Marathons, half marathons, triathlons, sponsored throw yourselves out of plane-athons, it’s amazing what people do and how much money they can raise when something has personally affected them. Personally, I can’t see myself running any marathons anytime soon. I don’t feel like I have to do anything, and I don’t feel like I should do anything, but after my little nana recently passed away after a battle with alzheimers, I am going to leave a tiny little corner on my tiny little website with a list of memories of her that won’t be forgotten.



1. Visiting their house in Selby when we were kids, where we each had our own bedrooms and got spoilt rotten

2. Walks to their church field to feed Ned, the donkey

3. Deliberately not telling her we liked something, as she would buy it and feed you to death with it. Wine gums, butterkist popcorn, bounty bars…

4. How her and my grandad went to Florida 18 times, and every trip they took an empty suitcase and filled it with Disney merchandise, soft toys, clothes, shoes and toys for me and my sister

5. Day trips to Scarborough beach

6. A week caravanning in the Lake District

7. A week on a barge in Skipton

8. How scared she was of baby alligators in Florida

9. How she pronounced Sacre Couer ‘Sacra Coo-a’, and Versaille ‘Varsells’

10. How she tried to pick pocket you to prove you could be pick pocketed and should be more careful

11. Buying every tamagotchi she could find in Woolworths for me and my sister

12. How she hand reared a hedgehog and a squirrel in her back garden

13. How much she hated ants

14. When she bought me the Ginger Spice Union Jack dress from a very dodgy looking shop because I liked the Spice Girls

15. When she came on the spinning top at Light Water Valley with me

16. How we weren’t allowed to wear yellow in summer in case it attracted wasps

17. How much she loved Princess Diana

18. How she loved my dad more than anyone else and didn’t even try to deny her blatant favouritism

19. When she whistled songs of praise while she made Sunday dinner

20. How loudly she once told my deaf grandad and an entire hospital ward that the woman opposite had ‘SHAT HERSELF’


A huge thank you to all the staff, carers, support workers, literally everyone involved in taking care of people who suffer from alzheimers and their families, especially Rosemount Care Home, and the Alzheimer’s Society.


In loving memory of Margaret Fox, 16/09/34-06/07/17 x


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