Things I’m Loving This Week 31st January – 6th February

I hate to be very British but the weather has really ruined the last week for me. It has been awful aside from one day and when all we can do is go outside for walks it makes even that more of a hassle than it’s worth. I keep telling myself I’d rather we were locked down while the weather is bad and we can’t go anywhere anyway, so trying to take the silver lining from the very black rainy clouds, here’s what I’ve been loving from the first week in February.

That in itself is the first thing, I was very glad to see the back of January. It feels like we are inching closer to the end of this lockdown and as I shared my things to do in February post at the start of the week I found there are some things to look forward to this month. 

Most of them centre around food but what’s new? Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day are both worth making a fuss of for something a bit different, and there are some good meal deals and Valentine’s takeaways to be had

Monday was a bright sunny day and when I finished work I took Arthur for a walk around Tynemouth, along to the fish quay and back again. Aside from how cold it was it could have been a summers day, and looking at how calm the sea was made me really long for a summer holiday this year. It was a nice change to go along to the fish quay, despite it being nothing too exciting but it was one of the highlights of the week.

I’ve been doing the 5.2 diet since the start of January, and I finally hit a stone weight loss this week which I’m so chuffed about. I’ve had a blog post on the 5.2 diet sitting in my drafts since last January, so I might update it and get round to sharing it soon.

Not having the temptation of bars and restaurants through the week is the only positive thing about lockdown as it’s meant I’ve stayed really strict with myself, and only allowed a treat/cheat day on a Saturday.

I live for the weekends for this reason. Last weeks breakfast box from Batch Bakery was amazing, and I’ve shared this blog post on breakfast takeaways in the North East if you’re interested, as well as some local coffee recommendations. 

This week my Betty’s teabags running out was a sign to order some more, and some of the famous Betty’s fat rascals which came on Friday. We’ve had them for breakfast this weekend and they’re as good as ever.

My GHD bundle arrived mid week, which was a high point of the week after Hannah (The Wedding Taylor) won an instagram competition with GHD that got her and two of her tagged friends (me!) a bundle each. All the products are so good – I’ve used their straighteners for at least two decades, but I’m loving the hair dryer and the hot brushes that I’ve never tried before. 

Even Netflix has been a bit dull this week. I’ve watched so much of it and nothing new has really interested me that much yet. So I resorted to watching Downton on Amazon Prime. A show I’ve never ever watched before, and I’ve never really felt like I’ve been missing out despite how much some people adore it. I am enjoying it, but I’m not as obsessed as I have been about other shows. Hopefully something new will come to Netflix soon.

Yesterday was a whole day of sport, and I love Saturday’s like that. Time hop told me it was 5 years since Kieran and I went to Edinburgh for the Six Nations, and although England lost yesterday at least there was a toon win to celebrate. Last night we got takeaway burgers from Lola’s in Tynemouth. There’s a reason they’ve won the battle of the burger in the past so many times as they are just incredible. That’s coming from someone who can take or leave burgers a lot of the time too. They’re so good. 

We had a fair few drinks alongside our takeaway last night, so it’s a chilled one on the sofa for us today, with Arthur asleep on my legs and super Sunday to look forward to this afternoon. 

Have a great week!

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