10 of the Best Replies when I Say I work in Social Media

Working in social media is a full time job that simply didn’t exist not long ago, and it’s one that people either totally get and understand, or really very much don’t. In a time when anyone and everyone thinks they can be an expert just by having a profile here and there, here’s my ten favourite replies when I tell people what I do for a living.

‘Social Media?! You sit on Facebook and Twitter all day how meaningful’ – usually said with rolling eyes and a look of disdain.

Wrong. Wish I did though. And I bet I still enjoy my job more than most. Relax.

 ‘Shall I do a hashtag for this?’

You don’t just stick a hashtag on anything because it’s social media, and if used wrong can actually make you look pretty clueless. They also aren’t to be laughed at, when used correctly they’re one of the most powerful little things.

Hashtags should be used for reach, or collating content, and that is all. Not because it looks cute.

‘Oh so you like, make memes?’

No. I do love memes though. Brand memes are one of the hardest things to create, and are probably way too niche to ever work.

They work best as human responses to situations, every day life, large scale events, or TV programs. Don’t be a try hard with them.

GIF’s however, anyone can do.

‘I hate social media, Facebook made my boyfriend cheat’

No it didn’t your dick head boyfriend made himself cheat.

 ‘Tell me how to make that go viral..?’

Probably the hardest thing possible to do on social media, and I actually don’t think it’s always beneficial. Yes you may get instant recognition and a surge in followers/engagement, but how many of them will stick around and actually be interested in you afterwards?

Going viral naturally requires a very unique set of circumstances, perfect timing, getting there first, originality, and sharing something the masses care about. Good luck trying to ‘make’ anything to do that. Instead focus on building an experience you want to become known for. Go for longevity.

Should I use influencers’

If you have to ask probably not. This one needs a whole other post to tackle. And please don’t use the word ‘influencers’ it’s cringe.

‘I’ll just put it on Facebook’

My biggest pet hate is a lack of thought for what you put out there. Social media isn’t a dumping ground. And if you do, you should expect crap results.

‘Can you make me instafamous?’

No. And what an awful phrase. Unless you’re a Kardashian launching a wellness blog featuring your half naked self posing with supplements to make you lose weight by shitting out your insides…nobody is going to be ‘instafamous’ overnight. Also, do you really want to be? Probs not.

‘How can I stop XYZ from seeing this without them knowing?’

Send me a DM with full info on why and what you’re up to and I’ll absolutely tell you 😉

‘If I screenshot this will they know?’

Love this one, and unless you’re taking screenshots on snapchat, no they won’t.

‘Take my photo I need a new prof pic…and make me look skinny’

Pass the camera.

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