May 2020 Monthly Round Up

Like the last few months May looked very different to what it should have done this year. Birthday celebrations, hen do’s in Ibiza, 30th parties, day trips to York – all cancelled like so many other plans this summer. Despite being such a shame, in all circumstances we’ve made the best of it and still had a good time. The unbelievable weather we’ve been having has obviously played a big part in keeping spirits high. I can’t imagine how we would all be feeling if it had rained every day.

Whitley bay spanish city

I’m ending May feeling pretty positive, definitely helped by the new rules that we can meet in gardens, although it’s clearly a bit early and been done to distract from a certain eye test at Barnard Castle. Some people are still very nervous about the relaxation, and quite rightly, but I would much rather be with my friends and family in gardens, who I know have been strict during the lockdown than in public places all the time.

Seeing my friends was the biggest mood lifter I’ve had, aside from a lot of cocktails, sangria and sunshine. Combine all three and you realise it could be a lot worse and count your lucky stars.

May 2020 monthly round up

So despite living in a flat Kieran and I have got out a lot, with more beach trips than I think I’ve ever had in one month despite living by the coast, and a special beach trip for one of our friends 30th birthdays. We’ve been taking Arthur down to Whitley Bay or Tynemouth a couple of nights a week and it’s so lovely to walk along in the water.

It has been busy at times, but there’s never been any issue distancing and most people seem to have been really sticking to the rules. There’s been the odd groups of teenagers, and some questionable couples but for me it’s just been better to focus on our own situation and know they’re only putting themselves and their families at risk not mine.

Tynemouth beach

The beach has just been amazing, and Arthur absolutely loves it. We joined the Di Meo’s queue one day when it wasn’t too bad and that was a real highlight. You just can’t beat it I’m sorry, unless in you’re in Italy.

Di Meo's whitley bay
Di Meo’s ice cream

We’ve had some really good food from local takeaways at weekends, as it’s nice to make a big deal of them or when you’re furloughed I think the days could easily merge into one. I wrote about some of the food we’ve had from Lobo Rojo, Allards and Sushi me Rollin’ here.

My relationship with alcohol is stronger than ever, as I’ve perfected some of my favourite cocktails the last few weeks and I’m really enjoying making them. I’m absolutely loving rose wine, and have turned all the empty bottles into vases around the flat. (Please drink responsibly.) I’ve also loved seeing everyones sangria that they’ve been making after I shared the recipe here. I have to reiterate that I was given this recipe from one of Kieran’s friends – I’ve let him know that it’s been a very big hit.

sangria recipe

About a week and a half ago I decided that seen as we will be making the most of a British summer this year, we needed a picnic basket, so I spent half an hour browsing online and bought one. It is so cute, and frankly one of the best investments I’ve made through the situation. I was so eager to use it we went to the beach with it thinking seen as Arthur loves it down there it would be great.

Wrong. Sand everywhere! So our first use of it was a disaster, but the hamper itself is an absolute delight and we put it to better use this weekend on grass instead. I absolutely love it, and it seems a fair few others do too as I’ve had messages asking where I got it. I’m going to do a proper review on it I think as it really is such a good investment for the summer.

The end of May bank holiday last week was a bittersweet weekend. I should have been in Ibiza with a bunch of great girls to celebrate my cousins hen do, and it definitely hit home that weekend what we would have been doing instead. We had plenty drinks on Zoom instead, and I really can’t wait for the rearranged trip next year.

hen do zoom call

We went a bit further afield to Amble on the Sunday, for a walk around the harbour and I’ve never known it so warm. We bumped into some friends who live up there so it was so good to see them, even at a distance as we walked along the pier.

I’ve been thinking a lot about travel, as obviously I’m really missing it, but at the same time I’m in no rush to be back inside airports or on flights. I shared a post last week on the virtual travels I’ve been doing on instagram instead, which has been a lot of fun, and my thoughts on travel for myself in the near future. I keep feeling very proud of myself that we chose to book a week in the Lake District for September, back in February before all the prices went up. Hopefully we will still be able to go.

One of my biggest achievements through May is something I never in a million years thought I’d do, I ran 5k for the NHS. This might seem like absolutely nothing to most people, but I hadn’t ran in about 15-20 years, I’m vague on the details and my own age. But I really wanted to be able to do it so I went on two practice runs and then did it on my third attempt. It took twice as long as most people but still I was pretty proud of myself.

May 2020 round up

June is another month where we would have had lots of plans, I would have been bridesmaid for my cousin, and celebrating Kieran’s 30th in Palma. I can’t say too much about what I’ve got planned instead for him, but let’s hope this weather continues as if it wasn’t for getting a pretty good tan and being able to get outside, I think I’d be going mad.

Hope everyone is staying safe, enjoys a bit more freedom safely of course, and has a great June.

May 2020 round up
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