February Round Up

Well February has absolutely flew by hasn’t it?! Although I’m saying that now it got off to a very slow start, which I’m blaming on the 5.2 diet that I’ve done for the whole month. I’m not going to dwell on this because you know, YAWN for everyone else but me, but I’m pretty pleased with how well I stuck to it, yet still managed to enjoy myself. Here’s a February round up.

On the first weekend in February I went to the Lake District for the day. We spent time in Keswick pottering about the market, had breakfast in George Fisher’s cafe and I had a difficult but brief wander through Ye Olde Friars sweetshop, mainly to get Kieran a tacky Valentine’s Day present.

After Keswick we also spent some time in Ambleside, both in the town centre and down at Waterhead by the lake. It was a lovely chilled day, and I found plenty of cute new cafes worth remembering for future visits.




Valentines Day was fun, we stayed in with an M&S meal for two which I will 100% be doing again the food was amazing! Rather than going out on Valentine’s we went out the following Saturday for sushi at Osaka on Grey Street. It’s absolutely amazing and if you’ve not been and like sushi I strongly recommend you get yourself down there ASAP! It’s a good healthy-ish eat out option and great if you want a few drinks after as you end up full but not stuffed.



As we stayed local around Valentine’s Day, I shared my photos of love lock bridges around the world, and a list of things you can get up to with your favourite people at any time of year, not just Valentine’s.

For at least three weeks of February I did really well when it came to not eating out, I turned down the Herb Garden and countless takeaways, but last week when I was happy with how my weight loss was going we did venture along to the Ahar restaurant for Indian tapas. I’m pleased to report it was worth every mouthful and it didn’t effect my diet situation at all! I didn’t even feel guilty.


Ahar Indian tapas


This month I also really enjoyed a spa day at Headlam Hall with my mum and sister. We had lunch and then spent the afternoon in the spa facilities and each got an hour full body massage which was UNREAL. Mine was a relaxing aromatherapy and hot stone massage, which I’ve never had before but it was so nice. Scraping stones down your back doesn’t sound all that nice, but it really was and I’d highly recommend.

By 4pm it got a bit busy and the arrival of kids checking in for half term and whipping out the toys for the swimming pool was our cue to leave. However if you do fancy a lovely spa day not too far from Newcastle I really would seriously consider Headlam.


Headlam Hall


One of my goals in February was to hit 10k blog views, and I’m pretty chuffed that I did it, completely smashed the 10k target actually and it was my ‘Life at 30‘ post that went crazy that took me well over. I’d had that post in draft stage for so long and wasn’t sure if I’d ever publish it, as it’s quite different to what I usually do but then just thought sod it why not. I’ve never had so many shares, comments, messages and texts from so many people after reading it, and it’s still going strong so thanks to everyone for all the lovely comments and shares!



I’ve finally started to really get through some posts on our trip to Tulum, Mexico last year as well, it kind of got forgotten about as so much happened at the end of last year, but with holidays being booked left right and centre it seemed a good time to get them out and share my photos of the place. It’s beautiful weather in Tulum at the moment so hopefully they’re inspiring some sort of hot weather trip for people! It’s definitely got me keen to fully book up somewhere – I’m almost there, my problem is everywhere I look at I want to go. Life struggles!

I also took part in my first Instagram takeover with the lovely ladies at Female Travel Bloggers. I did a Travel Tuesday takeover, and shared three of my favourite Tulum photos with them. Isn’t it just the prettiest place on earth?



Last weekend I went out with my lovely friends Rachael for an old school night out on the toon. Bloody hilarious. We sat in the smoking area of Floritas because we are definitely too old for that dance floor/sweat pit, and people watched. We sat for so long as it was just so entertaining that the next day I had hair reminiscent of Havana on South Parade in Whitley Bay days, it STANK of smoke. Absolutely vile but it was worth it for a night spotting some complete characters. Firstly there was the middle aged men stag do from London with their one model friend (should have seen his shoes, definitely not a model), then there were the 20 year olds ‘next time you see me I’ll be on TV’ group of lads from Glasgow. Bless them and their youth. And finally the Bond Villain, with very questionable hair and a polo neck. My favourite though was the Geordie dad, who spent his day ‘watching the bairns play football’ and cleaning the hoose so his Mrs let him out for the night. Genuinely lovely bloke.




Yesterday I really noticed how many pancake places there are in Newcastle! I went to Dil & the Bear in Tynemouth for some red velvet absolutely unreal ones, they roll these bad lads out on occasions and they’re well worth a trip to the coast.


Dil and The Bear


I’ve got plenty to look forward to in March, I’m going to Edinburgh for three of my friends 30th birthdays next weekend and there’s lots of activities planned during our time there so can’t wait for that. I’ve also been invited to the races at Newcastle Racecourse with some other North East bloggers (LOVE the races), and have a few other events lined up too. I have a trip to London next week for Marketing Week Live which is exciting, I love seeing all the new technologies and social media talks (GEEK!). Then there’s Beauty and the Beast – so excited for this at the cinema, I just hope Hermione isn’t too irritating, and I’ve got a Mother’s Day lunch planned with Viv at the Grand Hotel in Tynemouth.




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