How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Lockdown Low

This situation is tough, for everyone. Some more than others but I’m a firm believer that if you’re having a bad day the attitude that ‘someone’s always worse off’ than you doesn’t actually help. We know there is always someone worse off, but it doesn’t stop us feeling a bit down in the dumps about our own reality and our feelings are valid whatever our circumstance. So don’t feel bad for it, but I do think there are little things you can do to pull yourself out of a lockdown low mood.

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What I’ve found is that you can wake up with all the intentions of having a positive day, and one tiny thing can escalate very quickly or turn a good mood sour which throws you for the rest of the day. It’s a complete rollercoaster of emotions. Here’s some of the things that keep me sane.

Fresh Flowers

I’m making sure we have fresh flowers in the house all the time. They’re just a few quid and I get them when picking up essentials, but we are spending so much time at home I like it to look pretty. I’ve got fake ones on my desk too and think I might invest in some more. It’s definitely the little things, as I love walking into our living room first thing with the light coming through the window onto the flowers to sit in silence with a coffee before the puppy runs in and causes chaos.

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New bedding

Fresh clean sheets are always a treat but brand new bedding entirely also really made me happy, and feels like a mini win each night when I go to bed. I got our latest from George at Asda to avoid costs creeping up as if this goes on for months as I could easily spend a fortune on homeware. Plus you can get it at the same time as shopping for your essentials.

Make the bed 

Always on those ‘how to work from home’ tip lists and it’s true, making the bed makes the room look tidier and makes it so much nicer to get in bed that night too. Especially if you’re drinking more, which we are, and if you’ve invested in brand new bedding. Nobody wants to get into a messy hangover bed.

pull yourself out of a lockdown low

Feel however you feel

I think it’s important to stay positive as much as possible, however we all have our off days and there isn’t a single person I’ve spoken to since all this began that hasn’t hit some sort of low at some point. Whether that’s money, work, family or health worries, being disappointed at holidays, weddings or plans being cancelled, or just struggling to adjust and experiencing some anxiety.

Some days accept you just feel shit and it doesn’t matter what you do you can’t pull yourself out of it. We all have our moments. I’ve certainly had a few sleepless nights, tears and irrational tantrums.

Scrolling social and saving memes

Plenty of people won’t agree with this, but I find scrolling social theraputic, especially instagram as I’ve carefully curated a feed that I love over the years. I’m a firm believer that if something doesn’t make you feel good then unfollow, but my feed is filled with beautiful places, bucket list hotels, cosy or gorgeous living spaces and food. It can be tough seeing all the places we can’t go, but it all makes me look forward to the day this is over.

Anything that makes me laugh I save and go back to when I feel shit, or I send to other people who will also appreciate. Dog photos and videos are also a very big feel good factor.

pull yourself out of a lockdown low

Early nights 

I’m talking a lot about bed aren’t I haha, but with nowhere to be and nobody to see if I’m tired I just take myself off to bed. I keep meaning to read for half an hour but sometimes I’m just too tired and enjoy lying there in my comfy cute new bedding.

Make time for who you live with as well as those you don’t 

We’ve got better at this, as the first week of lockdown I think we spent more time on facetime to other people than we did speaking to each other. We are both still working which I know is something to be grateful for, but then we walk the dog and for a while that was also filled with phone calls and messaging people, as well as keeping Arthur entertained and checking in on family and friends.

I actually don’t have much more spare time than I did before, and again not complaining but it can get pretty intense. Weekends are my favourite time for us to chill, lie in, have nice food and relax…before Houseparty get’s turned on in the evening…

Daily walk or exercise

I look forward to our daily walk after work so much, as it separates the day, Arthur is full of energy and loves it, and it’s nice to be outside. We didn’t think moving into a flat would be an issue in summer as we are usually out all the time, but we obviously didn’t anticipate that happening. We do various different routes, and have even got as far as the beach one weekend when Arthur wasn’t stopping all the time.

It’s also meant I’ve kept the weight I lost in January doing 5.2 and dry January off me, which I’m thrilled about as I’ve been eating like a complete pig.

pull yourself out of a lockdown low

Getting properly dressed at weekends

For the most part, I’m living in leggings or joggers, T shirts and hoody’s. No make up, and not really bothering with my hair either. Some days this is great, minimal effort is nice, and I’m saving a fortune on products as I’m using nowhere near as much.

But I have found that making sure I get properly dressed some days makes me feel better about myself, even with nowhere to be.

Tidying up first thing

I don’t know if it’s because we are open plan but I can’t cope with a big pile of dirty dishes or shit everywhere. Every morning the dishes get done, and we do a general quick clean of the place, and I do my workspace too. My desk at home is a completely different place to my desk at the office.

coffee next to hand sanitiser

Clap for the NHS

Despite being an emotional wreck at 8pm every Thursday night I still think this is such a great initiative and really does lift your mood. Donating to worthy causes, sponsoring people, and sharing positive stories also really work as a mood lifter.

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Takeaway treat 

Having something to look forward to is always a plus and more so than ever all I can think about is food. I’ve ordered from quite a few places as it’s nice to try and help local businesses. A few more are starting to open up again, and I’ve found that Just Eat is the best place to see what’s available. Plus it means paying online rather than cash which is good at the moment.


I’m not even apologising for this, as I know we aren’t the only ones drinking more than usual. While I’m not promoting heavy drinking, I’ve found a gin or glass of wine genuinely does make me feel better. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed drinking at weekends, as I’ve been learning new cocktails.

Home bar

Puppy cuddles 

It can be so stressful through the week days when we are both working from home, on conference calls, and trying to keep a puppy entertained and vaguely out of trouble, but I’m soooooooooo glad we have him. There is never a dull moment, he makes us laugh daily, and he’s always there to keep us company.

Arthur pupdate


There are various opinions on this, as some people think we shouldn’t be ordering non essentials at the moment, but I’ve been thanked at least twice by delivery drivers or businesses for keeping them in business and at work. I’ve ordered quite a bit online, and it’s always fun when they arrive.

Candles to make the place smell fresh for spring, cakes and treats, clothes (hoodys and leggings basically), pods for the coffee machine…. you name it. Especially if you have more than one order at a time and don’t know what will arrive first, and a few times deliveries have even come early. The excitement. What has life become…

White company candle

Upcoming TV shows and old reruns

We’ve been watching the old Killing Eve series ahead of the new one coming out, so excited for that. I’ve also seen adverts for Dead To Me season 2 coming soon, which I’m also looking forward to. I don’t think I can bring myself to watch that Tiger King, but if you have something genuinely good to recommend please send suggestions over.


Kieran has a love hate relationship with this app after his performance on Friday night, but as I keep telling him the app doesn’t make you drink the house dry…. Anyway, I’m thoroughly enjoying it, I’ve been speaking to people I never would have before this, and have real life, in person nights out planned with people after lockdown.

I also can’t work Zoom, not a fan.

Cocktail shaker

What are you doing to stay sane, healthy and in the right frame of mind during these times? Would love to hear anyone elses tips to pull yourself out of a lockdown low, as I’m sure there will be a few more to come yet.

Stay safe x

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