Over 20 Things To Do In February

I’ve got to be honest and say I’m inspiration for things to do in February is feeling a bit thin, mainly due to lockdown and there being a very clear limit on absolutely everything we can do at the moment. Nevertheless there are still some things unique to this month that we can make the most of. Here’s my suggestions for things to do in February.

Let me know if you think of any extras I can add, I’ve tried not to include the same old things as past posts around lockdown. We all know walks, baking, movie nights, self care days could feature on any monthly list, so I’ve not repeat them here.

I’ll link past things to do posts at the bottom if you want to look back over them. 

Prepare for Valentines Day. I’ve included this so early because a lot of places are limited on their daily takeaway delivery or collection slots so this year more than usual you need to be organised. See my Valentine’s Day takeaways in Newcastle post for some ideas.

It’s National home made soup day on 4th February (this is an early warning that I’m taking full advantage of National days in this post). Find your best recipe and give it a go for dinner. 

Make chocolate covered strawberries. I’m seeing a lot of these about at the moment as naturally they feature in Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes. I made my own last week and it passed an afternoon as well as being quite fun. Get creative with your designs too. 

If you’ve been doing dry January then welcome back to the world of fun this month. Have yourself a home made cocktail night – here’s some of my favourite easy ones, and some winter ones here

Join a subscription club – wine tasting, gin tasting, coffee, food boxes or something a bit different. I was never really a fan of these in the past but I’m considering trying out a coffee one. 

Watch all of the RomComs that will find their way onto our TVs in the next few weeks. You can’t beat a bit of Bridget Jones. 

Go through your winter wardrobe now we are coming to the end of winter ish, and throw out or donate to charity anything you’ve not worn. If you haven’t worn it this winter you probably won’t next winter so take the opportunity for a clear out. 

Shop all the new collections coming in now the January sales have ended. The White Company are one of my favourites, H&M home if you get in quick enough before it sells out too. 

The Six Nations begins Saturday 6th February, so get some Guinness in and watch along at home.

Over 20 Things To Do In FebruaryPIN IT

Next weekend is also the Super Bowl, which although it’s on very late over here, it’s an excuse for an American themed evening including chicken wings, hot dogs, popcorn etc. And it’s always good to watch the half time show the next day.

If you have a goal or a challenge, February is the perfect month to do it as it’s 28 days so 4 weeks exactly and it starts on a Monday. The OCD in me finds this so comforting. 

Brighten your home with all the discounted flowers after the 14th!

 Book a staycation. As much as I hate to admit it and as much as I have some abroad trips already planned, there is the possibility we might not be able to go very far. Here’s some tips if you fancy the Lake District this year

It’s apparently National Pizza day on the 9th February so get your favourite ordered!

Just two days after Valentine’s Day it’s Pancake Day on the 16th. I love proper pancakes so set up a topping bar and have different flavours for every meal. 

Crepeaffaire, NewcastlePIN IT
Crepeaffaire, Newcastle

Someone shared this tip on Instagram and I wish I could remember who to credit them properly, but they said a way to turn your frame of mind positive is to make a ‘ta-daa’ list not to do list. It can be overwhelming making endless lists of things you haven’t done, so instead write a list of everything you have achieved at the end of the week to make yourself feel better. 

Enter Instagram competitions. I’m including this because one of my friends actually won one this week, and I was a tagged friend so I benefit too. We’ve won a GHD bundle and I’m so excited for it to arrive. So they are worth entering just in case.

I can’t bear the term ‘Galentine’ as it just makes me cringe, but I do think it’s a good excuse to plan a zoom or FaceTime with the girls. Order a takeaway afternoon tea to make it a bit more exciting.

Valentines Day is 14th so of course go all out with a takeaway, M&S dine in, loads of chocolates, fancy breakfast. 

By now if they’re anything like mine your nails will need a bit of looking after, so give yourself a manicure. I’m taking my acrylics off this week wish me luck. 

Netflix will no doubt feature throughout the month, they shared some of what’s coming up through February on their Instagram last week. 

I know it’s technically tv but one program we’ve loved watching old episodes of recently is gogglebox. Netflix has a good few seasons and we’ve been laughing out loud watching them. A definite pick me up if there’s nothing on tv. 

February is known for being fashion month, and this year London Fashion week is fully digital. You can find all the details here, so at least we know we are in for some good fashion reviews. 

There’s about half the suggestions on this list than previous monthly things to do posts, but I hope you’ve still managed to find some inspiration for things to do in February. 

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