Things I’m Loving This week

Keeping myself sane while I’m still not working is proving to be more difficult as the weeks go on. It’s a minefield of emotions, but as always I’m trying to focus on the positives as they come. Over the last few months I don’t think I’ve ever analysed my every thought, movement and feelings so much before. I think we’ve all had realisations of what we won’t take for granted again, and found excitement in things we barely even noticed previously.

Warkworth castle

This post will be a regular one every Sunday going forwards, as it’s always nice to start a new week with some positivity, and I’m finding I have so many little things I want to share or get asked about but I run out of time. I’m a little behind my plans this week so here it is today instead.

The first one has to be our first drink at the pub. We went out up in Warkworth, choosing to avoid town in case it was a nightmare and I think it was a good decision as the pubs were quiet up there and we got outside tables no problem. It felt so good to be out again!

Things I’m Loving this week

I really missed sushi during lockdown, and although we did have a takeaway from Sushi Me Rollin’ once, it wasn’t actually the easiest takeaway service to navigate. They did the best they could though given the circumstances and the food was amazing, but I’m glad they’ve reopened so you can sit and have it if you get a table at Stack now.

My favourite takeaway sushi is from Nudo, and I was so happy that their stores in both Jesmond and the centre of Newcastle have reopened from last week. I’ve had it twice already and it’s just incredible. So good I didnt even photograph it before I ate it how about that.

Sushi me rollin’ takeaway

The kerbside kiosk that Cake Stories are operating from on Brentwood Avenue in Jesmond was a nice change of scenery when the weather got better last week. They are operating from the door of the cafe, and there are a number of distanced benches outside where you can drink your coffee and eat your cake.

Kith & Kin in Whitley Bay also reopened Wed – Sat for walk ins, and I have missed their breakfasts so much. I got a takeaway french toast with maple syrup and bacon and it was unbelievable.

Blog work is on the up, and I had a few opportunities come my way last week which is always exciting. It was impossible to tell how the blogging industry would come out of the COVID situation in the midst of it, but it does seem that things are picking up again. As always I’m being selective, and I feel pretty happy with myself that even if none ever came my way again I’d still be doing this. I wrote some of my favourite posts ever during lockdown for no reason other than I just enjoyed it. It’s always the way that those are the posts that go viral.

My new vanilla candle is frankly heavenly in an evening with a glass of wine. I was struggling to find summer scents that I really like, as I’m not really a floral sort of person, but this vanilla, lime and coconut has filled the void I felt since my spring favourite – Fresh Grapefruit from the White Company. My new one is called Somewhere Far Away, which let’s be honest I’d love to be, and it’s from Our Lovely Goods, a black owned company based in Scotland. Check them out, when it came in the post it made my day it was packaged so beautifully, and they’re restocking on Friday this week.

Seeing more of my family made a really big difference to me last week. I was in a total slump, and along with a very painful shoulder injury and Kieran being back to work I felt pretty shit sat alone in the flat while it was raining and I couldn’t get out much. I’ll get the violin out shall I? A coffee or two in the garden with my mum, and seeing my auntie, uncle and cousin on Sunday just turned my mood round very quickly.

Arthur having some alone time has also been a big relief after he spent so much time with us during lockdown. We were a bit worried he wouldn’t take well to being left alone again, even though we did do it from the start with him, as it’s been so long since he was left. We leave him in a big pen with his crate in the kitchen every morning, while I stay in the back rooms. He’s been a dream, and it’s the best feeling when I go in at lunchtime and he is SO HAPPY to see me.

That’s all for now, keep an eye out on Sunday for the next one.

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