14 Facts on the Crown Pub, Belfast

I was in Belfast over the weekend for Jack and Rachael’s incredible wedding. I can’t get over how beautiful it was, and two days later I’m still feeling the effects of a very good time. Despite not really having much time to experience much of the Irish city I’ve heard so much about from years of living with Rachael, I did experience the Crown Liquor Saloon on Great Victoria Street. It was basically our local for the weekend, right opposite our hotel. Here’s a whole bunch of facts that I learned about the Crown Pub, Belfast.


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It was built in 1826, in true Victorian era style with making it the oldest pub in Belfast.

It hasn’t always been called The Crown, it originally went by the name of ‘The Railway Tavern’.


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Since it’s opening, it has been renovated twice, and was renamed to The Crown Liquor Saloon in 1885 when it changed ownership.


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It is now owned by the National Trust.

It is a Grade A listed building, and when closed it is protected by old fashioned wrought iron gates.


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The decor inside has stayed true to its roots, with dark hand carved columns and booths, and lit by gas lamps.

There are ten ‘snugs’ inside, giving private areas with doors that staff make sure are kept closed. They sit about ten people.


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For added privacy, there are no normal windows, they’re all stained glass decorated with fairies, clowns, fleur de lis etc.


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The old gun metal plates used for striking matches back in the day are everywhere, there was at least eight in our snug alone.


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The bell system still works! Waiters used to be called via the antique bell system, and it is still linked up and working today, despite service being at the bar only!


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The floors are all tiled, right from the mosaic crown in the entrance through the entire floor inside.

It is the most bombed pub in Belfast.

It serves bloody good Guinness!


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It is said to be one of the most beautiful, and I have to agree!


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  • Adrenaline Romance
    16th May 2017

    Sheila and I are alcoholic intolerant but what the heck! We’ll definitely try those brews!

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    20th May 2017

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  • Sarah
    24th June 2019

    Someone was just telling me about this pub and your post searched nicely in Google – thanks for the piece, definitely going to track this place down while in Belfast 🙂

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