Things I’m Loving This Week – 12th-19th july

Captain Tom Moore was knighted by the Queen this week, Jose Mourinho got his first win at St James Park, NASA annoyed everyone with a new start sign, and the schools finished for summer, but here’s the things I’ve been loving this week. Not one of them is anywhere near as exciting, I’ll just warn you.

Tynemouth front street

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I haven’t been back to town shopping since I first went the week it all reopened, but I did go to Silverlink and had a browse of H&M. I’m loving their summer clothes this year, and the jewellery. I got a pair of earrings that were so cheap and similar to a pair I had my eye on for £85 so that was a bargain. I’ve also really needed a little backpack for walking the dog and when we go to the Lakes in September. I got this black one, but I loved the pink ones. I went for the practical option.

Through lockdown we had more bottles of Oyster Bay Sauvignon than I care to admit, and we wanted something a bit different. So many people have recommended the Aldi version called Freeman’s Bay. We live 5 minutes from an Aldi and have never been in but we did this week and got the wine as well as a few other bits. I think I might be converted for some things it is a lot cheaper, and the wine was lovely so I’ll be going back for that again too. 

Our local pub announced this week that it is soon reopening and I am so happy. Just a 2 minute walk from home I have really missed our Thursday and Friday night walk over with Arthur. We’ve got ourselves a table booked for next Friday and I can’t wait. 

Tyne Bridge Newcastle

The week that it was announced we could drive to go for a walk rather than just locally at home Kieran and I went up to Newcastle quayside and around the city centre. We hated it, it was really sad seeing it deserted and everywhere closed up. It looked nothing like the city we know and love, but this week we’ve been for a walk and a few drinks on Friday night and I’m so pleased to see it back to life. Feels like home again albeit a bit different.

I had my first bar made espresso martini at Motel One courtyard on Friday (it was gifted), and it was amazing. If you followed my home made cocktail journey on Instagram through lockdown you will know how happy I was at this!

The current need to book tables everywhere is literally my dream, I love being organised and all of a sudden we have quite a busy diary through the next couple of months. I can’t wait either and I hope table service everywhere is here to stay for a long time, it makes life a lot easier.

Allards Tynemouth

Proven doughnuts at Hoult’s Yard are a real treat and they’re open Friday to sunday now. I went on Friday for opening and the queue was huge even fifteen minutes before they opened. I got the Homer and a jam filled sugar one, they are so good. 

Proven doughnuts

I brought back virtual travel again this weekend over on my instagram and Vegas won the poll. I had to dig out my old photos and I have loved going through them. They were some of the best holidays I’ve had with the girls. Have a look at them on my Instagram here.

That’s it for this week, let’s see what the coming one brings..

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