40 Things To Do In April & Spring

April is finally here after another never ending lockdown month of March. Spring, Easter and April bring a sense of newness at the best of times, but I think we are all ready for a big helping of ‘new’, or at very least a change of scenery this April more than ever. Finally my monthly list of things to do expands beyond the four walls of our home! So without further ado here’s 40 things to do in April.

Dig out your planner and start filling it! Or start your new bullet journal month.

Stoke up the BBQ! The outdoor rule of 6/two households even in gardens brings the opportunity to see people again. Burgers and sausages all round.

Put up a spring wreath

Book your tables of 6 outside from the 12th. So many places are booked up already for that first weekend, and I’m sure we all know someone who has actually taken the Monday and Tuesday off to go out again. My post on bars and pubs in Newcastle with outdoor spaces has never seen so many views.

Beach Box, JesmondPIN IT
Beach Box, Jesmond

Buy different colour tulips each week

There’s a reason that Cherry blossom is the most prominent backdrop on a lot of Instagram feeds at this time of year. It’s so pretty! Go find some, take pics.

Get your hair and nails done! (After the 12th)

Book tickets for days out to local gardens or grounds that can now open. A few in the North East for inspiration – Alnwick Garden, Raby Castle, High Force Waterfall, and plenty other National Trust sites. Nearly all are requiring pre booked tickets to enter so be organised! This post from my Blogmas series lists some other north east walks you might like now we aren’t restricted to our immediate towns.

We still can’t eat out in restaurants yet so continue to enjoy your favourite takeaways. Are there any you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t yet? Until hospitality reopens they still need our support so get them ordered.

Create an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Most supermarkets have the supplies you need. If there’s no kids then use wine!

Host an egg decorating competition

Eat all the Easter treats, and not just chocolate eggs. So many bakeries and cafes are doing delicious looking easter treats – baked, cakes, hot cross buns and brownies that will be around longer than just Easter weekend. Enjoy them!

Make a seasonal lamb roast dinner. M&S have a great dine in Easter roast menu.

Put your baking skills to the test and make your own Easter treats. If all else fails play it safe with mini egg crispy cakes.

As we will be spending more time in our gardens it’s time to dust off your garden furniture, jet wash the patios, paint the decking…the jobs you didn’t finish outside last summer.

Invest in your outside space, wether it’s a new table and chairs, new outdoor dining crockery, a fire pit, or even a hot tub. We’ll be spending a lot of time in our gardens again so make it pretty. Take a look at The Wedding Taylor’s hot tub area for inspiration, and I also adore KeeliesLife on Instagram for affordable hacks.

Spring drinks are back – iced coffees, rosé, home made lemonade

Clear out your Instagram saves collections and your Pinterest boards. Start afresh for spring 2021. If you’ve never used Instagram to organise your life here’s some tips on how to.

Create a garden party/BBQ playlist

Update your spring wardrobe. If you’re anything like me you’ll have lived in loungewear for most of the past year. I’ve barely bought anything new until now and I’m really enjoying shopping for new things again.

Some National Days to take note of:

2nd April – Children’s book day

7th – International beer day, any excuse but maybe branch out and try something new. Kierans been trying a lot of IPAs and new flavours even I like some of them. Get them from a local bottle shop or brewery too.

10th – Sibling Day. Do something with your siblings especially if you’ve not seen them much recently

15th – Titanic Remembrance Day. Settle in for a 3 hour rewatch of the film, or for a more educational approach to it I’m sure there will be some documentaries on.

22nd – Earth Day. The theme this year is Restore our Earth, and you can find out more about it here. Pledge to do something different to be more conscious of your impact on the planet, even something small helps. I’ve been enjoying Nil Living and their range of zero waste sustainable products.

We can now be outside and in public spaces for more than just exercise, so pack up a picnic and head out. I invested early last year in a picnic hamper and we got so much use out of it.

For this you’ll need to check your local guidelines to make sure you’re legally ok to do it, but build a fire on the beach. We did it with a fire kit from Riley’s in Tynemouth over Christmas when it was much colder, but you’ll still need to wrap up warm.

Are you fed up of walking yet? Keep it going as I think we’ve all learned how much better getting outside and going for a walk can make you feel. Why not put it to good use and do something for charity? I recently completed ten miles for Alzheimers, and my inspiring friend Lisa is currently walking 70 miles in 7 days for 4Louis, in memory of her son born sleeping. 💙 she’s almost at £1000!

Holiday homes and private lettings can reopen from 12th April, so if you own a caravan or holiday home get over there and open it up! If not then get somewhere booked. I shared some unique air Bnbs in Northumberland not long ago that have availability through summer. Even just booking somewhere for the future this month will give you something to look forward to.

Outdoor sports can go ahead already so book yourself on for golf, tennis, mini golf etc.

Try something different like Go Ape – I loved it at Matfen Hall a couple of years ago.

Outdoor attractions can reopen, I’d highly recommend a visit to the snow leopards at Northumberland zoo.

I’m not a fan of the wind at this time of year but it’s perfect for flying a kite

Enjoy the lighter nights – go for sunset at the beach or a good viewpoint

Being by the coast I’m lucky to have been able to do this all along, but go for an ice cream or fish and chips at the coast.

Similar to supporting your local hospitality through takeaways continue to support your local shops and businesses too.

Retail reopens this month so enjoy your first non essential shopping trip.

It’s been a tough year for people losing jobs or being unhappy in their roles, but I’m really seeing a lot of new opportunities emerging now on LinkedIn. Update your CV and apply if any of this applies to you or if you’re ready for a fresh start.

Enjoy the new series of Line of Duty. And if you’ve not watched it before then all I can say is DO IT.

Have a look at the new films and programs coming to Netflix in April

It definitely feels a much more optimistic month now we’ve got through March and restrictions are being relaxed. Being able to do more things and actually see people beyond our immediate household is such a mood lifter. Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas of things to do in April with those you’ve not seen for too long.

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