Blogmas: 15 Good Deeds For This Festive Season

In the most extraordinary year we have seen no end of good deeds throughout the whole year. Sir Thomas Moore is the first that springs to mind, alongside everyone else raising money for the NHS and other worthy causes, and people making a conscious effort to help each other get through lockdown, isolation and shielding. No good deed is too small, and with Christmas being a time for giving anyway, this year it will be even more appreciated. Here are some simple but effective Christmas good deeds for over the festive season.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop

Clear out your wardrobe, kids toy box, or bookshelves and donate anything still in decent condition to a charity shop rather than throwing them out.

Probably more applicable if you’re in the centre of town but, but buy an extra takeaway coffee or muffin for the homeless.

Instead of sending Christmas cards donate to feed the homeless. Some good places to make donations are, or The People’s Kitchen.

Money is tight for everyone this year, and some people will really be feeling the pressure when it comes to buying gifts. Instead of presents tell people you’d rather just go for a drink with them when we can.

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Festive Bars In Newcastle This Christmas

Say Merry Christmas to strangers, retail staff etc!

Get baking something delicious and share with friends and family. Just no more banana bread please!

Donate to a local food bank, a quick google of ‘food bank near me’ will bring up all your closest.

Double check that people are ok. Mental health is at an all time low, so small things like this can make a big difference to how someone is feeling without you even realising.

Do your share of the housework, all those extra decorations mean more dust, all the extra food means more dishes.

Send a handwritten thank you to someone who has been there for you this year, but a call, text or email will do.

Leave a cheerful message in the frost somewhere for people to stumble upon – I saw this lovely one on the Millennium bridge last week.

Organise a get together – virtual if it includes people that can’t physically meet up within the restrictions. I think everyone was fed up of zoom after the first lockdown, but I’m seeing more people much more open to a Christmas jumper and mince pie call.

Take pet food or toys to your local animal shelter.

Drop a tin of chocolates or biscuits off at your local care home, hospital, police station, fire station, supermarket customer service for the staff room etc. Those people have worked tirelessly this year.

Where possible shop local, you can tell just how much this matters to small businesses this year. If you aren’t shopping then there are plenty of other ways you can support local businesses and creators…

So there’s 15 simple Christmas good deeds that we can all do at least a few of this festive season, in one of the hardest years known to humanity. T’is the season to be kind and no act of kindness is too small.

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