Cocktails and Lunch at The Ivy Restaurant, LA

I think that lunch at The Ivy LA was the thing I was most excited about when we booked up to go to Los Angeles a couple of years ago. I wanted to see the sights obviously, but The Ivy is such a famous restaurant and it was the one thing we all agreed on just had to be done, no matter how expensive it was. I think we booked months in advance, because we were so worried that with its reputation and popularity we might not get in and we only had 3 days in LA to do everything.




Of course, Jess had it all planned to perfection, and we got a reservation on the terrace outside no problem for lunch on the Monday afternoon. Here’s everything I can remember about my favourite meal of the holiday.

We turned up on time, although nobody in LA does that, but we were that paranoid we ran in the heat from cocktails at the Beverly Wilshire, and were definitely a bit worse for wear because of it. Our table was outside on the terrace, and I was immediately in love with the whole place.




Surrounded by a white picket fence, draped in coloured fairy lights, the terrace was actually pretty small, in fact the whole restaurant was. It was like a country garden crammed in with little white tables and wrought iron chairs. As we gave our name to the waiter, I had a quick nosy inside, where it was a lot darker but still kept to the ivy garden theme, with a very quaint little fireplace. And Kris Jenner sat casually having lunch.




We sat at our table which thankfully was under shade, but with so many oversized white umbrellas most tables were actually the same. They protected from the bright sun but not the heat! We were given complimentary champagne as well. Looking around the whole place was completely adorable. Ivy was everywhere, from the paintings on the plates, to the vines creeping up the exposed brick walls, and the potted plants crammed onto every single surface.




The ivy was broken up with bursts of bright pink and yellow flower clusters, at least one arrangement on every table, but again filling up every bit of available space. The whole atmosphere was country garden, and very cosy. I died over the red and white gingham cushions too, beyond cute.




Being completely British, we obviously wanted the wifi password, which they don’t have. There’s no wifi at all, just people ‘doing lunch’ and having elaborate conversations about their nail appointments and latest blow outs, or botox. Totally over the top and I loved it.




We were given the drinks menu first and I ordered the fresh pineapple coconut martini. Completely divine, but there was a full cocktail menu to choose from, including margaritas, mojitos, daiquiris, sangria, bellinis and bloody mary’s. If you didn’t fancy alcohol there’s all sorts of teas, coffees and organic fruit juices on offer instead.




I think as we were all half cut, we skipped starters and went straight in for the mains. The lunch and dinner menu is really good! I was surprised as I was expecting a full on health fest, but there were steaks, pizza, pasta, risotto, onion rings, lobster…basically a huge mix of proper food to choose from. Ideal if you have the cocktail munchies.

I went for the seafood linguine, and it was honestly the best I’ve ever had. I can’t think of anywhere that does it better. It was amazing, and came on a completely delightful ivy themed plate.




Looking back, I’m actually slightly annoyed that we were pretty drunk before we even got there, as the menu is so good I really would have enjoyed three full courses there, but we didn’t even have desert and instead ordered more cocktails, frozen raspberry daiquiris this time round. We sat and drank cocktails for most of the afternoon, enjoying one of the best Monday’s you could possibly have!




The service was immaculate, and they had no problem with us sitting there and drinking our way through the menu. They gave us boxed up biscuits to take away as well when we finally did leave.




The Ivy LA is the only one of the chain that I’ve ate at, I think I would like to try the one in Chelsea, but I’m scared I would be disappointed after how much I loved this one, largely due to the location and the setting. It was just so pretty!


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Cocktails & Lunch at The Ivy LA

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