Things I’m Loving this week 19th – 26th July

It has been a bit of a testing week, particularly at the start of the week and at times I’ve felt like the days blurred into one. Sometimes when things are going on three days can pass before you lift your head up and realise you’ve barely spoke to anyone and need to get back in the real world. Through the week I have definitely felt like that, but let’s take the positives so here’s what I’ve been loving this week.

Spurellis ice cream Amble
Spurellis ice cream, Amble

Getting my nails and hair done has made me feel so much better. I get my nails done at Nail Box in Heaton and have done for years, including when they were based at Haymarket metro station. It was lovely to see the two girls again and it felt very safe with masks, lots of sanitiser and glass screens with letterbox gaps to put your hands through. They always do such a good job and I love my new nails. Thank god for no more chipping. Little things but I’ll take them.

I got my hair done yesterday and getting rid of the dead ends also felt amazing. There wasn’t enough conditioner in the world to help it by the time my appointment came round so I’m very grateful to Thatch in Whitley Bay for sorting it out. I never get much done as I’m naturally dark and never colour my hair, but a good few greys emerged during lockdown so I get those coloured in to match my own hair. Again it felt very safe with lots of masks, distancing and cleaning going on.

With masks becoming compulsory on Friday from what I’ve seen in my local shops people seem to have taken notice. I just think if medical professionals can wear them for hours on end we can all wear them for a bit of shopping without complaining. Nige the man of many talents has made us some, I originally had a pug one but I got a black one made this week which is slightly more discreet. I keep seeing people and smiling at them when I’m wearing it though – totally pointless.

Pug mask and pug on metro

I am putting Arthur through a training program on his walks at the moment, and we are going to start one to one puppy classes with him soon. Basically he loves saying hello to other dogs and out for a walk is fine but if we are sat somewhere like in a pub and he can’t get to them he kicks off. It’s so frustrating because before lockdown we had him everywhere with us to get him used to being out but that all stopped when we couldn’t go anywhere. Five days in to this three week program and I’m starting to see a difference already – thank god.

I went to The Range on Friday and they’ve restocked all their shelves with some lovely new things, it was looking a bit bare a few weeks ago but they must have had some deliveries. I got Arthur a new bed, bowls and some toys but think I need to go back for us a few bits too.

I’ve made quite a lot of plans for August this week, booked lots of tables and my planner is finally getting some use again. I really need things to look forward to especially at weekends, it just keeps me sane especially while I’m still at home through the week. Last Sunday we drove up to Amble to meet our friends, obviously got a Spurellis ice cream and had a drink at the Brewis Microbrewery. Even things like that just make me feel better while I’m not really back to normal yet.

Brewis beer amble

I know I wrote quite a lot of blogs through lockdown but I feel like normal blog work and content is on the up again. My page views are pretty much back to normal or they will be by the end of July, and I’ve got quite a few things coming up. I’ve been working on it daily as I’ve had the time and got a lot of general admin, updating and organising done. My favourite blog this week was my locals guide to Whitley Bay, but I’m going to start with travel content again soon.

I was also interviewed recently for High Lige North Digital magazine, and it was published on Tuesday. You can read the full interview here, mainly talking about travel this year and days out in the North East.

Whitley Bay Spanish City

One of the biggest highlights of my week was our local reopening and I’ve basically been there ever since. It’s great they have an app and outdoor tables so while the weathers been good we’ve just wandered over, sat outside and ordered everything through the app. We were there from lunchtime yesterday so a couple of sore heads today, but it’s the last day of the season and we are off to Shark Bar for it.

As my little nana used to say ‘I hope we see them win.’ Against the champions I very much doubt it though but pass me a pint and some chicken wings and I’ll still enjoy it after so long.

Aspalls at the pub

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