10 Essentials to Pack for a Spa Break

It’s no secret I love a spa break and pamper, wether that’s a day, a break or a full on weekend. There’s nothing worse though than when you’re all set to get your chilled vibes going then realising you’ve forgotten something essential. First world problems I know, but I’m going with it. So here’s my list of what you need to remember to pack for a spa break!

Flip flops

Yes, you do get lovely white fluffy slippers at most spas, especially if you’re staying over, but they’re a lot less lovely and fluffy if they get wet. Save them for indoors and the treatment areas, and take your own flip flops for around the pool area.

Safety pin

Most decent spas have keys to their lockers that you can clip onto your robe somewhere or put around your wrist. Chances are though one will be broken and you will probably get that locker. Take a safety pin in case. Actually while I’m on about lockers, one of those supermarket trolley tokens or pound coins might also come in useful. Again more modern and especially the more luxurious places will provide them for you (I’m looking at you headlam!) or have key code locks, but there’s the odd ones that don’t.

Hair clip or tie

As someone who hardly ever ties my hair up I have been known to forget this vital accessory. Second nature to most girls but not me, and Ive ended up once looking like Severus Snape after a stint in the jacuzzi, and another occasion Marge Simpson after a massage when the lass pulled it all straight up above my head and it basically stayed there. Shove your hair up and forget about it. Take spares also.

Hairbrush/de tangler

See above and the same applies. Also if you’re there for the day you’re likely to get afternoon tea or some additional snacking and beverages experience, it’s not just a case of running straight back to the car to head home. Such a normal every day item yet completely vital before mingling with the general public again.

Spare contacts/glasses if you wear them

Those hydro pool jacuzzi jets can get pretty severe, and one stray splash to the face can cause contacts to just fly out. Nightmare. Take spares.

Tip: Jacuzzis are louder than you think, and if you’re having what you think is a private conversation in the jacuzzi you’re actually probably bellowing it to the entire spa area. So watch what you say!


Loads of spas have an outdoor element to them, and are in use even in winter so take sunglasses.

Rockliffe Hall


However you switch off. You’re meant to be there to relax, so take something to do for when you’ve tried all the saunas and jacuzzis, you’ve had your treatment and you’re ready for a glass of prosecco on a lounger.

Spare bikini

VERY important, there is nothing worse than being sat in a wet patch. It goes through your robe, through the towel, through the mattress, and then you’re left with it all day. You’ll be a lot more comfy for just changing.

Waterproof beach bag

People have laughed at me for this as you get robes with big deep pockets but actually, as I end up with most people’s stuff in it I think it’s a must to take a beach bag. I have a fabulous Cath Kidston waterproof one so it doesn’t matter if it gets wet, and it’s very pretty. You don’t want to be trailing back and forwards from the changing rooms all day.

Loose/old clothing

if you’re getting a massage they will 100% tell you that ideally you shouldn’t shower too soon after you’ve been lathered up in oil, to allow it to sink in. So take loose clothing that doesn’t matter if it gets oil all over it. We all know trying to get jeans on after swimming is not fun for anyone.

List of medication

This is mainly if you take a lot or have any sort of condition that might affect your spa treatments. They’ll ask you for it when you fill in the treatment form.

Take a look at some of my spa break experiences:

Rockliffe Hall

Walwick Hall

Headlam Hall

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10 Essential Items to Pack for a Spa Break
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