NE1 Restaurant Week Run Down A-Z – Part 1!

Restaurant week is fast approaching (16th-22nd Jan) and considering I couldn’t give a crap what I eat this month (New Year no New me) I shall be taking full advantage as usual. Looking through the list this January seems to be the biggest one yet, and I really have to pour over it to make a proper decision. I’ve not been to every restaurant on there, but I’ve been to over 30, so here’s my quick NE1 Restaurant week run down A-Z of the places I have been to. As there’s 30 I’m doing A-L now and M-Z will follow.

Cafe 21

I’ve not been here for ages but I’m sure it has been voted the best restaurant in Newcastle before. It was lovely when I have been, and it’s a firm favourite with Viv & Nige for occasions, they’ve chosen this one to go to first. The menu actually looks delicious – there’s fish, chicken and beef mains as well as a veggie option, and at 2 courses for £15 it’s really good. They’re quite expensive usually.

As You Like It

I like As You Like It for the atmosphere and bar as well as the food. I’ve had a memorable surf and turf here and a decent burger which for me is quite a big deal to say (I never get burgers when eating out, always too much bread). The menu is REALLY big, and straight away I’d go for the tempura prawns and the steak. I’ve had the beef at restaurant week before and it was spot on.

2 courses for £10 or 3 courses for £15.


NE1 Restaurant Week


I really enjoy the food at Aveika, especially the calamari, sushi and the beef skewers which we get as a mix of tapas style dishes. It looks like you can get the calamari and sushi as starters, but the mains are proper dishes. I’ve never done anything but tapas but they are good value and I always end up stuffed, it’s a cool place for a drink after too. I’ve spotted there’s salmon on the menu, and while I’ve only had them as a tapas dish, they were cooked to perfection so I imagine the main would be too.

2 courses for £10 or 3 for £15.


Aveika skewers



I’ve had everything at Babucho from prawn skewers, to Sunday dinner, to good old Carbonara. I’m a bit sad to see there isn’t any pasta on the restaurant week menu being an Italian, but it’s a good menu nevertheless with a mix of pizza and meat dishes. The swordfish skewers sound very nice! I love the bar area and they do some good cocktails too.

2 courses for £15.


NE1 Restaurant Week


Bealim House

I love Bealim House for lunch and dinner, and I’ve had some really nice food there the past year. It even made my Top 5 in Newcastle. I think this menu is a teeny bit small, I would only have one thing from the starters and the mains, but if you like the menu I can guarantee the food will be good. Beating all the food however is the English Country Gin cocktail – it is LUSH.

2 courses £10 3 courses £15


NE1 Restaurant Week


Broad Chare

Another one that hit my Top 5 in Newcastle, and with good reason. I love the pub, I love the staff, I love the cider and I love the food from bar snacks to Sunday dinner. The menu looks delicious and I know it will be really really good, but they only take part at weekday lunchtimes so I can never go for restaurant week. Please do it in the evenings too?!

2 courses £10, 3 courses £15


NE1 Restaurant Week



I’ve only been for afternoon tea, but some of my friends go a lot. It’s in a good spot on Grey Street and they do nice cocktails too. The menu looks extensive with plenty choice. Think I’d go for the steak frites!

2 courses for £10


NE1 Restaurant Week



The offer for here is a burger and a beer for £10. Meh. I do like Byron burgers, but I love the Mac & Cheese. It’s probably one I’d miss for restaurant week when your tenner can go towards some more upscale restaurants.


Cafe 21 at Fenwicks

I’ve had breakfast here and it was nice, if I was to go it would probably be at a lunchtime with it being in the middle of the shop. There’s a tofu option for vegetarians.

2 courses £10 3 courses £15


Caffe Vivo

I’ve been here quite a lot with my family, if Nige likes it you can guarantee we will go back again and again he’s a creature of habit. The pasta and risotto here are both delicious, and both are on the menu as either a starter or a main. I really like the sound of the minestrone soup as well. It’s a nice little place and you can have a drink in the Broad Chare next door first.

2 courses £10, 3 courses £15


NE1 Restaurant Week



Probably my favourite new bar in Newcastle, not just for the never ending types of gin they offer but you get small little tapas with each drink. I’ve had the prawns and the croquets they’re offering on the restaurant week menu before and both were good, I’m sure the mains will be too but I’ve not had those. This place is worth it for the gin alone.

3 courses £15



I’ve ate here before ages ago and pizza or pasta in true Italian style is what you’re after then this is the one for you. It’s in a nice spot by the river too.

2 courses and a drink for £15


Hotel du Vin

I had Christmas dinner here once a couple of years ago and it was very nice. The hotel is beautiful too so it makes for a nice dinner atmosphere. There’s a good big menu but it is a bit pricier at £15 for 2 courses or 3 for £19.95.
King Neptune

I ate here before my very first Newcastle match back when I was five, so it does hold fond memories! The food was good back then and it still is now and is one of the only two Chinese restaurants I like in Newcastle. (Landmark obvs is the other). There’s a big menu with the option to add or swap in extras as well.

2 courses £10 or 3 for £14.95

Las Iguanas

I’ve had polar opposite experiences at Las Iguanas, on some occasions I’ve loved it and had some really nice food and others it’s been a bit shabby. The sangria is always good and its a lively atmosphere. I think they’ve included their whole menu in the offer looking at it though so you should have plenty choice!

2 courses and a drink £10

Lola Jeans

I think people go here to take a photo of the giant skull on the back wall more than they go for food don’t they? Oooonly joking, I’ve been in a couple of times and I really like the place, it’s cute and cosy and the drinks are fabulous. I’ve not actually ate here myself but I’ve heard good things, and to be honest I had to include my skull photo too ha!

2 burgers for £15


NE1 Restaurant Week


So that’s A-L covered off in my NE1 Restaurant week run down! I have the same battle every time, to try new places or get old favourites at a bargain price. Last year we did two new places, Miller and Carter and Viva Brazil, the first being a huge success and the second, well, not. I definitely mind a disappointing meal a lot less when it’s cheap, and it is a good way to try places without worrying about the cost.

So far this year I’ve only got a table booked at Miller & Carter again, I can’t decide where else to go to. Any A-L recommendations that aren’t on this list?!

NE1 Restaurant Week – Part 2!

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