8 Florists I was Recommended For Dried Flowers

Back at the very end of January when all the Christmas decorations were down and the place felt a bit bare, I put a post on Instagram asking for recommendations on where to get dried flowers. I must have spent a fortune on fresh ones over the past year, as they really do brighten the place up, but I love the beautiful dried bunches we are seeing more of. I was given a lot of suggestions so thought I’d share all the florists I was recommended, including the ones I went with.

8 Florists I Was Recommended For Dried Flowers

The obvious benefits of dried flowers are that they’re easy, you can’t kill them and you don’t need to remember to water them. They’re perfect if you have allergies or suffer from hay fever, and you can also choose colours to fit with your decor and style. What’s not to love?

It took me a while to decide where to get mine from, mainly because every vase I could find seemed to be sold out everywhere. I had one or two in my basket a couple of times, but delivery time was either mid March, or the cost of shipping from other countries was extortionate. H&M sell out within seconds of releasing products, so I had to hang fire a while.

I eventually got one from Argos online and collected it from Sainsbury’s, it wasn’t as big as I’d have liked but we have limited space with all the decorative bits I keep buying so it probably worked out for the best in the end. Once I got the vase, I just needed some dried flowers to go in it. Here’s the 8 places I was recommended.

Heath & Stem

One of my best friends recommended this one, after using them herself and loving the results. Based in Essex they do UK wide shipping with a 5 day lead time on orders. Take a look at them on Instagram, or the Heath & Stem website here.

Under The Ivy Flowers

Rebecca is the florist behind Under The Ivy Flowers, so she does all sorts of occasions using both real and dried flowers. Her instagram feed is so colourful using so many different varieties, and she does customise-able wreaths too. Give her a follow and find more on instagram – she’s a local North East girl too.


Pins Petals & Powder

Another North East florist, Vicki calls her dried flower bouquets ‘Everlasting Bouquet’s’ which I just love. They’re absolutely beautiful too. You can get mini ones for £5 but the full size are £30 which seems to be the going price for most I’ve looked at. Currently shes promoting Mother’s Day bouquets, and these gorgeous spring wreath kits. Follow her on instagram here, or visit the web shop here.

Pampas & Blush

Based in Hertfordshire but shipping UK wide, Pampas & Blush really caught my attention on their instagram feed, and with the colour palette of the dried bouquets they offer. I ended up ordering from Pampas & Blush, choosing the chrome ‘Delilah’ bouquet. I also really loved ‘Wild Rainbow’ which I’m going to get next for my work desk. I ordered at the start of this week and they arrived yesterday, beautifully packaged and are now pride of place on our cabinet in the living room.

Visit the Pampas & Blush website for the full collection, availability and to order here.


More beautiful dried flower creations and arrangements from Lisibloom, who also ship UK wide. I adore her instagram with some really creative ways of displaying them. I especially love the ones made into cards aren’t they gorgeous?

She has some really informative instagram highlights on her profile so take a look to find out what you can expect from your order.


Offering wild, seasonal dried flowers, Bloomhead creations are a bit more ‘wild’ than the others with some very unique bouquets. They also do crowns for weddings, lampshades and normal flower bouquets too. Take a look on their instagram.

Muscari Events

Although this is an events instagram, you can see exactly how she uses dried flowers and the creative ways in which she displays them. And she’s based in Hoult’s Yard in Newcastle, so take a look on the Muscari website for more information and photos.

Fauna Flower Folk

These guys are based in Aberdeen and I found them because I follow and frequently purchase from Our Lovely Goods, who they did a collaboration with. They did mini dried flower bouquets for £12 which are gorgeous, and I’m hoping they do more again soon.

One of these gorgeous and unique florists is sure to tickle you dried flower fancy, I know I’d have so many different colours and sizes if I had the space. I’m really chuffed with my Pampas & Blush ones I’d definitely order from them again, but I’m hoping to go for a more local one next time.

Have you got a personal favourite dried flower florist I haven’t mentioned? Let me know!

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