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May Round up 2018

May Round Up 2018

May was a pretty eventful month from the off, and it seemed to go on forever. I'm not complaining, with two bank holidays and some seriously good weather mine's been filled with lots of eating, both out and BBQ's in the garden, days out and two trips, one to Amsterdam and another to Lithuania. Here's everything I got up to in May. read more[...]

Hangover cures

10 Student Hangover Cures I Wish Still Worked

I feel like the first day back to work after the Easter weekend is literally one of the crappiest days of the year, only beaten by the first day back in January. Breaking up for Easter bank holiday as an adult is like breaking up for a six week summer as a kid. That said, at this age we are well seasoned hangover sufferers. If hangovers were a person they would be a c[...]