Colourful London Houses That Could Be Mistaken for Easter Treats

I really wanted to have my stay at Walwick Hall post all ready for today, but Sundays hangover, Monday nights pub visit and Tuesday tapas at Ora last night left me with no time to do the place justice. Instead, I realised I didn’t ever share my photos of colourful London houses from my trip in March, so you’re left with these instead. People seriously laugh at me for taking photos of doors you know, but they’re just so cute and to be honest I think they’re very seasonal as they look like spring deserts and Easter eggs in all their pastel coloured glory!



This one really went the extra mile I feel, well kept blue paint, with black and white tiles and matching railings. It’s a yes from me.


The lemon drizzle complete with seasonal daffodils! How British.


Double doorways are way cuter than double denim, especially with that check floor!


This one reminded me of my grandma, all lavender and lace! Or maybe a field in Provence.


The strawberry cheesecake house, or cherry bakewell maybe, I can’t decide.


Pretty pink with matching hanging basket.


The pretty pink with matching hanging basket also turned into 50% of the Mr Kipling Battenburg situation going on here!


This one was beaut, sunny delight yellow and duck egg, perfect Easter colours.


Another favourite, reminds me of the coloured foil you used to get on a smarties Easter egg.


As does this entire little alley.


Another delightful pathway, unsure on the blue plant pots though.

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Love the pathway checks! #london

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I’m not a fan of the blue door, doesn’t quite fit the palma violet-esque colour scheme!


This pastel pink one was a basement flat, underneath a much bigger purple house, but how cute and cosy!


The teal and gold one, very random but I feel it works? Probably like the sort of Easter eggs you’d get in Harrods for a casual 100 quid.


This scary looking creeper sprawling up the wall really spoils this yellow dream, but I love the fuscia roses.


Like baby chicks sitting in a row!


And finally, this one that looks like all the Union Jack themed deserts the year of the Queens Jubilee.


If you’ve got this far without thinking I’m completely nuts, thanks for humouring me! 🙂


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Colourful London houses

Colourful London houses that look like Easter treats

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