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I made reference to ‘Furlough Fox’ on my instagram stories and it’s kind of stuck, with people messaging me and asking what life is like for me not working. Like so many others I’ve been furloughed for a bit, and I initially found it quite surprising how many people actually checked to see if I was ok about it. I didn’t quite understand why it would be a problem initially, but then I suppose some people really love to work, love the structure and maybe need it at this time mentally too.

April 2020 round up

While I love my job, I really am fine with it, and I’m enjoying it. I think any situation is what you make of it, and I’m very determined to make the most of this part of mine. My life the last few years has been crazy busy, none stop with tiring work weeks and busy weekends. I’ve made reference to this in my ‘Things I’m Changing for 2019 and 2020‘ blog posts for the last two years, so maybe furlough for me is forcing me to look at it more so than if all this hadn’t happened.

There were periods were I’d not have a weekend to chill or the chance of a lie in for up to three months at a time. Burning the candle at both ends, trying not to say no to people, juggling work with a blog, moving house, keeping everyone happy, watching my to do list never really reduce, and trying to make the most of my time away from work which is what the whole purpose of my blog is all about.

There’s a lot of chat around getting back to ‘normal’, but more so around a ‘new normal’ and I think it’s definitely a time to reflect on what aspects of the old way of life we want to return to, and what maybe we should try and leave behind in the pre COVID way of life. That’s another blog post though…

I’ve seen a lot of people documenting their experiences on instagram stories, highlights or Facebook, bullet journaling or keeping a diary and I think it’s a good idea. Hopefully this scenario won’t ever come around again and it’s a one off! My personal posts have definitely increased, as obviously I’m not going anywhere, but it’s a coping mechanism too. I wouldn’t want to look back and not remember how mad this all is.

Chat on Coronavirus

So I’m going to do more of these random furlough posts, FYI, starting with this one on furlough fox life in general. My friend said to me I’ve created my own brand without meaning to, but I prefer to look at ‘Furlough Fox’ as a one off pop up if you like, it won’t be here forever so might as well go with it for now and do some different things. Travel content will resume afterwards.

Firstly, it’s relaxing. I thought I’d struggle to switch off from work but so far it’s been fine. I’ve been getting up at the same time through the week and getting ready properly as I realised quickly it just makes me feel better about myself.

Like a thousand other girls I’ve perfected the skincare routine now I have time to do it, bought some new products too, and then made myself a smoothie each day. I’ve actually been a lot healthier since being furloughed, as I’ve had time to make things properly. I’m also conscious of my alcohol intake so need to offset that somehow. Again that’s another blog post..

ByTerry serum
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Every morning I’ve done something productive, usually blog related but I’ve also sorted out thousands of photos, backed a lot up, and done a lot of life admin. I know some people are loving TV and Netflix but I just can’t sit in front of the TV watching shite day after day. I love binge watching a good program, but not just any old thing for the sake of it.

Last week we did watch Unorthodox on Netflix which was so good, it’s based on a true story of a Jewish girl who escapes her strict life in Williamsburg NY for Berlin, before it catches up with her. Very good and so interesting – worth a watch as it’s only 4 episodes long. I’m also watching Killing Eve, and Kieran’s watching the Michael Jordan documentary.

April 2020 round up

Afternoons are when Arthur goes crazy, so I’ve spent a lot of time with him, and been able to walk him at different times which is good, and has allowed Kieran to go running more often now we aren’t so limited to when we can go for our daily exercise. Shopping is a lot easier for that reason too, and I’ve not had to stand in too many queues now I’m not going at peak times.

I’ve significantly increased my glassware collection, largely due to weekends making and drinking cocktails. I am still yet to perfect the Espresso Martini which is driving me mad, but I make a lovely Bloody Mary, Pornstar Martini and a few other gin based ones. This weekend I’m making frose. I’ve loved doing it, and it’s made weekends more fun. Think I’ll share a blog on these too, I had a request for it and although recipes aren’t my thing it’s hardly the time to be picky is it. I have the time!

Furlough Fox life

We are drinking more through the week, I’m not sorry to say. We’ve had some really nice evenings with vinyls playing, making nice food, or treating ourselves to local deliveries with a bottle of wine. I much prefer this to being splodged on the sofa with the TV on, and this really is one of those things I hope we keep doing after lockdown.

Our lockdown wine of choice very quickly went from the good expensive stuff to the delightful Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc which is cheap but delicious. Seems half of the North East think so too based on the messages I got when I shared a pic! £8 and you can’t go wrong.

We make a big deal about brunch on weekends, when we are both off and I lose all care for being healthy. Get the bacon on and a Bloody Mary in my hand!

bloody mary

Since I mentioned it in this post, I’ve had a lot more people message me about wanting to start up their own blog or instagram account and asking for tips. It’s not something I think I’ll do a blog on at the moment as that is one big can of worms to open, but I’m replying to everyone and really enjoying hearing what people want to do and getting creative.

My sleep patterns are wild. I’m either in bed really early and sleep sounder than I have in years, or I wake up and can’t get back to sleep for the rest of the night. During these times I think about the stuff we are missing out on, and really look forward to it all being over. So many celebrations, nights out, trips and plans that have been missed and while I know being safe and healthy is the most important thing, I do feel a bit sad about it.

I really miss people, and eating out. I am FURIOUS McDonald’s have neglected the North with their reopened list of restaurants.

So that’s week one, this week has been much the same so far, but with a few less things on my to do list and I’m looking forward to the bank holiday when Kieran’s not working, even if we are still stuck inside.

Counting the positives.

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