My 10 Favourite Travel Instagrammers

I said earlier this month that I would be putting together a post on my favourite travel instagrammers, so voila – here it is. Instagram is FULL of incredible accounts, inspiring photographers and unbelievable talent, that it’s really hard sometimes when you just want to follow everyone, but quite often you get the same photo on repeat. I’ve chosen these instagrammers because they offer something different in my opinion, and as I follow so many people, and Instagram love to play around with feed order, these are the ones I actively search out to see what they’ve been posting. There’s a total mix, but hope you find some inspo among them!


Lily Rose

This account is first because I’ve been following her the longest. Long before I was blogging or taking any real care over what I post on Instagram myself I followed Lily and her incredible photography. She does have a blog too, but I could get lost in her Instagram for hours. She basically put Morocco on my bucket list when she shared her photos from a couple of years ago, they’re absolutely gorgeous and I love her consistent style. Also one to watch on Insta stories as she is constantly off on a new adventure, from luxurious holidays to hiking mountains.

My favourite photo from Lily Rose:


Lucy Laucht

While Lily was the first Instagram I can remember following, Lucy’s blog ‘These Foreign Lands’ was the first blog I followed, and they’re similar in that I loved her Morocco photos too. Lucy’s photos of Tulum are what inspired me to book up there with Kieran last year, and her entire account is gorgeous.

My favourite Lucy Laucht photo:


The Travelista

What I like about Jess’ account is her Insta strories. And the fact that she is British. So many travel accounts I’ve followed for a long time are American, so when I started to follow Jess it was really strange to hear the British accent on Insta Stories. Her coverage of an Italian farmhouse this summer got me absolutely hooked on her account, her blog and her travels. She’s very normal, doesn’t oversell anything, and very original which on Instagram is no easy task.

My favourite photo from The Travelista


London is Pink

I’ll give you one guess why I love this account! I LOVE door photos, I love anything pink, and this entire feed combines the two. How cute!

My favourite photo from London is Pink:


Amelia Liana

People seem to either love or hate this chick, and a lot of the hate has come from people recently calling her out for ‘fake’ photos. Some of the photos in question have been deleted since, but she was attacked for adding in flocks of birds, removing crowds of people with photoshop, superimposing backgrounds etc. To me, regardless of what shes doing with the photos I think her feed is beautiful. Digital enhancement happens everywhere, and I personally think creating a beautiful scene or editing photos to their utmost potential isn’t a crime. She released a statement on the entire fiasco, and I just thought well fair play to her.

My favourite Amelia Liana photo:


Dannielle Lily aka While i’m Young

I can’t believe I didn’t discover Dannielle’s account sooner, as she is from the North East. She’s travelled all over and recently came back from living in Dubai and is travelling from her new base back home. Another very normal, relatable account, with thought provoking captions on each of her snaps. Her account is beautiful and has recently earned her a nomination at the Northern Blog Awards.

My favourite Dannielle Lily photo:


Planes Trains and Champagne

This one always sticks in my mind because I love the name! I also love her blog. It’s easy to always find the enormous travel accounts with hundreds and thousands of followers, but this is a great smaller account by someone who genuinely enjoys travelling.

My favourite Planes Trains and Champagne photo:


Sloane Street

I LOVED Sloane Street when I discovered it in more detail earlier this year, right when Chelsea in Bloom was going on. The shops, businesses, hotels, bars…literally everything on the street get involved and I like seeing what they’re all up to. For a great account in London that isn’t just all typically touristy, give this one a look.

My favourite Sloane Street photo:


Pastels and Passports

THIS account because just LOOK how pretty it is! Natalie, the girl behind it has her insta colour theme nailed and it always brightens my feed up on the daily scrolls.

My favourite Pastels and Passports photo:


Adriana Janko

I know Adriana from my uni days, and she captures her free spirit and frequent travels effortlessly in her photos. She goes everywhere with her dogs who are also adorable, and she seems to find the cutest little corners of whichever place she’s in and make them look like the most perfect place on earth. 8 Billion Others is her concept, and another account worth a follow.


So that’s my top ten travel instagrammers, a complete mix of style, colour and size. I used to really love the ‘original’ instagram travel couple, AlexisRen and Jay Alvarrez who are famous for filming their wild adventures travelling the world, and the below photo you have surely seen! I really went off them when they split up bitterly, and the phrase ‘our relationship didn’t fit his business plan’ was used. That’s when you know someone has completely lost sight of what is important in life. Your relationship surely isn’t more important than your instagram? They were swiftly unfollowed despite having some amazing travel content.


When it comes to my own profile, I don’t have a theme like many pro Instagram users or pro bloggers do. I still like to share whatever I want on mine regardless of if it ‘looks right’. My most liked instagram photo ever is this one, from the Lake District in winter, but I’m not sure why haha, it definitely isn’t my favourite!


Who are your go to travel instagrammers? Might do another post like this on lifestyle, and Newcastle photos soon!


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