Blogmas: A 2020 Christmas Quiz

So far I’ve had two Christmas Zoom calls since the announcement the North East is staying in Tier 3, and I have another couple planned in for this week. Pretty disappointed to find ourselves back here, and I’m feeling very sad for anyone in the south who has been sticking to rules and can’t now do what they planned this Christmas after the announcement yesterday. I’m sure we had all hoped zoom calls and quizzes were a thing of the past. That’s not the case though, and here we are again. In situations like this all we can do is try our hardest to make the best of it. Whether you’re having a zoom call with people you can’t physically see in person, or want a family quiz to do on Christmas Day after your turkey then here’s a 2020 Christmas quiz for you.

There are a total mix of rounds, starting with a Christmas round, there had to be a COVID one seen as it’s dominated the entire year, but it’s not all been about that. There’s been sport, TV, film, so there’s rounds for all of those, plus a Friends round as some of my friends love this and a Christmas song emoji round. Feel free to use any or all, and answers are at the end.

Good luck playing the 2020 Christmas Quiz!

Round 1 – Christmas 🎄 /24 Points

In what country did Christmas trees originate?

Over the 12 days of Christmas how many gifts did your true love give in total? 

In the 12 days of Christmas how many ladies are dancing?

What song is the only song to have reached Christmas Number 1 twice by the same band or artist? Not a cover.

Which Christmas film has a cameo appearance by Donald Trump?

Which ruling monarch gave the first Christmas Day speech?

What year was Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas released?

Name Santa’s 9 reindeer? Point for each

What is traditionally hidden in a Christmas pudding?

Which US president banned Christmas trees in the White House? 

Name the character in the Aldi Christmas ad?

Who sings on this years John Lewis advert?

What is the best selling Christmas song ever?

Gingerbread houses at Christmas are inspired by which fairytale?

What is the name of the department store in Miracle on 34th Street?

Where is the Queen spending Christmas this year? 

Amelia Clarke stars in which Christmas film?

Round 2 – Sport in 2020 ⚽️ /13 Points

Nadal won the French Open this year, taking his grand slam titles to how many?

What has recently been added as an Olympic sport for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris?

Who performed at the 2020 Super Bowl in Feb? Point for each

Who won the SuperBowl?

Who was the surprise guest at ringside for the Anthony Joshua fight last week?

How many points did Liverpool finish the season with when they won the league earlier this year?

Who won the 6 Nations this year?

This year Lewis Hamilton equalled who’s record for F1 titles?

Mike Dean reached a milestone of handing out how many yellow cards?

Who won the masters 2020?

Which former Man Utd player has recently been appointed as Derby Head Coach?

Which Premier League club were the first to see fans return in limited numbers in November?

Round 3 – Pop Culture 🎤 /12 POINTs

Who won male solo artist of the year at the Brits?

Kim Kardashian celebrated what milestone birthday this year?

Name 3 celebrities who have sadly passed away this year? Point for each.

Which famous couple were the first to announce they had Covid this year?

Jesy just announced that she has quit Little Mix, what year did they win X factor?

How old is David Attenborough?

What did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom name their little girl born this year?

Piers Morgan released a book this year, what is it called?

Who was announced this year to be the first person worth over 200 billion?

What company does he own?

Round 4 – TV &Film 🎬 /16 POINTs

Which film won Best Picture at the Oscars 2020?

What anniversary did Coronation St celebrate this year?

Which actor lost a legal battle against The Sun for calling him a wife beater?

Who was the first person to be voted off Strictly 2020?

The Queens Gambit is a Netflix program about which sport?

Name the TV Drama starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant?

Which TV chef said she warmed milk in the meecrowavay? 

Which program has recently signed a contract for Christmas specials until 2026?

Where was Jordan North’s ‘happy place’?

Who won I’m a Celebrity 2020?

Who played Maggie Thatcher in Season 4 of The Crown?

What is the name of the Bond film that was supposed to be released this year?

Which actor recently went on an expletive filled rant at the film crew for breaking Covid regulations?

Name the real estate agency that features in Selling Sunset?

What is Tiger King’s real name?

Dame Barbara Windsor sadly passed away earlier this month. Her on screen character Peggy Mitchel had 3 children, Grant, Phil and who?

Of course we can’t have a 2020 Christmas Quiz without mentioning the following topic…

Round 5 – Covid 🦠 /14 Points

Name the first man and first woman who had the vaccine? Point for each.

Name the nurse who gave the vaccine to the first person?

What date did the UK go into the first national lockdown?

What date did the pubs open in the summer?

Who was Boris Johnsons deputy PM when he was off sick with Covid?

Which two Sky Presenters have recently been suspended after breaking Covid rules? Point for each

Which UK hospital took the first Covid case in this country in their infectious diseases unit?

The UK were the first to approve the Pfizer vaccine, which country were the second?

How much money did Captain Thomas Moore raise for the NHS?

In which city did coronavirus originate?

Despite visiting Barnard Castle during lockdown how much of a pay rise did Dominic Cummings get recently?

For how many days did the government boycott Good Morning Britain?

Round 6 – Friends Christmas Episodes 📺 /8 POINTS

When Ross can’t get a Santa outfit what does he dress up as instead?

What is the name of Joey’s flatmate that he kisses at the fake New Year’s Eve party while Ross and Monica are doing ‘the routine’?

What decoy present does Monica leave under the sofa when Pheobe and Rachel are looking for them?

Why does Pheobe want to save all the Christmas trees from the chipper?

Which of Ross’ girlfriends wants to send a Holiday card before Ross is ready?

Name two of the Christmas gifts Joey and Chandler give to the others from the gas station? Point for each.

Pheobe volunteers as a bell ringer for which charity at Christmas?

Round 7 – Christmas Song Emoji 🎅🏼 /10 Points




🥁 🧍🏼







Enjoy playing the 2020 Christmas quiz, no cheating but when you’re ready for the answers here they are.

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