Sunday Sunsets

I haven’t done a photo post in ages, and as I’m joining in #SundaySunsets on twitter later today I thought it was the perfect excuse. Who doesn’t love beautiful sunsets?


Sunday sunset


I once took a photo of the classic sunset in Ibiza that everyone gets from outside Cafe Mambo. There was nobody in it, just the bright fireball sun over the sea, but with a hot air balloon and a sailing boat silhouetted in front of it. For the life of me I can’t find the bloody photo anywhere, but here are some of my other favourites from far and wide.


1. Cyprus

I took this one while sitting on the cocktail terrace of the Elysium Hotel in Paphos.

Sunday sunsets - Cyprus


And this one from the beach bar terrace of the same hotel.

Sunday sunsets - Cyprus


2. Santorini

Taken directly over the Caldera from a restaurant in Oia.

Sunday sunsets - Santorini


The entire town would come out to catch the sunset every night, locals and tourists alike.

Sunday sunsets - Santorini


3. Puerto Banus

Round the corner from the main port is a lovely run of restaurants, which is where these were both taken.

Sunday sunset - Banus

Sunday sunsets - Banus


4. Ambleside

Both photos taken on a clear November evening over the lake.

Sunday sunsets - Ambleside

Sunday sunset - Ambleside


5. Venice Beach

The sunset in LA seemed to take forever, it literally went on ages. Made for some pretty pictures though.

Sunday sunsets - Venice beach

Sunday sunsets - Venice beach


6. LA

Not the clearest as the sunsets in LA tended to stay really light, but this was the sunset over the city taken from the Hollywood hills.

Sunday sunsets - LA


7. London

The view of the sunset coming through a big rain shower, taken from The Shard.

Sunday sunsets - London


8. Somewhere across the North Sea

Sunday sunsets - at sea


9. Paris

Pink skies in Paris. I couldn’t see the actual sunset from Concorde, but it turned the skies pink.

Sunday sunsets - Paris

And yellow tones over the Vendome in December.

Sunday sunsets - Paris


10. Tynemouth

One of my favourites, as well as the sunrise on my daily drive to work, right over Tynemouth Priory.

Sunday sunsets - Tynemouth


11. Newcastle

Another favourite, behind the Tyne Bridge.

Sunday sunsets - Newcastle


Where’s the best sunset you’ve seen?


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