Things I’m Loving This week 14th – 21st March

Well it’s been a busy week, so much so that there were no new blogs this week. I’ve got plenty half written ones but just haven’t had the time to finish any so hopefully they’ll be out later this week. The week obviously started with Mother’s Day last Sunday, and it was also Viv’s birthday on the same day. We went for a doorstep visit armed with presents and it was nice to catch up for a bit. I really hope that’s the last occasion we have to all be apart, at least by Easter weekend we can be in gardens again.

On Monday after a week of crappy weather when I finished work I took Arthur for a walk around Whitley Bay. I’d been craving a Di Meo’s ice cream so got one of them and had a walk around Spanish City, along to Cullercoats and back. I’m so glad the evenings are getting lighter it makes all the difference to everyone’s mood.

Then the week went on to be dominated by two things – Cheltenham and Arthur’s op. Kieran had some time off for Cheltenham, so we’ve kind of had a week of drinking and takeaways. I’ve been so good for ages that it was nice not to feel guilty when the pizzas, fish and chips and McDonald’s landed on my plate. I don’t feel guilty but I am back on it from this week so I don’t undo all the hard work I’ve done since January.

Arthur’s op was on Thursday, just a routine neuter and some teeth out but with being a pug we have to be careful with his breathing and anaesthetic. I was a lot more anxious about it than I probably needed to be but still, it kept me awake all week and I hated dropping him off. Everything went absolutely fine thank god and aside from feeling very sorry for himself for a few days he’s all good. My favourite part of the week was bringing him home again.

TV wise I finished The Bold Type – loved it and hope the new season is out soon. I started Behind Her Eyes but to be honest I couldn’t get into it, so found myself going back to an old favourite – Grey’s Anatomy. I was obsessed with it years ago, but stopped watching around Season 12 when I didn’t have as much time on my hands to keep up with it. So I’m starting from there again. Also I’m very excited for the return of Line of Duty tonight.

Pay day came around on Friday, so I was in Asda by 7am, and I’ve put a good few orders in across ASOS and H&M the last couple of days. After a year of leggings I’m fully updating my spring wardrobe, and I’ve got quite a lot so praying it all fits. I have so many tables booked for after 12th April that I had a bit of a panic what I’d wear to go out again once we can emerge into the world.

If you’re looking to book somewhere my post on bars and pubs with outdoor spaces has a lot of suggestions.

Yesterday Kieran and I did the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk for both of my little Nana’s. I never do fundraisers and I’m no runner but I thought I’d put all the walking I’ve been doing to good use and raise some money. We did ten miles right along the coast, stopping at Allards for some takeaway food, and back again.

It was a beautiful spring day for it. I was knackered by the end and my feet are killing today but I’m so glad I did it. If you’d like to donate to Alzheimer’s here is my Just Giving page – thank you to everyone who has so far.

So today it’s a pretty chilled one, Arthur can’t walk very far while he recovers so I think we will watch some more Grey’s, and I’m making a Sunday dinner tonight before Line of Duty.

Have a great week!


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