Things I’m Loving This Week 28th Feb – 7th March

There is just something very calming about the first of the month landing on a Monday isn’t there? It makes life feel just that little bit more organised and that’s definitely how I’ve felt this past week. That and despite actually seeing snow fall one day this week it does feel more like spring – hence the imagery in this post. Spring in Amsterdam – if only! Here’s what I’ve been loving from the first week in March.

So I mentioned last week how I’d had a pretty rough week the week before, and it basically just involved a lot of life sorting. Things were up in the air not finalised, and I can now share that this basically came down to the fact that I have a new job.

For anyone new around here my current full time job is a social media manager for a travel company, a job I love and have been lucky enough to spend the last five years doing with some great people. This past year things obviously changed for everyone, but even aside from Covid I just felt ready for a change, or the next step. 

Now that it’s all been confirmed and communicated properly at work, I can share that I handed in my notice a couple of weeks ago after being offered an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. So I’m currently working my notice to the end of March. I’ve had some lovely messages from a lot of people including colleagues over the past week and they’re so appreciated – so thank you.

5.5 years at DFDS

I love working in social media in the capacity that I do for brands as it’s just a whole other kettle of fish than doing it for a blog. I do have a post in my drafts on how to get into a career in social media as it’s something I’m asked a lot, which I’ll hopefully be sharing soon. 

So this has been going on in the background as well as trying to find somewhere to move to, and rearranging every event postponed from last year to this year. I’m out the other side of that mad week and a lot happier for it. 

We’ve finalised two hen dos and group trips which was a bit crazy, the demand was so high we were actually 5000th in the list for one place, but I can’t wait for what we’ve ended up booking. I’ve also managed to secure myself a few tables outside for bars in Newcastle in April – can’t wait to get back to Beach Box!

Things To Do In March & The Start Of SpringPIN IT

I got back to walking again in preparation for the Alzheimers memory walk later this month, and it’s nice to see the signs of spring popping up everywhere. At the start of the week I shared my monthly things to, so you can find the March list of over 40 things here.

Another two blogs went up this week including all the places I was recommended for dried flowers when I did a call out on Instagram earlier this year. My beautiful chrome bouquet is from one of them and looks gorgeous.

8 Florists I Was Recommended For Dried FlowersPIN IT

Netflix has barely been on this week as I’ve been so busy with life admin, but when it comes to tv I’m thrilled that Gogglebox is back on a Friday night. We’ve also watched the latest Chernobyl documentary with Ben Fogle, and last night we watched Leo’s Oscar winning performance in The Revenant. It was intense! 

Yesterday I shared the ten products I used most during a summer in the Uk last year. Everything on that list I couldn’t have done without so if you are doing Uk trips this year again then take a look. It got me excited to finally be able to plan things outside of the four walls we’ve been stuck inside for so long.

10 Products Used Most In UK SummerPIN IT

As you might have seen I’ve been quite big on making a big deal of our weekend breakfasts, and yesterday we got a takeaway Kith & Kin. We went for the shakshuka and the French toast – our standard order and it was delicious as ever. Really looking forward to being back inside cafes like that again. 

 Today we are off for a walk this morning, then will be watching the football this afternoon. Don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day next Sunday – take a look at my gift guide if you still need some inspiration.

Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week! 

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