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Royal Saint Honore Paris – Hotel Review

I know I keep harping on about it but Kieran really did amazingly well with our trip to Paris. It’s a shame actually because I don’t think he will ever actually read all the praise I’m throwing his way. He sorted flights and the hotel, which for someone who hasn’t been before to do such a good job of it is nothing short of amazing. It probably helped how much I’ve told him about the place, but he went for Royal Saint Honore, smack in the middle of the city, in the 1st Arr.


Royal Saint Honore


Royal Saint Honore – Location

The 1st Arr. is central Paris, and Rue Saint Honore is a long street that runs parallel with the famous Rue du Rivoli and Place de la Concorde. The hotel, named after the street where it is situated is in prime position to access all of the main attractions of Paris, and I’m told was very reasonably priced for a 4 star hotel in the centre of the most famous capital in the world.

I knew we were in a good spot when we pulled up and Paul Smith was right next door. So it’s in a really lovely part of Paris, just a street or two away from Place Vendome with all the luxurious shops you would want to visit in Paris even if it’s just to window shop. The Ritz is close by, perfect for fancy car and celeb spotting, and a number of boutique original shops are all within very close walking distance (Chanel, Louboutin..).


Louis Vuitton, Place Vendome


As I mentioned it was parallel to Rue de Rivoli, which was very handy especially for navigating, seeing the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but we were set back from the busy crowds that you get along there. It was very quiet at night, and was easy to request taxis to and from with being on such a significant central street.


Rue Saint Honore


Royal Saint Honore  – Welcome

We arrived pretty early, 10:30am which for hotels is obviously hours away from check in. The staff were so nice though and were happy to let us check in at this time at no extra charge if the room was ready. The room wasn’t ready but there would have been no extra fee if it had been. They took our luggage and provided somewhere for us to change and quickly freshen up after the flight.

We completed the brief paperwork, and were told our room had been upgraded, and we were handed vouchers for complimentary champagne, knowing our visit was for an occasion. I don’t care who you are or how much time is actually spent in a hotel room, surprise upgrades and special treatment puts a smile on everyones face. I was buzzing.

The actual lobby was beautiful, with free wi-fi, complimentary drinks and snacks for guests to help themselves. There were also big umbrellas in the doorway for guest use if the weather was bad. Thankfully it was perfect weather our hotel trip but I’ve been places where they’ve had these before and as a girl with hair that has a tendency to go ‘Monica’ in the rain I do take note of the umbrella situation at hotels.


Royal Saint Honore


The room

When we could get into our room the luggage had already been taken up there. The first thing I did was fling open the little french windows and peer out at the view. Paris rooftops are the stuff of dreams. The hotel also has some top floor suites with tiny balconies, which I’m sure are beautiful too, but I love the even smaller Juliet balconies that we had.


Royal Saint Honore

Royal Saint Honore


The room had everything you’d expect, as well as a few little extras like a box of fudge by the coffee – no rich tea blandness in Paris! There were countless plugs, always a priority and hallelujah, plugs by the bed. I HATE it when hotels have plugs miles away from the bed. Worst hotel trait ever. The room also had one UK plug socket too, something I’d never seen anywhere else before. Pretty handy if you aren’t equipped with adapters or are sharing one between ten million devices.


Royal Saint Honore


The bathroom was lovely too, standard but plenty room and fully stocked with toiletries and towels. I’ve had some of the best nights sleep of my life in Paris, like actually memorable sleeps. This weekend was no different, comfy beds and you get to wake up in Paris. What’s not to like. Free wifi in the rooms too.


Royal Saint Honore

Royal Saint Honore


The restaurant

The restaurant was located on the ground floor, but we didn’t set foot in it – sorry can’t really help you with it! I think one of the most important things to do in Paris, an absolute must is eating out at the cafes, and that includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and even dinner. You can’t go to France and not sample some authentic cuisine, and while I’m sure it would be delicious, in Paris you have to go out and find the cutest, smallest little outdoor round table to sit at, wrapped up under a heater instead of eating in your hotel.


Royal Saint Honore

French cafe


The bar

We were very lucky to receive complimentary champagne from the hotel, so we ventured into the bar on the Saturday night. It was fairly modest, but stocked as you’d imagine a full bar and a vast selection of French wine and fizz. We sat in the big window lined with Christmas decorations and watched all the French folk passing by. That’s one thing I will definitely mention – despite being in the centre of Paris I think every person I saw in and anywhere near the hotel was French. It definitely is not a tourist trap you do get real French authenticity.


Christmas in Paris

Royal Saint Honore


I can be really fussy when it comes to hotels, I like nice ones, with added comfort even if I’m not in them very long. It’s my dream to stay at a Four Seasons. The Royal Saint Honore is without a doubt one that I will remember if I return to Paris. It was very good value for money, especially when you factor in the ideal location and service we received from staff – they couldn’t help you enough.


Royal Saint Honore


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