Pumpkin Picking At Brockbushes Farm, Corbridge

I wasn’t sure if I should post this as for this year Brockbushes Farm have sold out of time slots for pumpkin picking, but I had such a good day that I thought I’d share it anyway and in case you fancy doing it in future years. With my lovely friend Hannah and her little one, we went Pumpkin picking at Brockbushes Farm on Tuesday, and despite the perception that it’s one big instagram cliche we had the best day so I really don‘t care.

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We got tickets about three weeks ago, in mid September but even then many of the dates were already sold out. Mainly the half term ones closer to Halloween and weekends, so if you do want to do it in future book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets are only £2, and children under 3 go free.

Located just off the A69 outside of Corbridge, Brockbushes Fruit Farm is open in the summer for strawberry and fruit picking usually, but for October the fields turn orange filled with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.

There is a big car park with free parking, and in the field right next door there are even a few fairground rides for the little ones. Walking up to the pumpkin field you get your tickets scanned, then you can either go straight into the field if you dont mind carrying your own pumpkin, or you can wait for a wheelbarrow.

Pumpkin Picking At Brockbushes Farm, CorbridgePIN IT

The timed tickets are staggered throughout the day, but once you’re in there isn’t a time limit on how long you can stay. There were plenty people there but it wasn’t crowded at all, the field is plenty big enough that you’re nowhere near anyone else. The only queue we waited in was for the wheelbarrows, which were all sanitised after use before being handed to the next people.

We put Aurora in the wheelbarrow to push around, as the field slopes upwards and parts of it are quite muddy so isn’t really pushchair friendly. A lot of the kids were in wellies and overalls, but Aurora looked fabulous in her Autumn outfit and Pom Pom hat.

Pumpkin Picking At Brockbushes Farm, CorbridgePIN IT

We pushed the wheelbarrow up the field among the rows of pumpkins. Dotted about there are also pumpkin scarecrows, and Halloween decorations – photo opportunities for all the family.

We chose our pumpkins and loaded them into the wheelbarrow with Aurora as we wandered round. We were really lucky as the sun was shining so it was a perfect Autumn day, but if it had been raining I can imagine it turns into a mud bath. They do put straw down but still, it’s a field.

Pumpkin Picking At Brockbushes Farm, CorbridgePIN IT

Back at the tent, you load up your pumpkins to be sized up, with a different price for each size. You can pay via contactless card so it was all easy to do, and you can take them back to your car in the wheelbarrow. There are also pumpkin carving kits to buy if you want to carve yours when you get home.

Just to address the instagram cliche, I actually didnt see one adult posing for photos, it was all about the kids and why wouldn’t you take photos of a fun day out with your little ones or friends? I think people need to get over the cliche. I didnt post a single photo while we were there, but I did take plenty as it was so pretty, and Aurora was having the best time bobbing about in the wheelbarrow.

Pumpkin Picking At Brockbushes Farm, CorbridgePIN IT

Once our pumpkins were paid for and loaded up, we went into the on site cafe. They’re obviously staggering people to allow for distancing, so there was a bit of a queue but we didnt have to wait long as it was a lot bigger inside than I was expecting, and there is an outside area too.

The menu was great with sandwiches, hot meals, paninis, jacket potatoes, or snacks and cakes. We had a lovely lunch followed by a cake afterwards. The onsite farm shop shouldn’t be missed either, with farm produce, gifts, outdoor and seasonal decorations. They had some of those gorgeous dried fruit and cinnamon wreaths that you can usually get at Christmas markets.

I thoroughly enjoyed our whole afternoon, it was so nice to get outside and embrace the Autumn season, catch up with Hannah and see Aurora have so much fun. I think we need to make it a yearly tradition, I absolutely would do it again, cliche or not. And I came away with some lovely pumpkins to decorate around our flat.

If you want to go pumpkin picking at Brockbushes Farm you could check each day to see if there are any cancellations, or bookmark it to do next year. Follow them on Instagram here for all the autumn feels in the meantime.

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    25th October 2020

    […] On Tuesday I went pumpkin picking with Hannah and Aurora to Brockbushes Farm, and it was the best day I’m so glad we did it. She was adorable in the wheelbarrow and we had lunch from the cafe too. If you’re interested in pumpkin picking I would absolutely do it – I’ve wrote more about the full experience at Brockbushes here. […]

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