Things I’m Loving This Week 22nd – 28th November

The biggest news this week I think for all of us is being shoved in Tier 3 when lockdown ends, and although I have really tried to have a positive outlook as much as possible this year I’m gutted about it. I love the build up to Christmas and being in all the festive bars, sampling the Christmas cocktails and in general the whole atmosphere. Tier 3 has ruined that entirely. I’m praying we get out of it on the 16th but I can’t see it happening.

Things I’m loving 28th November

I am obviously pleased we will be able to see close family over the five days of Christmas week, and that the shops are reopening this week. I’m so excited to be able to go inside my parents house!

I’ve done as much shopping as possible online but there’s a few bits I need and I also just love being in Fenwicks food hall in general. So the tier 3 dark cloud is looming above everything that I have enjoyed this week.

Starting with Raby Castle last weekend, we finally got there after a few weeks of bad weather that put us off, and we got a bright sunny autumn Sunday. It was so nice to be walking somewhere new, it was beautiful and I loved seeing all the deer and stags. 

After a walk around the main castle we got a hot chocolate and went through the walled gardens. It was the perfect Sunday and if you’re interested in visiting then read more on my Raby Castle blog here. I imagine it’s just as beautiful in winter if you get a frosty day. 

A Day Out To Raby Castle

As has been the case recently it’s been a quiet week through the week, although I did have a lovely walk out with Hannah & Aurora on Wednesday. We got hot chocolates from Tynemouth and wandered around the coast. It was nice to see someone other than Kieran for a change. 

I tried out the bottled takeaway cocktails available from Mother Mercy this week (I was gifted a bottle from them), and I really enjoyed the one I had called Run for the Sun. It was a fizzy lychee and jasmine creation but it wasn’t too sweet I loved it. 

I’m going to order more because it was so nice and I got at least 8 glasses out of the bottle. If you usually pay say £8 per cocktail and a bottle of this is £19 then I think it’s excellent value.

It was Thanksgiving in America this week and it made me reminisce on a past trip to Philadelphia for it a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed the festivities and seeing the city. As much as I missed travel in the summer and a summer holiday, I actually think it’s worse in winter. I love a winter city break and I’m getting so many flashbacks and time hops I really miss going somewhere new. 

Black Friday has obviously been quite a big feature of this week and for once I’ve enjoyed it. I usually spend my money on discounted trains, flights or hotels but without those this year I’ve enjoyed some of the genuinely good deals on products I use a lot. I shared all of my favourite ones in this post through the week, many are still valid until tomorrow so have a look.  

Yesterday the temperature dropped significantly and it was a bright morning so we went up to the Quayside for a walk. We had to be so wrapped up as it was bloody freezing, but a really lovely way to spend the morning. Some of the best views in Newcastle along there. I miss being out amongst it at this time of year.

After our walk we went to the garden centre at Gosforth, before coming home to watch an afternoon of football and Last Christmas on the tv. I felt very festive yesterday actually, I’m glad we’ve got the tree up early. 

Today is Arthur’s birthday, which is making me rather emotional. I’ve turned into one of those obsessed dog mams, but honestly as much as he’s crazy wild and a total handful he’s saved my life and sanity this year. 

Before Covid I was constantly on the go and then everything just ground to a halt. I don’t struggle spending time in my own company at all, most of the travel I did was on my own. But it’s very different being stuck at home on your own all day with nowhere to go. Suddenly that’s all I do. 

Things I’m loving 28th November

Towards the end of summer it felt like more and more people were back in offices, the weather changed, and it got pretty lonely. Arthur has been there every minute. I think there have been less than five days where I’ve not been with him all year.

He has forced me to get up and out of bed every day, to go for a walk each afternoon which always makes you feel better, and given me so many laughs. When I’ve cried he shoves his face into mine so I laugh and when he’s tired all he wants is cuddles while he snores louder than a blender with rocks in.

Things I’m loving 28th November

His distaste for the black horse on the Lloyds advert was nothing compared to how he feels about the meerkat advert, and every night from 20 past 5 he sits at the door waiting for Kieran to come home. This year has been so tough but if it wasn’t for him it would have been a lot tougher. 

Will leave it there before I start crying again. Hope this week is better for everyone as a few places reopen again and we can meet more people outside. 

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