Things I’m Loving This Week & Happy Mother’s Day

This post seems a bit redundant this week. With International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day at the start and end of a week that has been frankly horrific for women, it’s quite depressing. However I started this weekly post mid lockdown, mid uncertainty of what would happen, as a way to find the positives when life was a bit shit. So I’m going with that mentality this week too. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week.

Last Sunday we were up early so went for a walk through Ouseburn. It’s a short drive from where we live and it was nice to be somewhere a bit different, although it was so cold on the quayside. I think we definitely found ourselves in a false sense of spring security as this week has been awful, but it was nice to get a coffee from Di Meo’s and have a walk.

International Women’s Day on Monday, despite wider conversations on the internet and events going on in the world was still a really positive day. I always love seeing the success stories, women championing other women, and people doing so well in whatever they’re doing. It’s just so nice to see that positivity.

Deliveries always make my week and I’ve had a bit of a shopping spree this week, as it’s been so long since I wore anything other than leggings. I’ve bought myself some spring jackets, a gorgeous cream cardigan and a new pair of trainers. I can’t wait to get back to dressing properly and having places to go again.

I have enjoyed some good TV this week, and no I don’t mean THAT interview. I started watching Your Honor on Sky which was quite dark and gripping, but really good I enjoyed it. It’s probably not one to watch if you’re needing a pick me up though, as it’s quite harrowing and sad in parts – but a good watch all the same and Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) is very good in it.

I’ve also started The Bold Type on Netflix, which I love. Three best girl friends navigating life while working in a women’s magazine in New York. It’s everything you want from a modern Gossip Girl, Sex & The City, light hearted vibe and I’m loving it. Kieran would hate it so it’s my solo watch with a glass of wine and half an Easter egg!

I have been working on a blog post around unique Air BnB’s in Northumberland for quite some time, but I finally finished it this week. After asking people on my instagram stories what their plans are for holidays this summer, I was actually quite surprised how many are still staying local. So it made sense to tie in with that and I went for Air BnB’s that have weekend availability at some point, or multiple points from May – September.

Some of the places are gorgeous, I’d love to book one myself but I’m actually struggling with free weekends. So many plans are being made or rearranged last year. It has been a long time since my diary looked like that and I miss it! If you’re looking for a Northumberland break check that post out and let me know if you book any.

I’m part way through working my notice at the moment, and a real positive for me this week has been how many messages of support and well wishes I’ve had from people I work with. I shared it on LinkedIn as recruitment is underway for my role, which has been combined with another for DFDS going forward. You can find it on LinkedIn, but I’m really seeing some great creative roles emerging in the North East at the moment.

Considering the job I do and the areas in which I work are so new, it’s great to see how prominent they are becoming. Kieran even said to me this week he remembers when I put myself through a further qualification after uni to help me along, and he had no clue why I was doing it at the time. A lot has changed in 5 years and this week I’m so glad I made the career change – it’s never too late.

If anyone still needs further evidence of the power of social media they only need to look at the outpouring of support for Sarah Everard this week. This story and horrific crime has really upset me, along with every woman I know and I couldn’t keep all my thoughts and feelings to myself on it so I shared this post yesterday. It summarises how I have been feeling, but I haven’t lost sight of the heart of it all which is that poor woman has lost her life and a family have been forever altered because of it.

Simply awful.

Mother’s Day therefore feels a bit different this year, not just for that reason but because it also marks almost a year of Covid and greater distances between our loved ones during that time. As well as it being Mother’s Day today it is also Viv’s birthday, so I went to drop our gifts off and see her on the doorstep this morning. I’m really hoping this is one of the last occasions we won’t be able to celebrate properly.

On that note I’m going to leave you with an illustration from Murphy & Me, she’s one of the local businesses I mentioned in my post earlier this year worth supporting. Her Mother’s Day graphics have gone viral, and with very good reason. Take a look…

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday and Mother’s Day, and hope you have a great week.


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