The Travel Hack Backpack & Tote Bag – Stylish Affordable Luggage For Any Trip

With the relaxation of travel rules and testing, more people are beginning to consider trips abroad this year. And even if you aren’t quite ready to fly, I’m sure many of us are deciding on other trips for the year in the UK – staycations, glamping, caravan holidays, and city breaks. Now might be a great time to invest in some new luggage, and The Travel Hack Backpack and Tote Bag need to be on your radar.

Disclaimer: I bought the Travel Hack Backpack myself in early 2020, but have recently been gifted the new Travel Hack Tote Bag. 

Pre 2020, I had been travelling multiple times a month to various locations in Europe, with a carry on wheelie suitcase and a handbag. I became very good at packing light, and had a habit of where I kept everything. But I still found myself zipping and unzipping my case, rummaging around for travel documents, and struggling with having everything all over the place.

The Travel Hack luggage has been the answer to this, and much more over the past couple of years for day trips and UK breaks.

The Travel Hack Back Pack

When the Travel Hack first released the backpack, I was intrigued. A piece of luggage designed by a travel blogger, that promised to have everything you could possibly want, even features you didn’t know you wanted. I’ve always been a handbag over a backpack type person, so I didn’t invest straight away, but when we got Arthur I very quickly realised I needed a bag that kept both hands and arms free.

We were taking him out for walks and it was such a hassle clinging on to him on his lead, carrying all his and my stuff I just didn’t have enough hands. With travel no longer on the cards in 2020, we were planning days out, picnics, and UK trips so I decided that then was the time to buy the backpack. I don’t have kids but I imagine it would be useful for days out with them too.

I loved it instantly. My first thought when it was arrived was how good the quality of the material is. I think a lot of people will have an impression of products made my influencers, where their names are slapped on something they’ve had no real involvement in (the Zoella/Boots advent calendar springs to mind). 

I know for a fact how involved Monica from the Travel Hack was with the design, and when you open the backpack and see all the features and layout of the bag for yourself you really do see the travel blogger influence in a very positive way. 

For people who travel often, you want everything you need at your fingertips and easily accessible so you’re not the one packing and repacking your bag in public at the airport at security or passport control. Nobody wants to be that person.

The backpack has the main compartment, with plenty padding but still a lot of room both in height and depth for shoes, clothes, straighteners – I can fit it all in there. The front of the bag that unzips has three netted sections, ideal for smaller items that you either want to keep safe or that always get lost – chargers, jewellery, travel toiletries, chargers, wires, AirPods etc.

At the back you’ll find a big zip that reveals a laptop/iPad compartment, fitting devices up to 13’ and this is one of my most used and most useful features. It’s safe, discreet and gives full protection for your device. The side pockets are great for water bottles and either stretch or zip open to allow them to fit.

There are two final pockets, both zippable on the front of the bag, and on the very top. I’ve barely used the front one but the one at the top is very handy. Ideal for your keys, passport, purse and phone, all within very quick grasp without even needing to open the main bag.

Since then I’ve used the Travel Hack backpack more times than I can count, and for a range of different uses. As well as nights or weekends away where it can be used on it’s own as luggage, I’ve used it for days out, and general pottering around too.

It was so useful for places like the Lake District when you can be out walking for most of the day, glamping where you might be limited on space but it keeps you organised, and going anywhere for a long period of time with a dog where you might need to take more with you.

I’ve not yet used it for an abroad trip, but hopefully that will change this year, however one of it’s key features is the size fits even Ryanair dimensions for underseat hand luggage. They’re notorious for being difficult so it’s good peace of mind! I’d use it as my hand luggage, and have a handbag too as it would easily fit inside if needed.

The Travel Hack Tote Bag

If backpacks aren’t for you and you prefer a shoulder bag, the Travel Hack Tote bag is the newest in the luggage collection and gives the perfect alternative. Being a different style of bag it’s set up differently to the backpack, but it still has all of the unique handy pockets for items that the backpack has.

My first impressions of it were how big it was, but again it fits under airline seats and is really handy. I’ve used it for travel about over Christmas, and actually found that the bigger size is a lot more useful for me in the winter with my chunky boots, and toiletries. I can fit loads in it!

The best thing about the backpack is just knowing exactly where all your things are, so you can reach and get to them without unpacking the whole bag. Despite being tote style, the internal pockets still allow for that convenience.

There’s a hair straightener pocket, other pockets for chargers and electronic accessories, ipad/laptop/kindle storage and external pockets for all of your travel documents. There’s also a hidden pocket on the side for valuables like your phone or wallet. 

Again the material is really high quality, and although when I fill this bag it’s significantly heavier, it doesn’t cut in or hurt your shoulders. It can sit nicely on top of your wheelie carry on too, with a pocket on the back where you can fit the bag over the handle. A really good choice of luggage and like the backpack it comes with an ID card holder.

All Travel Hack luggage has been designed by the Travel Hack with travellers in mind, in collaboration with Cabin Max, ensuring the quality and durability you need for luggage. The black exterior is ideal for hiding the natural scuffs and marks you always pick up when travelling, mine look good as new despite being chucked around all the time, but the rose gold trim and pink interior just make them so pretty. 

I honestly couldn’t choose a bag based on their features alone, as they both come with everything you need. If you’re torn between the two I think it comes down to what you prefer style wise, and how you prefer to carry your luggage. 

Both the Travel Hack backpack, the Travel Hack tote bag and the cabin bag are available to buy from Amazon here. If you want to read more about them straight from the creator then have a read on the Travel Hack website here.

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