How to Prepare for a Road Trip in Spain

Spain is one of the top destinations for a self-drive holiday in Europe. With sunny climates, stunning
weather, and sensational food, it would be hard to not consider it as your country of choice for a
summer road trip. This article will look at everything you need to do to prepare, from what to pack to how to plan.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration.

The car

The car is everything when it comes to a road trip. You are not just relying on it to get you from A to
B but also to do so safely, legally, and comfortably. Depending on your circumstances you will need
to decide whether to drive your own car or fly out to your destination and rent a car once if you

If you choose to drive your own car, you should perform a full check of your car before you set off.
Make sure you have the correct tyre pressure, all your lights are working, and you have sufficient
washer fluid. It is also very beneficial to opt for additional services such as an aircon regas to make
ensure your car is well equipped to drive in hotter climates.

Food and drink

Once you get to Spain you will be completely spoiled for choice when it comes to food and drink, but
it is still important that you bring some supplies for the journey.

Water is a must, especially if you plan on travelling during the height of summer. If you are going to
be doing substantially long journeys, it could be a good idea to invest in a cooler box to keep in your

Stock up on lots of snacks that can be enjoyed at any temperature such as cereal bars and crisps,
that way hanger cannot strike.

Packing the essentials

Start by packing the essentials including your passport and some euros in cash. It is also good to
have your car insurance and breakdown details to hand, whether that be a physical or digital copy.
You should then consider how you are going to navigate your way through Spain, either going old
school using a printed map or instead a Sat Nav or maps on your phone. If it is the latter, then make
sure to bring a car charger.

No matter how much of an experienced road-tripper you are, you should also always keep a first aid
kit, flashlight, blanket, and necessary tools in your boot in case of an emergency.

Plan your itinerary

Planning your route will allow you to avoid potential problems further down the road when you
could be feeling a little more time pressured or less able to find alternative travel options.
You are likely going to be driving on the opposite side of the road from what you are used to so
removing the extra worry of having to plan your route while you drive is a good idea.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with planning, then do some research online into other people’s
itineraries for inspiration.