertips.

The Time Hotel, New York

Welcome to The Time

Pulling up outside The Time is a typical New York building, with a beautiful looking front, and concierge just as you step inside. From that point on is where The Time really stood out to me as being just that bit different to other hotels I’ve stayed at.

The Time Hotel, New York

It’s very modern, with black walls, glass lifts that take you to reception, and quirky art deco pieces on display. Taking the lift up to reception you emerge in a much brighter, airy space, again very modern and with a fabulous moving clock behind the check in desk made from tiny little clocks. I’m so gutted I didn’t get a photo of it.

Check in was very quick and painless, but I did notice that unlike any hotel I’ve ever stayed at in America, we were left to take our own cases and luggage up to our room. It saved us a tip, but it isn’t usual in my opinion for this to be the case.

The Time Hotel, New York

A Double Room at The Time New York

I expected our room to be small, as all standard New York hotel rooms are, but I was a little surprised at just how small. If you’re browsing the site be careful to take a proper look at the room you book, as naturally they showcase their very best on the website home page. Their photographers do a great job of making rooms appear bigger than they are!

I wasn’t disappointed, as it very quickly felt like we really were living like New Yorkers for a few days, maximising the space available to us, with a view of skyscrapers everywhere you look out the window.

The Time Hotel, New York

What it lacked in size it made up for in character, sticking with the black walls, and modern furniture it was very cool. It’s amazing how much they can actually fit in to a small space, and how they get around the problem. It was exactly what I’d expect to find on a Pinterest board for ‘how to make the most of small living spaces’.

The giant round mirror was my favourite bit of the room, as well as the industrial style lights. The mirror had a TV inside it, and every morning we woke up to Good Morning America, broadcast from a stones throw away down the road at Times Square.

The Time Hotel, New York

The black and white bathroom again was modern, cute and came with a full range of toiletries, towels and robes.

While the city that never sleeps was out in full force every night, it didn’t stop us getting a full nights sleep. I didn’t notice any noise at all, and the black out blinds were amazing.

Every morning I opened them and had to stick my head right up to the window to look up and see the weather. It’s just so exciting waking up in a city like that.

The Time Hotel, New York

Bars and Restaurants at The Time

There are two bars available for a quick drink, catch up, or lingering cocktail depending on what takes your fancy. The first is accessible from the reception on the first floor, and is called Legrande.

My personal favourite was Seraphina which is both a bar and restaurant. We sat and enjoyed cocktails and G&T’s here before venturing out in the evening, as it’s a great spot to sit at the bar, or on one of the high tables by the window watching the world rush by outside.

It wasn’t any more expensive than other bars in Manhattan, and like they always are the bar staff are friendly and happy to chat on to you about your visit to NYC.

The Time Hotel, New York

The restaurant always looked packed, and they have full menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, as well as an extensive and strong cocktail menu. We didn’t actually eat here, as I had just so many places I wanted to try all over the city, but after we saw the breakfast being served on our last morning I probably would like to eat there in future.

It’s a classy gem tucked away among the Irish bars and in your face places usually found in the theatre district.

The Time Hotel, New York

A big perk especially if you’re visiting from the UK is the coffee bar, which is open from 7am. I’ve previously discussed how you can’t miss out on New York brunches here, but if you’re up early and need some fuel for sightseeing then it’s the perfect place to grab your first coffee of the day.

The Time Hotel, New York

While you spend hardly any time in your hotel room when visiting somewhere like New York, it’s still really important in a hard going city that will tire you out day after day, that the time you do spend is comfortable and enjoyable. I grew to absolutely love our little box room, and wouldn’t hesitate to book up to stay there again.

I loved the entire feel of the hotel, it wasn’t touristy or basic in the slightest, it was cool, modern and made you wonder who else might be staying there in some of the more luxurious suites and the incredible looking penthouse.

The Time Hotel, New York

It isn’t cheap, and I know people will ask me if it was worth the money for such a small space. I’d 100% stay there again and yes absolutely. If anything I’d consider spending a bit more for an upgrade, or I’d be checking for any offers or deals. Of all the hotels I’ve stayed in when visiting New York, I loved this one the most and I’m so glad I chose it over a bigger but more dated room. It became like a mini apartment for a few days.

I just wish I’d taken more photos, but in a city like New York your time spent in the hotel is for relaxing, and resting your aching feet.

Tips for your first time in New York

Other amenities:

Free wifi

Full concierge services

24 hour fitness centre

Conference facilities

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The Time Hotel, New York
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