The 10 Products I Used Most During A UK Summer

Like everyone I had big travel plans for last year that didn’t happen. This year may see the reopening of worldwide travel, (hopefully!) but for many I think another year of British holidaying is on the cards. Or perhaps even just continuing to stay home and hopefully get the weather for time in the garden. Here’s the products I found the most useful during a UK summer – both for travel – glamping trips, road trips, a week in the Lakes and staying home. 

10 Products Used Most In UK Summer

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I did share an ultimate packing guide for Uk staycations last summer, but not everything is relevant or even affordable. I certainly don’t have everything on that list. These are things I really couldn’t have done without, so it’s stuff worth investing in if you haven’t already

A Mask on a Keyring

Just going to get this one out the way early on, as hopefully we wont need these for too much longer! How many times have you got somewhere and realised you didnt have a mask on you? I found the keyring mask from Everywhere MSK a total game changer when I went on my road trip to the Scottish Borders, and especially every time you go to a petrol station.


A proper waterproof

Such an obvious one for England even in peak summer, but so many times I’ve cut cost by getting something that’s only ‘showerproof’ – have a read of my festival mistakes from a first timer post from years ago for an example! For a week in the Lake District it was never going to be enough so before our holiday there in September I got a proper North Face one. Best investment ever – windproof as well as waterproof.

The Travel Hack Backpack

Monica from The Travel Hack released her own range of luggage a couple of years ago after being able to design the perfect hand luggage, rucksack and packing cubes. After years of travel she just knew what was missing from all other luggage types.

I bought the Travel Hack backpack last year for our days out, picnics, Lake District and glamping trips. It is my favourite on this list it’s so useful. It has compartments for everything including laptop or iPad, keys, a water bottle, pockets for small items – it’s basically designed to fit absolutely loads in but have it all really easily accessible so you aren’t rooting around like you do in normal backpacks. 

And it’s prettier than most!

Lo ving this week September

Picnic Hamper 

I bought the Andes picnic hamper very early on in lockdown when it became clear we were in for a UK summer, and most socialising would be done outside. I’ve done a full review of the one I got here. We got so much use out of it as it comes with all the cutlery, utensils and cool bags you could possibly need for a Prosecco filled picnic. It’s much better being able to use proper glassware and cutlery than flimsy plastic stuff.

It was also great to take with us when we went glamping to Hill Top Huts.

Andes Camping picnic hamper


It took me a while to get onboard with these as I just didn’t think I suited them, but last summer converted me and I lived in them pretty much daily. They’re just so comfortable and great for walking distances or just chucking on to walk the dog. I did the full walk from Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle in mine and they were brilliant.

I saw Office have started getting them in again for this year, I might invest in another colour.

Portable Charger

An investment at any time for me never mind during lockdown when you might think I wouldn’t need one. As someone who uses my phone for pretty much everything in my life, my portable charger was great on days out, glamping trips and for when we could go further afield travel wise.

I use this Anker one here that gives up to five charges, and I swear it charges faster than any mains socket.

H&M Hoodies

I think we’ve all got a LOT of use out of our loungewear over the last year, I know I’ve lived in leggings and hoodies, my favourites being the H&M basics ones that come in all sorts of colours. They’re great for all weathers in the UK either on their own or as an extra layer.

They fit true to size but I prefer to size up.

10 Products Used Most In UK Summer

Picnic Rug & Camping Chairs

All those days out, walks on the beach or in the park, and even just sitting in someone’s garden, were made much more comfortable with a rug to sit on or a camping chair with handy drink holder. The rug I got was more decorative than practical but it was fine on dry days.

Andes Camping picnic hamper

Cocktail shaker set

This one is less so for going out and about places, but it’s something I used nearly every weekend (and midweek if I’m honest), as I got much better at making cocktails while the bars were all shut. Investing in a proper one really made a difference. I shared a full post on everything you need for a home bar as one of my Blogmas posts – have a read of it here.

I really hope this year we do get abroad, but when I did a poll on instagram stories last week there were definitely more people choosing to stay at home again. Make sure you’re prepared for a UK summer again regardless! What couldn’t you do without?

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