Where to find Autumn colours in Amsterdam

Where To Find Autumn Colours In Amsterdam

Everywhere. Is the short answer. But if you're specifically looking for them after seeing Instagram feeds filled with them, then I've got a few in mind you will 'fall' head over heels for. Sorry - I hate it when British people say fall when it's clearly autumn, but there's not as many puns for that. I had an evening to myself in Amsterdam on Monday and have been shar[...]

Highlights of Keukenhof Gardens

Highlights from Keukenhof Gardens 2018

The Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Holland may be closed now for another year, but I wanted to share some of my photos from when I visit earlier this month. This was a work trip, so the majority of what I was doing there was for work, however I did manage to get some snaps of my favourite bits of the park. Hope you don't mind some tulip spam! read more[...]

The W Hotel Amsterdam

A Luxury Stay at The W Hotel Amsterdam

When we planned our luxury girls trip to Amsterdam we were firmly on the same wavelength when it came to staying somewhere good. We wanted to fully make the most of our hotel, probably more so than the city we went to. Having been to Amsterdam plenty of times, this suited me perfectly for a chilled out weekend after a lot of travel for work. We went with the W Amsterd[...]

Essentials for a luxury girls weekend in Amsterdam

Essentials for a Luxury Girls Weekend in Amsterdam

I’m currently sprawled out on a lounger in the Away Spa at the W hotel Amsterdam, feeling thoroughly relaxed and chilled out despite spending the past three-four days in one of the busiest cities in Europe. Before this trip with my lovely friend Danielle, I was less than enthusiastic about more travel after the past four weeks of it with work. This has turned into o[...]