July 2020 Monthly Round Up

July became the month we could all go out again, to bars, pubs and restaurants and I’ve got to be honest I’ve been to quite a few and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Despite still being furloughed the days definitely don’t blend into one which is what a lot of people think. I live for the weekends, when the people around me are off work and we can do things, but through the week it’s tough. I’ve also put so much time and effort into the blog and it’s really paid off. So here’s my July round up.

Brewis Beer

Back to the freedom of being able to go out again, and the appreciation for being able to have a drink somewhere after a walk, or not have to worry what to make for tea that night hasn’t worn off yet. I LOVE table service, especially as most of the places I’ve been to have been outside as I just feel more comfortable, so it’s great to have drinks brought straight to you. Places that have an app for ordering are my favourite, but it’s quite hard if you want to plan a few places to get the timing right. You need to be organised!

Espresso martini

We’ve been up to Warkworth for some drinks, stopped at the Ship’s Cat on the North Shields Fish Quay for a drink, been up to try the courtyard at Motel One in Newcastle, wandered across to our local a few times, discovered Beach Box in Jesmond, and last Sunday we went to Market Shaker’s beer garden before going to watch the last games of the season at Shark Bar. I’ve found everywhere very safe. So far so good.

The first restaurant we went to was Miller & Carter, and that was great as we had a booth. They’re quite spaced out in there anyway, the menus were disposable and overall it didnt feel that much different. Food has been great this month actually, and aside from a couple I’ve supported local as much as possible.

I enjoyed coffee and cake from Cake Stories in Jesmond, had the french toast that is just unbelievable from Kith & Kin, queued stupidly early for Proven donuts, booked quite a few places for August in Tynemouth and Newcastle, and had the nicest takeaway sushi again now Nudo reopened.

Food blogs were dotted through the month, as well as a full post on the fabulous Kith & Kin, I updated an old post on the 12 places to get tapas in Newcastle, and shared a recipe post of my own – how to make Jambalaya. I get asked for it so much on Instagram I thought well I might as well share it.

Getting to Beach Box when it was still newly opened was one of the best decisions I think I made this month. It’s now busy all the time, and I hate the queue to get in but through the week it’s not as bad, and I absolutely loved the burger I had there. I wrote a post on it with everything you need to know, and thanks to everyone who shared it as that one did amazingly well.

Cocktails at beach box jesmond

The blog in general has been great this month, with back to normal if not more views, opportunities landing in my email again and I’ve loved having to much time to spend on it. It’s given my days a purpose through the week.

I feel so productive, and I’m getting things done that I haven’t had time to for so long. The list is never ending but I’m getting there. Some of my favourite ones have been the local guides, I wrote this one on Whitley Bay, and just yesterday shared this one on Amble & Warkworth.

Whitley Bay Spanish City

I also put together this post on places in the North East, Northumberland, Yorkshire and the Lake District that still have availability for August Bank Holiday weekend. I keep seeing people say they’re struggling to get something, and want to make something of it as it’s the only real bank holiday we can make the most of this year. We are staying local as we have a weekend at the caravan the week before, and the Lake District the week after.

You might have noticed I’ve also started a ‘Things I’m Loving This Week’ weekly post, to kind of bring together all the stuff I miss or share bits of that deserve a bit more talk around them. It’s also a tactic to force me to be positive because at this point, I really really wish all this was over. As much as I’m loving table service in bars, I’d like to be on a beach somewhere, or sipping wine over a nice meal by the Mediterranean.

Best places to eat in Palma Mallorca

Getting my nails and hair done again finally were big mood lifters, and I’m planning a lot of fun things for August to keep me sane. I would just like full control of my own life back without considering all the restrictions and what if’s. Let’s hope that’s soon.

For now I’m looking forward to my plans for the coming month. I cant wait to see my cousin and have a day/night out with the girls, after two missed hen dos and a rearranged wedding I think we need it.

However you’re spending it I hope you have a great August!

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